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Nepal Van Java- Delivered Nepal’s Atmosphere In the Land of Java

Nepal Van Java – Delivered Nepal Atmosphere In the Land of Java

Nepal Van Java- Nepal Atmosphere In the Land of Java

When you are visiting Central Java, you not only feel the atmosphere of Javanese culture and life but today there is a new tourist spot in Central Java namely Nepal Van Java

What is Nepal Van Java?

Nepal Van Java is a new tourist destination located in Butuh Village, Magelang Regency, Central Java

This tourist spot is called Nepal van Java because of the shape of the house structure which is stacked

and colorful so that it resembles the shape of Nepal

The tourist spot is located on the slopes of Mount Sumbing, so it is a plateau where you have to use a car or motorcycle to get to this location

Tips for visiting Nepal van java

here are some tips for visiting the village, so you get a good experience when you visit that place

  1. Make sure the vehicle you use is strong enough to go uphill

The location of Butuh village is at an altitude, namely the slopes of Mount Sumbing.

Therefore, you will encounter quite a lot of inclines on their way there.

Such road conditions of course require a strong vehicle to climb, either a car or a motorcycle

  1. Don’t ride an automatic motorbike

Automatic motorbikes are very prone to high altitudes because sometimes the brakes don’t work,

so it’s perilous to use an automatic motorbike

If you rent a motorbike, choose a manual motorbike

  1. Use drones for shooting

Of course, you want to experience the natural beauty of tourism and attractions in Nepal van Java right?

So you better bring a drone so that you can record the natural beauty from all sides and angles

The drone camera will fly in the air, so you can shoot the residents’ houses and appear as if they are terraced or stacked like in Nepal.

Through the drone camera, a combination of views of the residents’ houses and the background of Mount Sumbing can be obtained

  1. Come when the weather is sunny

The atmosphere of Nepal van Java against the backdrop of Mount Sumbing can clearly only be enjoyed when the weather is clear.

When it’s sunny, the blue sky will look beautiful even more.

The combination of the blue sky, the green of Sumbing Mountain, and residential areas will look so unified.

  1. Come in the morning

Morning is the right time to visit because usually the weather there will be sunny in the morning.

Thus, the scenery will be observable all.

In addition, the eastern sunlight also strengthens the colors. The photographed object will look even more beautiful.

  1. Friendly to residents

Nepal Van Java is a tourist destination in the center of a village. Tourists who come there actually also visit other people‘s territories.

Therefore, you should remain friendly and polite when visiting to respect the local community.

When passing by, say hello to residents who are sitting or walking on the side of the road, especially if you are riding a motorbike.

Entrance Ticket for Nepal Van Java Magelang

To visit this place is very cheap, the important thing is that the vehicle you are using is in prime condition

Following are the ticket prices

entrance fee  IDR 8,000

Motorcycle parking  IDR 3,000

Car parking IDR 10,000

Tour motorbike  Starting from IDR 10,000 (prices are adjusted to destination)

How to get there?

To go to this tourist spot is very easy, especially if you depart from the city of Yogyakarta

If you depart from Yogyakarta, head north toward the city of Magelang

the distance traveled is about 50 km with a travel time of about 1 hour

then you head to Kaliangkrik market, about 12 km

from this market, you head up to the Butuh village  as far as 6 km

You can use Google map or ask local residents

some people can speak English







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