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Bugis people from Sulawesi

Tremendous Bugis people from Sulawesi island

Bugis people from Sulawesi island

Hello guys our topic today is about Bugis people

because it will be incomplete when we talk about Sulawesi Island but we not talking about the Bugis’ ethnic

Bugis tribe or Bugis people is an important part of Sulawesi island because Bugis people is one of the largest tribe in Sulawesi

History of the Bugis People

Bugis people from Sulawesi

Bugis people come from South Sulawesi

and including the majority ethnic group because there are around 6 million people

They are spread to various places in Indonesia and some even spread to Singapore and Malaysia

this is because they like adventure

Bugis people- Origin of the Bugis tribe

Bugis people from Sulawesi

Bugis tribe originally came from south China called Yunan province

the word Bugis comes from the word To Ugi which means Bugis people

The name “Ugi” refers to the first king of the Chinese kingdom in Pammana, Wajo Regency, namely La Sattumpugi

Why there is a Chinese element in the Bugis?

because the Bugis tribe is included in the Deutero Malay group originating from Yunan, South China

So when the people of La Sattumpugi named themselves, they referred to their king.

They dub themselves as To Ugi or people or followers of La Sattumpugi

Bugis culture

Bugis people from Sulawesi

Bugis ethnic culture is unique and interesting because it uses Lontara (scripts) as a tool to convey ways of thinking, telling history from the past for the Bugis community in the future

Traditional house

Bugis people from Sulawesi

The Bugis generally distinguish the shape of the house as a marker of social institutions in their society.

The Bugis house is divided into “Saoraja” and “Bola”. The difference between the two lies in certain symbols in the architecture of the house and not in the structure and construction.

“Saoraja” is a large house occupied by descendants of the king or the nobility,

while the ”Bola” is an ordinary house that is the residence of ordinary people

The majority religion is the Bugis tribe

the majority religion of the Bugis tribe is Islam

and only about 1% are non-Muslim, namely the ancestral religion of them that name is Tolotang

and some of them are Christians because they were influenced during the Portuguese colonial period

What is the main occupation of the Bugis?

They generally work as fishermen and farmers besides that they also like to trade

one of the traders who became a successful entrepreneur is former Vice President Jusuf Kalla

Robbers and mercenaries

Besides having a legal job, the Bugis are also widely known as robbers and mercenaries

this is because in the past they helped the Dutch army, causing the fall of the Makassar kingdom

the Bugis were considered free allies of the Dutch government based in Batavia

The Bugis are also known as people who have a strong temperament

so that the Bugis are also known as scary robbers

this was because a mercenary named Aru Palaka who helped the Dutch overthrow the Makassar sultanate was given the freedom to move anywhere

So that this actually caused the Bugis to become pirates or robbers who disrupted trade routes in eastern Indonesia.

Modern Bugis

Bugis people from sulawesi

Today’s Bugis people migrate to all regions in Indonesia and many of them become successful entrepreneurs or become public officials

Oke guys, This is a short story about the Bugis people, and in the next article I write more about Sulawesi Island


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