Mount Kemukus Sex Ritual in Central Java

Mount Kemukus Sex Ritual in Central Java

Mount Kemukus sex ritual in Central Java

Mount Kemukus a story about ritual sex in the land of Java

Hello guys, after writing about batik now I will tell you a story about a mountain

Indonesia has many mountains and valleys

Even Indonesia is surrounded by a series of volcanoes

That’s why Indonesia is also known as the country with the ring of fire because there are so many volcanoes around it

But what I will tell you here is not a volcano.

You must be wondering what mountain is this so it’s so special and should be written in this article

This is the story of a mountain known for its sex rituals

Yes, that’s right, this mountain has been known for a long time as a mountain where couples have rituals for a purpose, namely wealth

This mountain named Mount Kemukus is located in Sragen Regency, Central Java in a village called Pendem Village

Short history of Mount Kemukus

It is said that there was a prince from the Majapahit Kingdom.

This prince is descended from the last king who ruled in Majapahit while the mother of this prince was a concubine

This prince’s name is Samudra

After the Majapahit kingdom fell, the prince of the ocean and his mother were brought to the kingdom of Demak by the sultan of Demak

In the Sultanate of Demak, Prince Samudra was educated to study Islam under the guidance of Sunan Kalijaga.

After studying with Sunan Kalijaga, the Sultan of Demak ordered Prince Samudra to continue his Islamic religious education at Ki Ageng on Mount Lawu.

After completing his education, Prince Samudra will return to Demak.

But on the way, he got very sick.

And finally, in a village called Miri, he died.

He was buried on a hill then the hill was named Mount Samudra

Then where did the name Kemukus mountain come from?

Told by the local community why the place is called the Kemukus mountain?

Because above the tomb of prince Samudra, every time before the rainy season always comes out a black fog which in the local language is called “Kukus”

The myth of wealth on Mount Kemukus 

Actually, it is not known for certain why Mount Kemukus became a place for sex rituals to seek wealth

There is another story about this prince of Samudra who was found having an affair with his own mother.

They were caught having sex on that mountain

That’s why this place is trusted by the Javanese people as a place to find wealth by having sex 7 times

According to local folklore, before Prince Samudra died, he said that anyone who had sex in that place 7 times every 35 days would make him rich.

But there is a special day in doing the sex ritual

That day according to Javanese belief falls on Friday Kliwon or Friday Pon

The story was trusted by the Javanese people and eventually spread to almost all of Indonesia

So that almost every time many people come to that place to perform ritual sex

Visitors who come to that place are not only local people or from the island of Java but from other provinces too

Mount Kemukus today

Mount Kemukus sex ritual in central java

Ritual sex to find wealth is still widely believed by some people in Indonesia.

Every Friday Pon or Friday Kliwon there will be many people who come to have sex there

But if in ancient times people looking for partners to have sex with were wives of people or single women, today many prostitutes offer themselves to be sex partners

The news about this mountain has also reached overseas

Even famous news agencies have covered the sex ritual on this mountain

Is this myth true??? I don’t know but when I visited that place it turned out that there were still many people who believed it

By the way, nowadays that place has already changed because the Central Java governor renovated that place

As you can see in the picture but however there are still sex rituals that you can find

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