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Central Java Indonesia – Tour To The Beautiful Land Of Culture

Central Java Indonesia – tour to the land of culture

Central Java Indonesia, The land of culture


Central Java Indonesia, a tour to the land of culture is detailed information about how to go and what to do while you are on Java island.

I will show you about the tourist attractions in Java island, about places and why you should visit Central Java.

Central Java is a province of Indonesia located in the central part of Java Island.

The capital of Central Java is Semarang.

A beautiful city with many historical buildings in the middle of the town.

Why you should visit  Central Java

Why you should visit Central Java tourism? because you will find something new.

And something that will enrich your experience and story of your journey while in Indonesia.

What do you need to know about Central Java?

Geographically and Culturally, it also includes the special region of Yogyakarta. But they are separated by Government.

Central Java is the heart of  Javanese Culture.

But in Central Java Indonesia, there are some non-Javanese ethnic groups.

So there is multicultural. And the mixture of cultures makes this island more attractive.

In this province, there are Chinese Indonesians, Arab Indonesians, and Indian Indonesians who live together among Javanese people.

Central Java is also famous for its cuisine, there are hundreds of variants of culinary. So you must try it, it’s very delicious.

Central Java tourism-Semarang Little Nederland

When you come to Central Java Indonesia, I suggest you go to Semarang. Why? Because Semarang is the Capital of Central Java. And it’s a beautiful City with many historic buildings.

Semarang is also called Little Nederland. Because many old Dutch buildings were built hundreds of years ago during the colonial era.

Central Java tourism-Kota Lama ( Old City )


Old Dutch Historical Building

Kota Lama is an Area full of historical old Dutch buildings. Uniquely even though those old buildings are 250 years old. But still in good condition and well-maintained.

In this place, there are about 50 buildings that still stand firm and have a history of colonialism in Semarang.

So it’s a very interesting place to visit and to take pictures. Because very Instagramable. And you should come.

Kota Lama is located near the center of the economic area and Chinatown is also close to the train station. So easy to find it.

Chinese Culture in Javanese Land’s

Central Java tourism-Sam Poo Kong’s Temple

Central Java Indonesia, The land of culture


Sam Poo Kong’s Tempel is the former place of stop and the first landing of the Chinese Muslim Admiral named Zheng He or Cheng Ho.

In Sam Poo Kong’s temple, you will see an area where all the buildings use Chinese architecture. So interesting. and this is something unique where there are buildings depicting Chinese culture in the land of Java.

As I mentioned earlier Central Java is multicultural and also tolerant. Because Javanese people can accept foreign cultures among them.

The address of Sam Po Kong temple is located at Jalan Simongan No. 129, Bongasari, Semarang City, Central Java 50148.

you can spend about 2 days in Semarang before you continue your trip to other cities or places.

Central Java tourism-Karimun Jawa Island a hidden Paradise ( optional )

Central Java tourism,the land of culture

Karimun Java is an archipelago in the Java Sea. So beautiful, but why I said it’s optional depends on the weather.

if you want to go to Karimun Java we start from Jepara then we go by boat. but once again it depends on the weather.

The best time to go to Karimun Jawa is in April-August and September-December when the waves of the Java Sea are calm.

if you can not go to Karimun Java on your first trip you can come back to Indonesia again some other time then you can send me a message. And I will arrange a trip for you.

Central Java tourism-Kopeng Salatiga

Central Java tourism,the land of culture

source: Tribunnews.com

Kopeng Tourism Park, which is located on the slopes of the mountains, is a suitable place to visit for those of you who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Kopeng Tourism Area is located at an altitude of 1,450 meters above sea level, presenting a beautiful view of the cool air typical of the mountain

I think you can spend one night in Kopeng before you continue your trip to the Dieng Plateau in Wonosobo.

Dieng Plateu The Land of Gods.

Dieng is a place in the highlands that has extraordinary beauty, a place that you will never forget. And places that you must visit when you are in Central Java.

Why this place is so special? because in the Dieng Plateau, you can see many tourist spots in one area. And all the spots are beautiful and Amazing.

Speaking about Dieng Plateau I will not write much but I will show you the picture from each spot. So let the picture talk.

All the places that you must visit in Dieng Plateau

1. You will go to Puncak Sikunir, a place that makes you feel like in a land above the clouds.

Puncak Sikunir has an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level offering a beautiful view of the eight surrounding mountains that can be seen from the top of the hill.

So Puncak Sikunir became an inseparable part of the Dieng Plateau. it’s not complete if you go to Dieng without going to Puncak Sikunir.

Puncak Sikunir is also well known as the Golden Sunrise because it shows natural beauty in the form of sunrise.

2. The Telaga Warna is a lake where the water can change color.

Dieng Plateau area not only has a stunning view but many tourist attractions can be found.

Not only Puncak Sikunir will astonish you but there is also a lake where the water can change its Color.

The name of the lake is Talaga Warna.a Beautiful Color lake at an altitude 2000 meters above sea level.

as soon as you enter the Telaga Warna you will be immediately greeted with such of beautiful landscape.

And as the name implies this lake really has colored water.

Sometimes the color of the water is green but sometimes can be changed to become yellow or like a rainbow.

So you must visit this beautiful lake when you are in the Dieng Plateau.

3. You will see Sikidang Crater as valid proof that Dieng is an active volcanic area.


Dieng Plateau or Dieng Highland is a giant volcano with many active craters and one of them is the Sikidang crater.

The name of the crater is Sikidang which has the meaning in English is Deer.

Why is this crater given the name the Deer? According to the myth, the crater always moves or jumps.

and again according to the story, this crater always moved once every four years. this makes the crater interesting to visit

4. The Dieng Temple is an area of temple in the highlands and the oldest Hindu temple in Indonesia.

Besides Puncak Sikunir and Talaga Warna, Dieng Plateau also has a temple area at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level.

Dieng temple is an area of Hindu Shiva, and the names of each temple use puppets.

The names of each of the temples are Arjuna, Semar, SriKandi, Puntadewa, and Gatot Kaca.

Based on the inscriptions found at the Dieng Site, these temples are thought to have been founded in the VIII-XII century AD.

The temples in Dieng Plateau have general characteristics which are square. have three parts of the temple ( feet, body, and roof ).

But there is one exception only in Semar temple because it has a rectangular floor.

5. The Prau Mountain Waiting for the Rising of the Golden Sun from East

Mount Prau is located in the Dieng Plateau area. with an altitude of 2565 meters above sea level.

The climbing route is relatively easy and clear enough for the climbers and also has a special view. Mount Prau is one of the favorite mountains for climbers.

To climb the summit of Mount Prau you just need about 3-to 4 hours of trekking. So easy isn’t right?

Two climbing routes are favorites for climbers.those routes are Dieng and Patak Banteng.

The Dieng route tends to be more relaxed and not too dangerous than the Patak Banteng route but it takes a little bit longer than if you go through Patak Banteng.

From the top of Mount Prau, you can see and enjoy the beautiful views the Teletubbies Hill and very charming flowers.

And also from the top of the Mount, you can see the beauty of the range of Mount Sumbing, Sindoro, Merapi, Merbabu, and Mount Slamet.

Golden Sunrise

The peak of Mount Prau is often used as the place for climbers to seek the golden sunrise because the spot is very strategic and perfect for making a beautiful picture from any angle.

You will amaze your friends with the picture that you make in Mount Prau :))

There are other tourist spots that you can visit but considering your limited time. So I think that place is enough.

Maybe you can spend 2-3 days in Dieng Plateau before you continue your trip to Yogyakarta.

The Nepal Van Java the taste of Tibet in the land of Java

Now we continue our journey to Yogyakarta’s special region but we will stop by at Nepal van Java.

The Taste of Tibet in the Land of Java

Nepal Van Java is a village located in Wonosobo between the Sumbing and Sundoro mountains. At an altitude of 1620m above sea level.

And why they are called Nepal van Java because the houses in the village are painted in various colors. So the village looks similar to a village in Tibet.


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