> Remarkable Mentawai islands- Surfing,Natural beauty and Tattoos -

Remarkable Mentawai islands- Surfing,Natural beauty and Tattoos

Mentawai islands-natural beauty, indigenous tribes, and tattoos

Mentawai islands are something amazing -If you visit West Sumatra, there is one place you shouldn’t miss

the name of the place is Mentawai Islands

there are many extraordinary things that you will get there

What are the Mentawai Islands?

Mentawai Islands is a group of islands located off the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.

The archipelago consists of approximately 70 islands, with the four main islands being Siberut, Sipura, North Pagai, and South Pagai.

These islands are known for their stunning natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and unique indigenous culture.

Why is the island so attractive?

there are many things that this island can offer to everyone who visits the island

The Mentawai Islands are famous among surfers for their world-class surfing spots, attracting wave enthusiasts from all over the world.

Sipura Island, in particular, is famous for its legendary surfing,

Apart from surfing, the Mentawai Islands offer opportunities for other outdoor activities such as snorkeling, diving, and fishing.

The crystal clear waters that surround the island are home to vibrant coral reefs and a rich marine ecosystem.

Fun Facts about the Mentawai Islands

there are some fun facts that you should know so that you will love this island even more

Fun Facts about the Mentawai Islands

there are some interesting facts that you should know so that you will love this island even more

1. Indigenous Mentawai tribe

Mentawai Islands

The original inhabitants of the Mentawai Islands are known as the Mentawaians or Mentawai people.

The Mentawaians are also one of the oldest ethnic in Indonesia.

The ancestors of the Mentawai people are known to researchers to have inhabited these islands since 500 BC.

They have a different culture and way of life, living in traditional long houses and practicing animism called Sabulungan.

The Mentawai people have a deep connection with nature and maintain a traditional lifestyle around hunting, gathering, and farming.

Visiting the Mentawai Islands allows tourists to experience the unique culture of the Mentawai and witness their traditional ceremonies and rituals.

Several tour operators offer cultural immersion programs, providing the opportunity to stay in local villages and learn about their customs and traditions

although they still practice animist, many of the Mentawai people have become Christians and some are Muslim

2. The World’s Oldest Tattoo

Mentawai islands

Are you a fan of tattoos and want to have a tattoo image that is unique and different from the others?

Mentawai tattoo or Titi is the art of painting on the skin made by the Mentawai people.

For them, tattoos are an eternal fashion that can be brought to death.

This tattoo also shows identity and differences in social status in society.

Objects such as stones, animals, and plants in the tradition of the Mentawai people must be enshrined in their bodies.

Mentawai tattoos have been named the oldest tattoo in the world which has existed since 1500 BC, older than Egyptian tattoos which only appeared in 1300 BC.

The tattoo maker is called Sipatiti.

You can pay for The Sipatiti only by using a pig

3. Pointed Teeth

Mentawai islands

The Mentawai people have a unique tradition of sharpening their teeth.

The tradition is a symbol of beauty and a sign of maturity for Mentawai women.

In this tradition, they have to endure pain when their teeth are scraped without being given an anesthetic.

Their teeth were scraped with chisels and stones.

The Mentawai people believe that humans have two forms, namely a spirit and a body that can perish.

Humans are constantly under threat of disease and being drawn into another world if their souls are dissatisfied with their physical appearance.

Therefore, sharpening teeth is an effort to beautify themselves

so that their souls will be happy and they will live long.

4. National Parks

In the Mentawai Islands, precisely on Siberut Island, there is the Siberut National Park.

The national park is home to many flora and fauna.

There are 25 species of orchids, one of which is quite famous from Siberut is the White Moon Orchid.

Four endemic primate species are threatened with extinction, namely the Mentawai gibbon, langur, Mentawai monkey, and macaque.

Travelers can also take cultural tours by seeing the daily life of the Mentawai people such as making Kabit (traditional pants),

traditional ceremonies with the typical Mentawai Turuk dance, making tattoos, and others.

Cultural tourism is also a special attraction for this region.

5. Paradise for Surfers

Mentawai can be said to be a paradise for world surfers.

The islands’ beaches offer some of the highest waves in the world which can reach three to four meters.

the best time to enjoy these big waves is from June to August when the waves can reach 4 meters

How to go there?

To reach the Mentawai Islands, you can take a flight from Padang, the capital city of West Sumatra, to the island of Siberut, which serves as the gateway to the archipelago.

From Siberut, you can then take a boat to explore the other islands.

It’s worth noting that the Mentawai Islands are remote and relatively undeveloped, with limited infrastructure and accommodations.

Tourism in the area is still relatively low-key, and it’s important to respect the local culture and environment when visiting.

So are you ready for adventure?






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