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Sekaten Tradition

The Sekaten Market- Remarkable Tradition in Yogyakarta

What is Sekaten Market

Sekaten Tradition

The Sekaten tradition is a celebration of a folk party that is awaited by the Javanese people, especially those who live in the Surakarta and Yogyakarta areas

Sekaten is actually a ceremony to commemorate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW

This event is held once a year, namely on the 5th to 11th of Rabiul Awal (Javanese calendar).

also known as the month of Maulud

The origin of Sekaten

Sekaten was originally a tradition carried out by the ancestors of the Javanese.

In ancient times this Sekaten ceremony was carried out by the kings of the Hindu kingdoms.

The ceremony is in the form of offerings to ancestral spirits.

But after the entry of Islam, this ceremony turned into a means to spread Islam through Gamelan

because the Javanese people at that time liked the art of Gamelan music.

So that the next Sekaten celebration was accompanied no longer by tambourines but changed to Gamelan

Where is this Sekaten tradition carried out?

This Sekaten tradition is carried out in two areas, namely the Sultanate of Yogyakarta and Kasunanan Surakarta

this is because these two kingdoms are Islamic Mataram kingdoms

Sekaten procession

  1. Gamelan Sekaten is sounded from 16.00 until approximately 23.00 on the 5th of Rabi’ul Awal

2 Gamelans are moved to Pagongan in the courtyard of the Great Mosque starting at 23.00.

  1. The presence of Sri Sultan and his retinue to the foyer of the Great Mosque to listen to the reading of the history of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, which was held on the 11th of Rabi’ul Awal.
  2. The return of the Sekaten gamelan from the courtyard of the Great Mosque to the Kraton is a sign of the end of the Sekaten ceremony.


there are several Abstinence in the implementation of this traditional Sekaten ceremony, namely as follows:

  1. Abdi Dalem Niyaga (gamelan musicians) while carrying out their duties beating the heirloom gamelan Kyai Sekati is prohibited from doing despicable things, both in words and actions.
  2. In addition, courtiers also refrain from stepping over the gamelan heirlooms,
  3. forbidden to beat or beat the gamelan before purifying themselves by fasting and bathing
  4. Another Abstinence is that courtiers of Niyaga do not play gamelan on Friday nights and Friday afternoons before the time for the Dhuhur prayer is over.

When will this Sekaten tradition be held in 2022?

In Yogyakarta

This Sekaten tradition will be held in Yogyakarta from 16 September to 16 October 2022

located at Jalan Parangtritis km 3

In Surakarta

Meanwhile, in Surakarta, the Sekaten tradition will be held at the Solo Town Square at the same time

Sekaten night market

Sekaten Tradition

This Sekaten celebration is celebrated in the form of a night market for a whole month

At this night market, various traditional Javanese foods will be sold as well as various traditional toys that have been played with by children for a long time

In this night market, you will also find unique objects that you can use to design your home or room

This event is very interesting and lively

I personally really look forward to this night market because I want to buy toys that I remember from when I was a kid.

so guys, if on that date you are visiting Yogyakarta or Surakarta take your time to visit this night market because you will have a lot of fun there




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