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The Beautiful Surakarta And Javanese Culture

Surakarta and Javanese culture

Surakarta And Javanese Culture

Presiden Jokowi and wife

Surakarta and Javanese cultures are an inseparable unit

Talking about Javanese culture certainly cannot be separated from the existence of Surakarta

Surakarta is a symbol of Javanese culture

Surakarta And Javanese Culture – More about Surakarta

Surakarta And Javanese Culture

Many people think that Surakarta is the city of Solo

But there are also those who ask whether Surakarta is the same as Solo.

Okay I will explain in detail from the beginning of its history

Surakarta And Javanese Culture- The Origin of the City of Solo

Surakarta And Javanese Culture

At first, Solo was a village and the correct name was Sala, not Solo

Sala is a fief village or village that is exempt from paying taxes

This village is led by a man named Ki Ageng Sala

that’s why this village used to be called Sala

Why change to Solo?

The mention of the word Sala as Solo stems from the arrival of the Dutch soldiers,

they cannot or have difficulty pronouncing the word Sala with the vowel “A”

These Dutch people always mention the word Sala with Solo, finally, people in the village also mention the word, Solo

Surakarta And Javanese Culture- History of Surakarta

Surakarta And Javanese Culture

If previously I have explained the origin of the word Solo, now I will explain about Surakarta

In ancient times Surakarta was the name of a kingdom but the first name is Kartasura

So where does Surakarta’s name come from?

In 1940 there was a rebellion by the Chinese at the Kartasura Palace

This rebellion succeeded in destroying the Kartasura palace

but then the Kartasura palace can be retaken

However, due to its dilapidated condition, the ruling king at that time, Pakubuwono 2, decided to relocate the Kartasura palace to a new area.

Finally, after a meeting was held, the Kartasura palace was moved and the location chosen was the village of Sala or Solo

and since then Solo turned into a new royal location

meanwhile, Kartasura Palace turned into Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace as a new name

So what’s the difference between Surakarta and Solo?

Surakarta And Javanese Culture

Surakarta is the name of the kingdom while Solo is the city center of the government

Surakarta is now a residency that covers a wide area

while the city of Solo is the city where the Surakarta kingdom is located

The city of Solo is led by a mayor, while a regent leads the districts outside the city of Solo

Solo is famous as the city of Batik

The city of Solo is very famous in Indonesia as one of the cities producing batik

Batik from Solo is very famous for its beauty

And of course, batik is closely related to Javanese culture

There are many motifs from batik that tell about Javanese philosophy

To this day Javanese culture is still preserved and upheld by the Javanese people

they are still dressed in traditional Javanese

and also nowadays songs in the Javanese language are becoming popular

This Javanese song is famous not only among Javanese people but also throughout Indonesia

Many famous artists in Indonesia come from the city of Solo

even the current president of Indonesia comes from the city of Solo

Solo is very famous for its delicious culinary

The city of Solo is also famous for its delicious and varied culinary

and the price is cheap too

different from other regions, the cuisine of Solo is very varied and has characteristics that show that this food comes from Solo

like Nasi Liwet and Tengkleng

what is this Liwet rice and Tengkleng??

I will write about it in the next article

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