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Parangtritis beach

Parangtritis Beach-The Truth About Mythology In The Land of Java

Parangtritis – The Truth about Mythology in the Land of Java

Parangtritis Beach is one of the best beaches in Yogyakarta

halo guys, today I will bring you back to Yogyakarta

I will take you to the most famous beach in Yogyakarta

and why this beach is so famous in Yogyakarta even in the land of Java.

and here is the story

Yogyakarta tourism and the stories behind

When you visit Yogyakarta there are many tourist spots and attractions that you can enjoy

you can go to the palace, mountain and a legendary street called the Malioboro street

but Yogyakarta has much more than that

Yogyakarta also has a famous beach that connects to Javanese mythology and story namely Parangtritis beach

Speaking about Javanese culture that means is something that close to supernatural and mystical stories that may be hard to believe

Myths and folklore

Parangtritis Beach cannot be separated from the history, legends, and myths of the Queen of the South Coast who is very well-known in Indonesia.

It begins with a mythical story about a kingdom that is said to exist in the sea around the coast.

Nyi Roro Kidul itself has become a long history of Yogyakarta and the Kingdom of Mataram.

There are many stories and myths circulating about Nyi Roro Kidul, the Queen of the South Seas.

It is said that in the past this kingdom existed and was led by the ruler of the southern sea, namely Nyi Roro Kidul.

The mystery is still a story passed down from generation to generation

and is often discussed by the local community or newcomers, especially when it is associated with another myth,

namely the prohibition against wearing green clothes.

That said, tourists who visit Parangtritis wearing green clothes will be dragged away by the waves because Nyi Roro Kidul is said to be happy with the color green.

Parangtritis and the Natural Beauty

Parangtritis Beach is approximately 30 kilometers (about 19 miles) south of Yogyakarta’s city center.

The beach boasts a picturesque landscape of black sand, towering dunes, and dramatic cliffs, making it a popular destination for both local and foreign tourists.

The view of the Indian Ocean from the beach is quite mesmerizing.

Parangtritis is known for its breathtaking sunsets and sunrises.

Many tourists come to the beach to witness these natural spectacles, as the sun’s rays play beautifully against the ocean horizon.

The waves at Parangtritis Beach can be quite powerful, and good for a spot for surfing and other water sports.

however, due to the strong currents, swimming is not recommended for inexperienced swimmers also it’s related to the mythology

that Parangtritis is the kingdom of Nyai Roro Kidul (the Queen of the Southern Sea)

Parangtritis Beach also has many other interesting tourist objects, such as the Paragliding Hill, Cemara Sewu Cave, and Parangkusumo Beach.

Fun activities you can do

there are lots of fun activities that you can do in Parangtritis and here is the list

1. Paragliding

Parangtritis beach

Parangtritis Beach is one of the tandem paragliding spots in Java and is the only one in Yogyakarta.

strong gusts of wind will make us fly, so try to enjoy the beauty of Parangtritis Beach from a height of 200 meters above sea level.

2. Take a ride on colorful traditional carts known as “dokar.”

Walking along the smooth surface of the sand washed by the waves with a two-wheeled carriage will take us to the eastern end of Parangtritis Beach,

where clusters of coral look so beautiful.

No wonder this place is often used as a spot for pre-wedding photo shoots.

Dusk is dim and the golden shadows of the sun on the surface of the water evoke a romantic atmosphere

3. Horseback riding

Apart from walking along the beach using a buggy, we can also try riding a horse and letting it take us around the beach.

This will be one of the challenging things that are worth trying. Feel the sensation of being a coast-crossing cowboy here.

4. Parang Endog Waterfall


When walking along the beach using a buggy or horse, we will find a waterfall on the east side of the beach.

This waterfall is right on the beach so it looks special.

Besides, there is one more secret.

Not many people know that to the east of this cliff is hidden a ruined temple.

Its location close to the beach allows us to hear the faint roar of the waves from this temple.

5. Riding an ATV

For those who like a bit of a challenge, on the edge of Parangtritis Beach, there are many ATV (All-terrain Vehicle) rentals.

Try the thrill of riding an ATV here

6. Playing kites


Parangtritis Beach also offers joy for those who travel with family. Flying a kite with your little one is just as fun. The strong sea breeze helps the kite to fly high, even if you’ve never played a kite before

7. Surf

Parangtritis beach

Source: Pantainesia

The famous South Sea waves seem to attract the attention of surfers who always want to play with the waves.

Come to Parangtritis, where we can test our ability to conquer the waves.

If you want to learn first, you can join the Dolphin Parangtritis Surf Community (DPSC) and will be happy to make new friends.

Now, we can surf without having to go all the way to Bali

8. Enjoy the sunset

Parangtritis Beach

Source : Kompas Travel

on this beach, you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset

many local tourists specifically visit in the afternoon just to enjoy the sunset

Souvenirs and Local Crafts

There are several stalls and shops along the beach where visitors can buy local handicrafts, clothing, and souvenirs.

Tourist Facilities

The beach area is equipped with facilities such as parking lots, food stalls, and small accommodations for those who want to spend more time enjoying the surroundings

When visiting Parangtritis Beach, it’s important to be aware of safety precautions due to the strong currents.

It’s also advisable to check the weather conditions before planning your trip,

especially if you’re interested in witnessing the sunrise or sunset.

Overall, Parangtritis Beach is a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural significance, and recreational activities

that make it a popular tourist destination in Yogyakarta.


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