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The Beautiful Ubud tourism and Canggu Community

Ubud tourism Bali and Canggu Community-Canggu and the travelers

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Ubud Tourism and Canggu Community-Visiting Canggu is the right choice when you have a vacation plan to Bali.

Yes, many ask what is unique about Canggu, in Bali. What are the highlights of Canggu?

Instead of getting more curious, let’s take a look at this article which will discuss the charm of Canggu in Bali.

The island of Bali, which is famous as the island of the Gods, is arguably a tourist paradise.

both local and foreign tourists vacation in Bali as their vacation spot. Canggu is a popular vacation spot.

This vacation spot is a village on the southern island of the gods.

And what these visitors are passionate about are the amazing rolling waves.

Ubud tourism Bali and Canggu Community-Getting to know Canggu

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The exact location of Canggu is located in North Kuta, Badung-Bali.

One of the charms of Canggu is the extensive rice fields as well as the stretching beach.

This area is located in the middle between South Kerobokan and Tibobeneng.

Indeed, in the past, Canggu were still a few enthusiasts who wanted to visit there.

However, along with the evolution of the world of traveling, this tourist spot began to be filled with several tourist objects so it became an interesting area to visit.

Most overseas visitors prefer to dive here. Meanwhile, local visitors choose to hang out at the villa as well as the cafe here.

However, if you decide to spend the night at this tourist spot, you should book your lodging well in advance, because the Canggu tour is very busy.

Several Beaches in Canggu

Of course, this tourist spot has the charm of beautiful natural scenery, considering that this tour has quite a high popularity.

As well as the charm of several beaches on this tour, such as Echo Beach, Berawa Beach, Canggu Beach, to Batu Bolong Beach.

At Batu Bolong Beach, you can enjoy some of the natural charms such as the beautiful seaside reefs that are no less charming than Tanah Lot

Apart from seeing a natural charm, you can also capture the underwater scenery by surfing.

The sand, which is located in Canggu, is not white but the charm of black sand.

So you can enjoy the charm that results from the beach with its beauty. So unique.

But, if you decide to look for the charm of white sand, you should decide to take a vacation in the Uluwatu, Ungasan, Tanjung Benoa, Jimbaran, or Nusa Dua areas.

Ubud Tourism Bali and Canggu Community- Hangout area


No need to worry, how is the relaxing area in Canggu, Bali? Here you can relax while enjoying the charm of the beach in several cafes, to bars located on the edge of the beach.

Not only that but there are also scattered yoga places where you can enjoy nature with peace of mind.

Ubud Tourism Bali and Canggu Community- How to get to Canggu?

are you curious about Canggu tourism? you should immediately decide to take a vacation to Canggu tourism.

The location of Canggu is 22 kilometers from Ngurah Rai Airport. So, it is located quite close to the airport, which is perfect for both foreign and local visitors from outside the island of Bali.

After you leave the airport, you can order a taxi directly to Canggu, which costs around IDR 150.000 or about $10.

Well, that’s a little information about Canggu tourism in Bali. So, want to decide to take a vacation to Canggu? Immediately plan your vacation right now!

Oh ya, if you are interested in staying in Canggu and you want to know more about Canggu, you can join the Canggu Community group on Facebook.

On vacation, while learning Balinese arts and culture at Ubud Tourism

Ubud tourism and Canggu Community

Ubud, which is one of the famous tourist attractions in Bali, has a specialty, namely traditional Balinese crafts.

So, it feels incomplete if you don’t stop by Ubud while on vacation in Bali.

On vacation to Bali, you don’t have to just enjoy the charm of white sand, you can take a vacation with other scenic objects besides white sand.

Ubud tourism is the right choice for those of you who want to vacation in Bali with different nuances, where you don’t just enjoy the white sand in Bali.

The nuance will be colored with culture, art, village charm, to tourist activities in Ubud.

The area, which is surrounded by rice terraces and rainforests, can pamper your eyes with the charm of its natural beauty.

About 20 tourist objects that you can find while on vacation in Ubud, tour the Island of the Gods.

Getting to know Ubud Tourism in Bali

Ubud is famous for its artistic and cultural identity. If you have a good artistic soul, maybe Ubud tourism could be the right choice for your vacation.

One of them is a Hindu temple tour which has beautiful carvings like a royal palace.

This charm will make you feel the beauty of the carvings and the curves of the carvings.

Green tour in Ubud Tourism Bali


Not only a high artistic value on Ubud tourism, but you will also be spoiled by the green charm, clear rivers, and vast stretches of rice fields.

It should be noted, that this tour, which is under the Gianyar regency government, has been popular in Bali since the 1930s. It is also quite old as a tourist attraction that can last until now.

even, various great artists work with the characteristics of Balinese culture.

The magnetism of Ubud Tourism Bali

As mentioned above, Ubud is a place for art tourism in Bali.

So, it’s no wonder that many people think that Ubud is a tourist attraction as the center of Balinese arts and culture.

For example, such as dance, painting, carving, and even sculptures, make us amazed by their beauty.

Besides, it is also equipped with interesting architecture in a Hindu temple in Ubud, where this temple is a historical relic of the past. This is the same as in other tourist attractions such as Mount Kawi or Goa Gajah.

Ubud Tourism Bali- Monkey tours

Ubud tourism and Canggu Community

Apart from high artistic and cultural values, Ubud is also famous for its monkey kingdom.

aka tourist attractions, where there are thousands of wild monkeys without cages.

So that visitors can interact directly with the monkeys in Ubud. You can also be feeding and watching them eat or drink.

Because the forest is protected and it’s still beautiful and green on Ubud tours.

It makes these monkeys feel at home in it and feel save

As an entertainment venue for tourists. An amazing and tense sensation makes tourists interested in traveling to Ubud.

This type of monkey in Ubud’s nature tourism is a type of long-tailed macaque.

Where they live in tropical rainforests with terraced rice fields.

Not only chat with the monkeys there, but tourists can also go on exciting adventures such as riding ATVs in rural areas, riding elephants, to rafting on the Ayung River.

Ubud Tourism and Yoga

Ubud tourism and Canggu Community

Ubud tourism is also very popular for tourists who are interested in practicing Yoga in Bali

There are many Yoga places in Ubud such as Yoga Barn and many more.

Mostly all the tourists who stay for a long time in Ubud they are practice Yoga and art lovers.

So there are many vegetarian restaurants in Ubud. If you are a vegetarian Ubud is the perfect place for you.

If you are interested in staying for the long term and you want to know more detailed information about Ubud you can join the Ubud community group on Facebook.

Well, that’s a little story about tourism in Ubud. If you are a traveler with a high artistic spirit, then Ubud is a very suitable tour for you on vacation.

At the same time, you learn about the Balinese arts and culture there.




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