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What is Galungan day

The Fascinating Galungan Day-History and Activities in 2022

What is Galungan’s history and activities in 2022

Whst is Galungan day

Galungan Day is a day of triumph for Dharma (truth) against Adharma (evil) .

That day is likewise a day when Hindus honor the making of the universe

Galungan is an important day for Hindus, particularly for Balinese individuals

Galungan Day is celebrated by Hindus every 6 months of the Balinese calendar

Or every 210 days that fall on Kliwon Dungulan Buddha day

Or also known as Kliwon Wuku Dungulan Wednesday.

What is the significance of Galungan?

The word Galungan is taken from the Old Javanese language which means to battle.

This word is likewise called “Dungulan” and that means to win.

So It implies triumph in the fight

In Java, It is known as Wuku Galungan while in Bali it is known as Wuku Dungulan.

Despite the fact that they are articulated in an unexpected way, the two of them have a similar significance.

The quintessence of Galungan’s festivity is to join profound strength to get an unmistakable psyche and stance.

Profound association and an unmistakable mind are signs of inward Dharma.

While all the confusion of the mind is a type of Adharma.

The History of Galungan

The historical backdrop of Galungan Day is firmly connected with Hindu-Balinese folklore.

First celebrated in 882 AD, this ceremony has slowed down for a really long time.

Galungan festivities were held again during the rule of King Sri Jayakasunu

When will the ceremony be held in 2022?

In the Balinese Calendar, Galungan Day 2022 is one of them in June 2022

Galungan Day 2022 is held every 6 months or 210 days in the Balinese calendar.

So when is the Galungan Day festivity in 2022?

As per the Balinese schedule, Galungan Day will fall this June

and will be held from the third yet the ceremony is done until 8 June 2022.

What activities will be done during the ceremony occasion?

Galungan Day begins on June 3, 2022

What is Galungan day

that date is the sacred day of Sugihan Bali. The Balinese Sugihan is held the day after the Javanese Sugihan or before Galungan Day.

What is Balinese Sugihan?

Balinese Sugihan is a service that means to purge the Buana Alit or microcosm (people) on a scale and Niskala premise.

So it is perfect for polluted activities or physical and profound purifying.

Galungan occasion then progressed forward with June 5 – Penyajan day

What is Galungan day

On that date, the ceremony was held on the day of Penyekeban. The day of Penyekeban comes from the sentence Nyekeb Indriya.

This implies that Hindus forgo doing things that are not allowed by religion.

Penyekeban Day is praised each Pahing Wuku Dungulan Sunday.

That is the reason June 4 is unfilled on the grounds that the day of Penyekeban falls on a Sunday

Monday, June 6-Pangkeban day

What is Galungan day

After the day of Pengkeban then, at that point, went on with the Day of Penyajan.

The name of the Penyajan day comes from the word which in Balinese implies valid or serious.

Thus, this Penyajan Day has philosophical importance for Hindus to set up a good foundation for themselves to observe that sacred Day.

As per local belief, on that day Hindus will be tempted by Sang Bhuta Dungulan to test the extent of their level of self-control.

Penyajan Day is praised each Monday Pon Wuku Dungulan.

On Tuesday, June 7, Panampahan Day is held

what is Galungan day

Penampahan Day falls the day preceding Galungan Day, to be exact on Tuesday Wage Wuku Dungulan.

On this day, Hindus will be busy making Penjor.

As an outflow of appreciation before God Almighty.

The Penjor is made of curved bamboo sticks loaded up with trimmings

On Panampahan Day, Hindus for the most part slaughter pigs.

The slaughter of this pig has representative importance, which is to kill all animal traits that exist in humans

On Wednesday, June 8-Galungan Holy Day

After a series of events, the Hindus arrived at the peak of the celebration.

The procession of the ceremony began with a prayer ceremony in their respective homes.

Then continued with prayers at the surrounding temples.

At this moment, many Hindus choose to return home, so they can pray to their respective homelands.

In addition, Hindus who have family members who have died and are buried, then the living family members are obliged to bring offerings to the cemetery.

It is not a National holiday

Although Galungan is a big holy day for Hindus, in our country it is not used as a national holiday like Nyepi.

This is compatible with government regulations regarding the number of national holidays in one year

Okay friends, that’s a little information about Galungan Day

if you are currently in Bali maybe you can join in celebrating this holiday with friends who are native to Bali



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