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Trip to The Beautiful Wae Rebo Village

Trip to Traditional Village above the Cloud

Trip to Wae Rebo Village

Trip to Wae Rebo village- This village is located in a remote village.

And Precisely in Mangarai Regency, Flores East Nusa Tenggara Province. Known as the village above the clouds,

Wae Rebo is located at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level and surrounded by very beautiful hills. the weather is relatively cold

Trip to Wae Rebo village- It was declared a Unesco World Cultural Heritage in August 2012. because this village is very special.

Wae Rebo the unique traditional village-How to go there?

usually, tourists will trip to Wae Rebo village from Labuan Bajo. It takes nine hours by normal travel and good weather ( vehicle + hike )

If you want to use public transportation, of course, you have to be prepared for a longer duration, which is also less flexible. but not recommended.

In detail, in the morning from Labuan Bajo to Denge village.

To reach Wae Rebo, visitors have to travel about 6 hours from Dintor Village to Denge Village by motorbike.

Then you can take a short break for lunch and rest for a while

The journey from Denge to Wae Rebo takes approximately 3 hours of climbing by walking along a remote area surrounded by unspoiled dense forest, crossing rivers, and crossing ravines. So it’s very challenging

Although the location is far from the crowds and difficult to reach. But Wae Rebo Village is very famous, especially among foreign tourists from European countries because its architectural design has high appeal.

Not only that, but along the way, we will find coffee plantations, the sounds of birds, and several springs. And it’s so fun.

Because it is also at an altitude, visitors can enjoy hot and fresh coffee.

that is processed firsthand by village women, in the middle of cold air temperatures.

One of the interesting things about Wae Rebo Village is its traditional cone-shaped house.

And the roof is made of palm leaves.

Local handicrafts, coffee, vanilla, and cinnamon bark are selling well as souvenirs brought home by tourists.

And at a price that is not too expensive. So it’s very affordable.

Wae Rebo the unique traditional village

 -Expenses that you must prepare


1. Motorcycle (2 people capacity)

  • Rent fee: IDR 70,000 x 2 days = IDR 140,000
  • Gasoline: IDR 100,000
  • Other expenses: IDR 50.000

2. Car ( Capacity for 5-6 people )+ driver

Rental fee IDR 2,000,000 – 2,500,000 (2 days)

all in (including driver and gasoline )

The car type is usually New Avanza

3. public transportation ( not recommended )
because it’s taking too long, you will be wasting your time

4. Lunch: IDR 35,000-50,000 /person

5. Guide fee from Labuan Bajo: IDR 300,000 – 500,000/day/small group.

from Denge: IDR 100,000 – 150,000 / day / small group.

6. Overnight fee: IDR 350,000/pax (includes dinner and breakfast).

  • non-overnight: IDR 225.000-250.000

Waerebo village temperature is in the range of 14 degrees Celsius

Wae Rebo Traditional village-Stay overnight

you can stay overnight in Wae Rebo in the big house ( 30-40 people capacity )

The bed is on a pandan leaf mat, pillows, and flannel blankets.

Waelu’u ceremony (welcoming guests )

During Waelu’u Ceremony there are some rules that you must concern.

You are not allowed to take photos inside the village before the Waelu’u ceremony begins.

5 Facts about Wae Rebo that you should know

1. One of the Tallest Villages in Indonesia.

Trip to Wae Rebo Village


Located at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level (masl) Wae Rebo is often decorated with a light fog every morning. So that is why Wae Rebo Village is included in the list of the tallest villages in Indonesia.

So it makes Wae Rebo worth it to visit and you will not regret it.

2. Have seven Main houses.

Trip to Wae Rebo Village


The traditional house of Mbrau Niang in Wae Rebo is considered very rare and it’s located high up in the mountains.

It has a quite unique shape, which is like a conical barn and there are only seven houses. So it’s unique and memorable to visit and it will enrich your experience during traveling in Indonesia.

3. The residents of Wae Rebo are Minang descendants

Trip to Wae Rebo Village

Even though Wae Rebo is a village in West Manggarai, NTT, it turns out that the villagers claim that they are Minang descendants from West Sumatra.

But actually, this is a little bit funny considering there are many differences.

for example Race and ethnicity between them

East Nusa Tenggara or NTT belongs to the Melanesia race

Minang people are the Melayu race and mostly they are Moslem

4. Special Day 

Trip to Wae Rebo Village


Every November they celebrate Penti

Penti is a traditional ceremony for expressing happiness

They want to celebrate the gratitude of harvest

That obtained in a year and to ask harmony and protection

5. Flag Mounted Above Traditional House During Independence Ceremony


Even though it is remote, Wae Rebo is still part of Indonesia.

On Independence Day, there is always a ceremony to commemorate it.

It will be something amazing if I can celebrate Indonesia Independence Day in Wae Rebo.

But I heard the news from my friend in Wae Rebo Village.

Currently, it is still closed to domestic and foreign tourists due to the covid COVID-19 pandemic.

I hope everything will be normal soon and we all can go to visit Wae Rebo.





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