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The Remarkable Temples in Java

Temples in Java

Temples in Java

The temples in Java are part of the historical information of Javanese culture

hello guys, in my following article, I will discuss the temples on the island of Java

There are so many temples scattered on the island of Java, so it’s not just Borobudur and Prambanan temples

Learn history through temples

Indonesia is a country with a long history

especially this island of Java which has a very unique history because of the mixing of cultures between Javanese culture with Hinduism and Buddhism

If you are a history lover, you can learn it through the existing buildings

and one of the buildings that have a long history is the temple.

And Indonesia, especially the island of Java, is the right place to learn history through the temple

because on this island many temples keep the story behind

The following are the names of the temples on the island of Java:

In this article, I will write down some of the largest temples, such as the Borobudur and Prambanan

And the temples that are not too big but have a story behind it

1. Borobudur temple

Temples in Java


Borobudur  is the largest Buddhist temple in the world

included in the seven world heritage

This temple was built by the Shailendra dynasty, a Buddhist king, in the 8th century

located in The Magelang district and belongs to the province of Central Java

about 45km from the city of Yogyakarta

2. Prambanan temple

Temples in Java

This temple is a big Hindu temple

It was built by Rakai Pikatan, a Hindu king in the 9th century

This temple is located in the Sleman area, Yogyakarta,

But the entrance is in the province of Central Java

Prambanan temple is also called the Roro Jonggrang temple

Because it tells a story about a princess named Roro Jonggrang.

3. Plaosan Temple

Temples in Java

This temple is included in the group of a Buddhist temple

This temple was also built by King Rakai Pikatan

Plaosan Temple consists of 2 temples, namely the south, and north

This temple is also close to Prambanan Temple, only about 1.1 km

4. Dieng temple

Temples in Java

Why do I call it Dieng Temple?

Because in this area there are several temples

One of the famous is the Arjuna temple

The location of this temple area is in the Dieng plateau

Dieng temple is included in the Hindu temple group

This Hindu temple is estimated to be older than the Prambanan

5. Gedong Songo Temple

Temples in Java

why is it called Gedong Songo Temple?

because there are nine temple buildings (9)

Songo means 9

It was built by Rakai Mataram, the queen of Sanjaya in the 9th century

Candi Songo is located close to the city of Semarang, central java

It is in the highlands

and the 9th or last temple is at the top of the hill

the distance from the foot of the hill to the top is about 4km

so if you want to see the ninth temple you have to be physically strong

I only arrived at the 4th temple because at that time it was raining very hard

So the climb had to be stopped

6. Lumbung Temple

Temples in Java

This temple is still in the Prambanan  area

But what’s unique is that the Lumbung temple is a Buddhist temple,

while Prambanan is a Hindu temple

It is still well-maintained and its shape resembles a barn

so it is called the Lumbung Temple ( Barn Temple)

7. Mendut Temple

Mendut Temple is a temple that belongs to the Buddhist temple group

It is located in the Magelang district, Central Java

It was built in the ancient Mataram era by the descendants of the Shalendra dynasty

8. Sukuh Temple

SukuhTemple belongs to the Hindu temple group

located in Karanganyar Regency, about 30 km from the city of Surakarta

It has a very strong mystical aura

and It also invites controversy

because of its unusual shape

and shows a lot of male and female genitalia

9. Cetho temple

Cetho temple is also included in the Hindu-Javanese temple group

It was built at the end of the Majapahit era

And it’s located on the slopes of Mount Lawu

This temple is in the highlands

If you take pictures in this place it will be as if you are above the clouds

10. Sewu Temple

Sewu temple is included in the group of Buddhist temples and it is quite big

Because it is taken from the word Sewu which means a thousand

But in reality, the temples in this area only number in the hundreds

even less than 300 temples

But even so, according to historians, this temple is older than the Borobudur and Prambanan temples

11. Brahu Temple


It lies in the province of East Java, precisely in the Mojokerto district

Brahu temple is included in the Buddhist temple group

This temple is different from the previous temples

because this temple is made of red bricks

It was built in the era of the Majapahit kingdom

According to historians, this temple is used for burning corpses

However, in subsequent research, no traces of the burning of corpses were found

So this temple is still a mystery

Okay, guys, those are some temples on the island of Java

there are many more temples on the island of Java, especially throughout Indonesia

I will write them in more detail one by one

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