> The Prambanan Temple- A Beautiful Hindu Temple in Central Java
Prambanan temple-12 facts you should know

The Prambanan Temple- A Beautiful Hindu Temple in Central Java

12 facts about Prambanan temple in Central Java

Prambanan temple-12 facts you must know

Prambanan temple in Central Java,12 facts that you should know is the theme of my article today

Hello guys, this time I want to tell you about a famous temple in the Central Java area

Of course, all this time you’ve only heard a lot about Borobudur temple, right?

But actually, in Indonesia, there are so many temples

that are also as legendary as the Borobudur temple

One of the biggest temples in Central Java is the Prambanan Temple

ok let’s start

A short history of the Prambanan Temple

Prambanan temple-beautiful hindu temple in yogyakarta

source: Gramedia.com

According to the Siwagrha inscription, Prambanan Temple was built around 851 AD by Rakai Pikatan.

The construction of the temple was then developed

and expanded by Balitung Maha Sambu during the Medang Mataram kingdom.

During the construction of the Prambanan Temple, public works officers also made changes to the water system.

There is a river flow removal project near the temple

So as not to harm the temple construction and cause erosion.

The initial construction continued to be perfected by subsequent Medang Mataram kings

Such as the kings of Daksa and Tulodong.

The development continued to be expanded until there were hundreds of additional temples around the main temple.

The Prambanan Temple, which was built so majestic and large, turned out to have been abandoned.

Around the year 931 AD, the king of Medang Mataram, Mpu Sindok ordered the transfer of the capital to the East Java area. The order made the Prambanan Temple forgotten.

Prambanan Temple a tourist spot in Central Java

Prambanan Temple is the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia and one of the historical heritage buildings.

If you have traveled to Central Java and Yogyakarta, you will usually stop by this temple and also Borobudur Temple.

Usually, people are misguided and think that Borobudur Temple is actually located in Yogyakarta, when in fact it is the other way around.

Of course, if you are traveling to Yogyakarta, this building is one of the must-visit destinations.

As one of the cultural heritages from the time of their ancestors, many tourists visit Prambanan Temple

Facts about the Prambanan Temple

1. The Biggest Hindu Temple in Indonesia

Prambanan tempe- beautiful hindu's temple in yogyakarta

source: Kompas.com

This building is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia, built in the ancient Javanese era, precisely in the 9th century.

This temple is dedicated to Trimurti or the three main Hindu gods, namely Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva

2. Built During the Medang Kingdom Period

Prambanan Temple is a legacy of the Medang Kingdom which ruled in the 8th century in the Central Java region.

When this Temple was built, precisely during the reign of Rakai Pikatan and continued by the next king Balitung Maha Sambu.

3. Places for Worship and Religious Activities

The area of Prambanan Temple, if calculated in a complex manner, reaches 4 hectares and the function of Prambanan Temple is as a place of worship at that time.

This building is a Hindu temple, So there are characteristics of this Temple which is tall, different from the wide Borobudur Temple

4. Building Relief

Rakai Pikatan built this Temple whose reliefs depict the stories of Ramayana and Krishnayana.

Many ask that the reliefs of the Prambanan Temple take fragments of stories contained in Hindu epic stories.

5. Number of Temples

The number of Prambanan temples turns out to be a lot, this building complex consists of 240 large and small temples.

Prambanan Temple has 3 platforms, which are the main part of the temple, this complex does have several parts.

6. The Legend of Rara Jonggrang

This legend is a folk tale where there was a princess who was cursed because of a trick she did

Local people already know about the existence of the building,

although they do not know who built this Temple.

There is a story that later emerged, namely the legend of Rara Jonggrang,

a beautiful princess who was cursed to be one of the statues in this temple.

But Indonesians are usually more familiar with the legend of the construction of hundreds of temples that were built in a flash in only one night.

8. Temple Location

This temple is indeed located in the province of the Special Region of Yogyakarta,

but the administrative door is in Central Java.

Prambanan Temple is located on the border of the two provinces,

but closer to the city of Yogyakarta, this answers where Prambanan Temple is.

the distance from the city of Yogyakarta to this temple is only 30 minutes

and can be reached by city bus or during your time in Yogyakarta you can rent a motorbike

8. Discovered by the Dutch

this temple was discovered in 1733 When the Dutch came to power,

but not taken seriously, as well as in 1855.

Many Dutch people take statues as decorations,

while Indonesians use stone as the foundation of their houses.

9. World Heritage Site

The World Agency for Cultural Affairs, UNESCO, has granted this temple the status of a World Heritage Site since the 90s.

Of course, this makes the Indonesian government proud

Considering the Temple already existed a dozen centuries ago

10. Restoration When Indonesia was Independent

During the Dutch occupation of Indonesia, they carried out building restoration

and continued when Indonesia became independent.

The Shiva temple, the main temple in this complex, was completely restored in 1952

President Soekarno inaugurated it at that time.

11. As a place for performing arts

Prambanan Temple is also often used for art performances

you can visit and see many art performances at certain times or usually on weekends

12. Prambanan Jazz Festival

After almost two years of being closed to the public, there will be an international class music performance, namely the Prambanan Jazz festival

If you are in the city of Yogyakarta you can come to see the performances of world-class jazz musicians

the tickets offered are between 500 -750 thousand depending on the class

but if you want to watch online you only need to pay 50 thousand

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