> The Mystical story in Beautiful Alas Purwo National Park Banyuwangi

The Mystical story in Beautiful Alas Purwo National Park Banyuwangi

Alas Purwo National Park in Banyuwangi

Alas Purwo National park in Banyuwangi and Mystical Story Behind

Alas Purwo National Park is a National park in the Banyuwangi district

hello guys, if yesterday I wrote about Baluran National Park then today I will write another national park

that is no less popular than Baluran National Park, namely Alas Purwo National Park

Alas Purwo National Park is a lowland rainforest

In this park, there is a lot of forest vegetation such as bamboo forests, mangrove forests, coastal forests, and others

The animals that live in this national park are also diverse

Where is Alas Purwo National Park?

if you visit Banyuwangi and enter the name of this park into the list of places you will visit,

the local people in the city of Banyuwangi will know exactly where this place is.

The location of this park is precisely on the border between two sub-districts, namely the Tegaldlimo sub-district and the Purwoharjo sub-district

This national park is located at the easternmost tip of the province of East Java and is directly adjacent to the island of Bali

Why is Alas Purwo National Park so famous

Alas Purwo National park in Banyuwangi and Mystical Story Behind


Yes, that’s right, this national park is very popular among the people of Banyuwangi because this place holds many scary stories

like in general Asian people, especially Indonesian people who believe in mystical things

So the popularity of Alas Purwo is more about its mystical and haunted stories than its natural beauty

This park has a lot of tourism potential because of its biodiversity and fauna

This park is very beautiful because you can find beaches that are  beautiful and not touched by many tourists

well-maintained forest and also various types of animals that live there

Alas Purwo – Mystical story

Alas Purwo National park in Banyuwangi and Mystical Story Behind

Maybe you are curious about what mystical stories are in Alas Purwo.?

okay, before I tell the beauty of Alas Purwo further as an Intermezzo

I will tell you mystical and haunted things from this forest

According to local stories, this forest used to be a hiding place for robbers and murderers,

so many people were killed in that place

Besides that, this forest is also believed to be the abode of astral beings such as demons, devils, etc

Javanese people generally believe in mystical things

So that this place is often used as a place to meditate and look for inner peace

and also supernatural powers.

why is this forest believed to be a place to seek supernatural powers?

because the local people believe that this forest is the origin of the creation of the island of Java

So this forest is also known as the oldest forest on the island of Java

another haunted story is if you cross this forest then you will hear a strange voice calling you,

when you hear this call don’t turn your head but keep on going because the sound is a trap sound from the devil to pull you into their supernatural realm

Of course in this case we can believe it or not

but more importantly, we just enjoy the natural beauty in this national park, okay?

What are the attractions in Alas Purwo?

Alas Purwo National park in Banyuwangi and Mystical Story Behind

This forest holds a lot of beauty that you can enjoy

For information, this forest area is around 43,300 hectares, so it is much bigger than Baluran National Park

So what are the attractions?

there are several tourist spots such as the cave which is very dark so it is called eternal darkness, the name of this cave is Palace Cave

Besides the cave, you can also enjoy the beauty of the beach

there are several beaches in this national park

such as Plengkung beach, Pancur beach, Ireng beach and Ngagelan beach

Besides the beach and the cave, there is also a very wide Savanna meadow

Animals that live in Alas Purwo

Alas Purwo National park in Banyuwangi and Mystical Story Behind

as a protected forest then this forest is also inhabited by various kinds of animals

such as deer, mouse deer, bulls, leopards, and also various beautiful bird species,

there are also forest cats and coyotes as well as forest chickens, namely green and red forest chickens

and of course various species of monkeys.

Old Hindu site in Alas Purwo

In this national park, there are also very old Hindu sites.

This site is in the form of a Hindu temple called the Giri Saleka Temple

As additional information in ancient times before the arrival of Islam, the majority of the population of the island of Java was Hindu and Buddhist

Likewise, among the residents around Alas Purwo, although the majority are Muslim, some are still Hindu

This site is now a tourist attraction and is still being preserved

How to get to Alas Purwo?

To go to Alas Purwo National Park you have to use a private vehicle such as a motorbike or car

Because there is no public transportation that goes through this national park

You can rent it around the hostel or hotel where you are staying

The route that you have to take from the city of Banyuwangi is that you go to the Tegaldlimo sub-district

And after driving about 10 km through the Makadam road

then you will see a post called Rowobendo,

This post is the entrance to the Alas Purwo National Park.

Oke guys are you interested in visiting Nasional Park Alas Purwo and feeling the mystical experience?:))

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