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The Fascinating mystery of Mount Lawu and The Majapahit Kingdom

The mystery of Mount Lawu and Majapahit Kingdom

The mystery of Mount Lawu and Majapahit Kingdom


The mystery of Mount Lawu and Majapahit Kingdom is an interesting story especially if you like mountain climbing

hello guys, after I wrote an article about food, keris, and tourism around the city of Solo,

Now I will write an article about a famous mountain on the border of Central Java and East Java.

This mountain is very famous not only because of its beauty but also because of the mystery in it

Mount Lawu is a very famous mountain on the island of Java and even in Indonesia

Many climbers from various regions in Indonesia have climbed this mountain and reached its peak

The charm of this mountain is not only because of its natural beauty and edelweiss flowers but also because of the mystery that surrounds this mountain

Mount Lawu is also famous as one of the creepiest mountains in Indonesia

many mystical stories experienced by climbers

This mountain according to the myth is also the palace of Lucifer the demon lord

but this is just a myth so we don’t need to believe it

History of Mount Lawu

The mystery of Mount Lawu and Majapahit Kingdom

Mount Lawu is located on the border of two provinces, namely Central Java and East Java

Mount Lawu has a height of 3,265 meters above sea level

This mountain has 3 peaks, namely Hargo Dalem as the first peak, then Hargo Dumiling as the second peak, and the highest is called Hargo Dumilah.

Mount Lawu is a volcano that is no longer active and last erupted in 1885

Around this mountain, there are many tourist destinations that you can visit if you don’t like climbing mountains

The history of Mount Lawu is often associated with the legend that shrouds the mountain’s past.

The existence of Sukuh Temple and Cetho Temple seems to be a sign that Mount Lawu is connected to the Majapahit Kingdom

Especially in the period leading up to its collapse, namely in the 15th century AD.

The legend of the king of Brawijaya V

The mystery of Mount Lawu and Majapahit Kingdom

as I mentioned earlier that Mount Lawu has an attachment to the Majapahit kingdom,

so there is a legend about the king of Brawijaya V who is said to have meditated and resided on this mountain.

Prabu Brawijaya was the last king of Majapahit.

Brawijaya V was the father of Raden Patah (1475-1518) who later founded the first Islamic kingdom in Java, the Demak Sultanate, as well as ended the history of Majapahit.

Several stories developed among Indonesian historians,

One of which was because at that time Majapahit had to face a war with the Kediri Kingdom led by King Girindra Wardhana in 1478.

Because he lost, Brawijaya V fled to Mount Lawu and spent the rest of his life as a hermit.

But there is also a story that says that the reason Brawijaya V retreated to Mount Lawu was that he had a feeling that Majapahit was on the verge of collapse and difficult to save.

In addition, Brawijaya V was worried because his son, Raden Patah, embraced Islam and built a new power in Demak

To this day, the traces of Prabu Brawijaya V on Mount Lawu can be seen by a large number of Buddhists in the villages located on the slopes of the mountain.

Mystery on Mount Lawu

Mount Lawu has a mystery that is sometimes difficult for common sense to accept.

Apart from being a climbing destination and even a tourist spot, this mountain is also often a destination for people who have spiritual goals.

As we know many Javanese people embrace a traditional belief called Kejawen

So every night of 1 Suro (1 Muharram), for example, many people climb Mount Lawu to the top to perform rituals or make pilgrimages.

The three main peaks of Mount Lawu are often regarded as one of the most sacred places in Java.

According to stories in Javanese society, for certain circles, the Mount Lawu area is the center of all the secrets of the Land of Java and the archipelago.

Devil’s market, the myth that is on Mount Lawu

Mount Lawu is also known for the existence of the devil’s market.

This myth has also become a hot topic for the community, especially among climbers.

There are many stories from climbers who have climbed Mount Lawu,

they hear noise or crowds like in a market. However, it is only sound, but its appearance is invisible to the eye.

But all those mystical events are just a story, you can believe it or not

the most important thing is if you like to climb mountains, then Gunung Lawu is one of the best choices

okay guys, are you interested in climbing Mount Lawu?

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