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Ma'nene festival

The Ma’nene Festival – Fascinating Walking Dead in Toraja’s Land Indonesia

The Ma’nene Festival – Walking Dead in Toraja’s Land Indonesia

Ma'nene festival

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You will see that Indonesia is very rich in unique culture

Even events related to death for Indonesian people must be carried out with respect through rituals that are carried out in a grand way

Land of the Toraja in South Sulawesi

South Sulawesi has many unique cultures and traditions.

One of them is the tradition of the Walking Dead.

This walking corpse tradition is usually held in a traditional ceremony called Ma’Nene.

This traditional ceremony was carried out to replace the clothes of the corpses of the ancestors,

which was carried out by the Baruppu people in the interior of Tana Toraja.

What is the Ma’nene festival?

Ma'nene festival

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The Manene Festival, also known as the Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses or the Ritual of the Dead, is a unique cultural event that takes place in the Toraja region of Indonesia.

Toraja is a highland area located in South Sulawesi province.

The Manene Festival is a way for the Torajan people to honor their deceased ancestors and maintain a connection with them.

During the festival, the Torajan people exhume the bodies of their ancestors from their graves.

The bodies are carefully cleaned, dressed in new clothes, and then paraded through the village in a festive procession.

This ritual is believed to show respect and love for the deceased, as well as to ensure their spirits continue to receive the care and attention they need in the afterlife.

After the procession, the bodies are returned to the graves, which are often located in natural caves or hanging graves carved into cliffs.

The graves may be repaired or renovated during the festival, and offerings of food, water,

and other items are placed inside the graves to provide for the needs of the deceased in the spiritual realm.

The Manene Festival is not only a time for honoring the dead

but also an occasion for the Torajan people to come together as a community,

reunite with family members, and celebrate their unique cultural heritage.

It is a visually striking event, filled with traditional music, dance performances, and elaborate decorations.

It’s important to note that the Manene Festival is a deeply rooted cultural tradition of the Toraja people

and should be approached with respect and sensitivity by visitors.

If you plan to attend the festival, it’s advisable to learn about and follow any local customs

or guidelines to ensure a meaningful and respectful experience.

When is the Ma’nene festival held?

The Ma’nene ceremony is carried out once every three years usually in August.

This is because the Ma’Nene ceremony may only be held after the harvest season which falls in August.

The indigenous people of Tana Toraja believe that if the Ma’Nene ritual is not performed before the harvest season,

their rice fields and fields will be damaged by the sudden influx of rats and worms.

History of Ma’nene Festival

The history of the Ma’nene Ritual begins with an animal hunter named Pong Rumasek, who came to the Balla mountain forest.

At that time, Pong found a human body that had died in quite an apprehensive condition.

By Pong, he took the body and put on proper clothes to be buried in a safe place.

Since then, Pong has consistently received blessings.

His farm crops were harvesting faster than usual time.

Even when he is hunting, Pong often gets his hunt easily.

With this incident, Pong thinks that even the bodies of people who have died must still be cared for and respected, even though the body is no longer in shape.

Pong then bequeathed his trust to the people of Baruppu.

And by the people of Baruppu, Pong’s mandate is maintained by continuing to carry out the Ma’Nene ritual.

Ma’nene procession

Ma'nene Festival

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The Ma’ Nene procession itself begins with visiting the location where the ancestors of the local community are buried,

namely at the Patane cemetery in Lembang Paton, Sariale District, the capital of North Toraja Regency.

Before being opened and removed from the coffin, the elders, commonly known as Ne’ Tomina Lumba, read a prayer in Old Toraja.

After that, the corpse is removed and begins to be cleaned from head to toe using a clean brush or cloth.

And then the corpse was dressed in new clothes and laid back in the coffin earlier.

During the procession, some of the men form a circle to sing songs and dances that symbolize sadness.

The songs and dance movements are intended to encourage the families left behind.

Okay, guys, that’s a little information about the Ma’nene festival in Toraja

if you have plans to visit Toraja land and want to witness this unique funeral ceremony,

make sure you follow and know the schedule for this ritual event so that you can enjoy this very rare cultural event

and make sure you show respect to the surrounding community by following the rules





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