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The Legend of Roro Jonggrang- A Beautiful Indonesian Folklore

The Story of Beautiful Roro Jonggrang

The Story of Beautiful Roro Jonggrang

The Story of Beautiful Roro Jonggrang is a famous legend in Indonesia, especially in Central Java

Roro Jonggrang is the name of a beautiful woman whose existence cannot be separated from the Prambanan temple.

this folk legend story developed in the area of Central Java and Yogyakarta.

Indonesia the land of folklore

Indonesia is a country full of folklore, there are many legendary folklore from all corners of the country.

Moreover, Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of various ethnic groups and languages.

There are many cultures and histories that surround this country that you can learn about.

The legend of The Roro Jonggrang

The legend of Roro Jonggrang tells the story of a princess who is proposed to by Bandung Bondowoso.

Roro Jonggrong will accept his proposal if Bandung Bondowoso manages to fulfill the conditions that she gives.

So are you curious about the story??

The story of the legend of Roro Jonggrang

It is said that there were two neighboring kingdoms in Central Java.

They were the Pengging kingdom and the Baka kingdom.

Both had no problems and lived life as usual.

The Pengging kingdom was a prosperous kingdom with fertile land.

The kingdom was led by Prabu Damar Maya.

He had a son who was powerful and mighty, named Raden Bandung Bondowoso.

Meanwhile, the Baka Kingdom was led by the man-eating giant Prabu Baka, who was assisted by Patih Gupala.

Despite being a giant, he had a beautiful daughter named Roro Jonggrang.

Prabu Baka called for war on the Pengging Kingdom to expand his power.

The fighting resulted in death, famine, and material loss.

To end the war, Bandung Bondowoso was sent by his father to confront Prabu Baka.

Bandung Bondowoso defeated Prabu Baka with his magical power.

After Patih Gupala heard of Prabu Baka’s death, he immediately returned to the kingdom of Baka and reported to Roro Jonggrang.

The princess mourned the death of her beloved father.

Prince Bandung Bondowoso invaded the fallen Baka Palace.

At that time, Bandung Bondowoso met Roro Jonggrang and fell in love with the princess’s beauty.

Bandung Bondowoso who had fallen in love finally decided to propose to Roro Jonggrang.

Unfortunately, the proposal was rejected, because the princess did not want to marry her father’s murderer.

But Bandung Bondowoso continued to insist until Roro Jonggrang agreed.

The princess proposed conditions before officially marrying him.

The Jalatunda and 1000 temples

The Story of Beautiful Roro Jonggrang

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The first condition given by Roro Jonggrang was to make a well called Jalatunda.

The second condition was to build a thousand temples in one night.

Bandung Bondowoso agreed to these conditions.

Because of his magical power, Bandung Bondowoso completed the Jalatunda well easily.

Roro Jonggrang tricked Bandung Bondowoso into going down the well.

She ordered Patih Gupala to immediately close and fill the well with stones, but Bandung Bondowoso managed to get out.

To fulfill the second condition, Bandung Bondowoso finally summoned spirits, demons, and jinn, to help him.

When Roro Jonggrang heard the news that a thousand temples were almost complete, she immediately woke up her servants.

Roro Jonggrang ordered the maids and women of the village to start pounding rice.

She also ordered them to burn the haystacks on the east side.

The spirits were frightened because they thought that the sun would rise soon.

Because of this, Bandung Bondowoso failed to build a thousand temples.

He only managed to build 999 temples.

The Curse of Bandung Bondowoso

Bandung Bondowoso, knowing Roro Jonggrang’s cheating, cursed her to become a statue.

She became the most beautiful statue and became the thousandth.

The thousand temples are now known as Sewu Temple.

Sewu Temple is located in the Prambanan Temple complex, Central Java.

The story of Roro Jonggrang and Bandung Bandawasa is a legend that describes the formation of Sewu Temple, Prambanan Temple, Ratu Boko Palace,

and the statue of Dewi Durga found inside Prambanan Temple.

The Ratu Baka site near Prambanan was the palace of Prabu Baka, while the 999 unfinished temples are now known as Sewu Temple,

which is located not far from the Prambanan Temple complex.

The statue of Dewi Durga in the north room of Prambanan’s main temple is the embodiment of Roro Jonggrang.

The Roro Jonggrang dance

the legend of Roro Jonggrang is now used as a tourist event for visitors to the Prambanan temple

the story of this legend is made into a dance called the Roro Jonggrang dance which tells the story

if you visit Prambanan temple you can find the performance schedule.

Prambanan Temple also often holds festival events

In addition to this legendary dance, there are also performances by jazz musicians both local and international.

This event is called The Prambanan Jazz Festival




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