> The Kota Lama Semarang-Wonderful Historical UNESCO World Heritage City

The Kota Lama Semarang-Wonderful Historical UNESCO World Heritage City

The Kota Lama Semarang-Historical and UNESCO WorldHeritage City

source : Tribun Jatim

The Kota Lama Semarang or Old City is a historical area in the city of Semarang

This area is very iconic for Semarang residents and is one of the pride tourist destinations for Semarang residents

This area is located near the trading center of Semarang City which of course is dominated by ethnic Chinese

So if you visit this place, apart from enjoying the beauty of Dutch architecture, you can also enjoy Chinese culture in the Chinatown area

The History of Kota Lama ( Old City )

The history of the Kota Lama Semarang began during the Dutch colonial period in Central Java

It started with the signing of the agreement between the Mataram Kingdom and the VOC on January 15, 1678.

At that time Amangkurat II handed over Semarang to the VOC as payment because the VOC had succeeded in helping Mataram quell the Trunojoyo rebellion.

After Semarang came under full control of the VOC, the city began to be built.

A fort named Vijfhoek was used as a residence for the Dutch citizens and a military center began to be built.

Over time, the fort was not sufficient, so residents began to build houses outside the east of the fort.

Not only residents’ houses, but government buildings, and offices were also built.

In 1740-1743 there was the Pacinan Geger incident, or the commotion that occurred in the Chinatown area,

the biggest resistance during the period of VOC rule in Java. After the resistance ended, a fortification was built around the Kota Lama area of ​​Semarang.

Because it was considered not following the city’s rapid development, this fortification was dismantled in 1824.

To commemorate the existence of the fort that surrounded the old city,

the existing streets were given names such as Noorderwalstaat (North Wall Street-Now Merak Street),

Oosterwalstraat ( East Wall Road – Now Cendrawasih Street), Zuiderwalstraat (South Wall Road-Now Kepodang Street),

and also Westerwaalstraat (West Wall Road-Now Mpu Tantular Street).

Little Netherlands in Central Java

Kota Lama Semarang

The Old City area of ​​Semarang has earned the nickname Little Netherland.

Its location which is surrounded by canals with European-style buildings makes this area similar to a city in the Netherlands.

The center of the Old Town Area is Taman Srigunting, a park located in the heart of the Old Town Area of ​​Semarang.

In the past, this park was a field called parade plein, most likely because it was often used for military parades.

After all, there was a military barracks not far from there.

Before becoming a field, this park had functioned as a Kerkhof or cemetery for European citizens, in the early 19th century the Kerkhof was moved to the Pengapon area.

Surrounding the Srigunting Park are buildings with high architectural and historical value, such as the Blenduk Church, the Marba Building, and the Jiwasraya Building.

How to get to the Old Town

source : Pikiran Rakyat

there are many ways to visit the Old City

Public transportation in Indonesia, especially on the island of Java, is very well-integrated

so it’s very easy to travel anywhere

You can use buses, travel cars, trains, or airplanes

but I recommend you use the train

why? Apart from being cheap, the location of the old town is very close to the Tawang station in Semarang

You only need to walk 200 meters across the road and you will arrive at the old town

The train, price, and time

Here I attach the name of the train and the price based on which city you are going to depart from

1. Jakarta

from Jakarta starting from Gambir station

Brawijaya IDR 540,000

Argo Merbabu IDR 340,000

from Senen station

Kerta Jaya ( economy class ) -IDR 170,000

Duration: 6-7 hours

2. Bandung

from Bandung, you can use the train

Ciremai – IDR 210,000

Harina – IDR 445,000

Duration: 7-8 hours

3. Yogyakarta

from Yogyakarta, you can use the train Joglosekerto – IDR 180,000

Duration: 3,5- 4 hours

4. Surakarta

From Surakarta, you can use the Banyubiru train for IDR 40,0000

Duration: 2 hours

5. Surabaya

From Surabaya, you depart from Pasar Turi station using the Dharmawangsa train IDR 135,000

Duration: 4-5 hours

Many other types of trains can take you to Semarang

For departure times and complete information, you can visit the Traveloka.com website

Make sure you stop at the Tawang station because the city of Semarang has 2 train stations, namely the Tawang station and the Poncol station

By the way, for your information, I just went to Semarang two days ago,

I think if you were in Yogyakarta, it’s better if you start from Solo

So you go by Prambanan Express’s train to Solo, the ticket is only IDR 8000 Then you continue by BanyuBiru’s train the ticket is only IDR 40.000

It’s way cheaper than starting from Yogyakarta because if you start from Yogyakarta however you will pass the City of Solo

What to do in Kota Lama?

There are many activities that you can do during your adventure in Kota Lama

As I mentioned before Kota Lama is very close to Chinatown

So you can enjoy Chinese culture and Chinese cuisine besides the European atmosphere in the middle of Javanese culture at the same time, It’s interesting, right?

There are many old Dutch buildings that you can use as a photo spot

Or, if you are a coffee lover, you can taste the best coffee in that area

There are several coffee shops with beautiful architecture that make you more comfortable

or during your time in Semarang, you can explore many tourist destinations in the city

so, don’t miss your chance to enjoy the beauty of cultural diversity in Kota Lama



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