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The Famous Traditional foods from Sulawesi

The Famous Traditional foods from Sulawesi

The Famous Traditional foods from Sulawesi

The famous traditional foods of Sulawesi are an important part of recognizing the culture of the Sulawesi people

in this article, we will discuss the famous traditional food from Sulawesi

Sulawesi as one of the largest islands in Indonesia besides having a lot of natural wealth also has a variety of delicious culinary delights

The famous traditional food from Sulawesi, apart from being a favorite of the local community, is also the favorite food of Indonesians from other tribes

these foods are growing even throughout Indonesia

This is because many people from Sulawesi also migrate to other islands in Indonesia

In their new place, they introduce local dishes of origin as a tool to display Sulawesi culture

The Summary of those foods

This famous traditional food from Sulawesi summarizes various famous foods from all parts of the island of Sulawesi such as from North Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, etc.

This is a list of famous traditional foods from Sulawesi

1. Coto Makasar

The Famous Traditional foods from Sulawesi

Coto Makassar is the first in the list of famous traditional foods from Sulawesi

this is because this food is popular in Indonesia

Coto Makassar, as the name suggests comes from the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi

food that is shaped like a soup with slices of beef is boiled with specially formulated spices

different from Rawon from East Java which is served with rice

Coto Makassar is served with Ketupat or rice wrapped in coconut leaves

Coto Makassar is very delicious, you have to taste it if you visit Sulawesi or Indonesia

2. Konro soup

The Famous Traditional foods from Sulawesi

different from Coto Makassar which contains slices of beef, Konro soup contains beef ribs that are boiled for a very long time so that the meat becomes very tender

Konro Soup is thick in color with a very strong smell of spices and is served with rice

3. Tinutuan Porridge

The Famous Traditional foods from Sulawesi

This food comes from North Sulawesi

This porridge also commonly known as Manado Porridge, contains vegetables without using meat

even without meat but this porridge is very delicious, So if you are a vegetarian then this porridge is for you

4. Panada

The Famous Traditional foods from Sulawesi

Panada cake is a typical Menado food shaped like bread or cake

It is made from flour filled with seasoned fish, Panada was influenced by Spanish / Portuguese culture

This food is very delicious to eat in the afternoon while drinking tea

5. Cakalang Yellow Rice

The Famous Traditional foods from Sulawesi

Yellow rice is a food that, although it originally comes from North Sulawesi, is easy to find throughout Indonesia

Cakalang yellow rice is rice cooked with spices so it is yellow

the yellow color itself symbolizes the color gold which means wealth

This yellow rice when served is accompanied by various side dishes such as eggs, tempeh, potatoes, and Cakalang fish which is a fish whose habitat comes from North Sulawesi.

6. Bamboo Chicken

This food comes from Central Sulawesi

As the name implies, this food is made from chicken meat which is put into bamboo along with spices and then burned over hot coals

it tastes very delicious and is served with warm rice

7. Palumara

Palumara is a kind of fish soup that tastes a combination of spicy and sour, the broth is yellow

served with corn rice

if you are a fan of seafood then this soup is for you

8. Milu Siram

Milu Siram is corn soup with fish and shrimp

The taste of this soup is a combination of spicy, sweet, and salty

served with warm rice and tea will add to the delicious taste of this food

9. Sambusa

This food comes from West Sulawesi

triangular shape, at a glance Sambusa, so similar to Samosa in India and Pakistan, but the differences in the contents.

Samosas generally contain boiled potatoes, vegetables, or spices.

While Sambusa contains mashed tuna meat, green onions, and other spices such as celery, pepper, garlic, and shallots.

10. Kue Paso

Paso cake is a popular traditional cake in the land of Mandar, West Sulawesi

The ingredients are rice flour mixed with liquid palm sugar and coconut milk.

and as the name implies, this cake has a sharp tip resembling a nail.

In the Mandar language, Paso means nail.

The cake batters are put in a mold made of banana leaves that have been shaped like a birthday hat and then steamed.

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