> The Beautiful East Nusa Tenggara Tourisms-Things to do

The Beautiful East Nusa Tenggara Tourisms-Things to do

East Nusa Tenggara ( NTT) is a province that is rich in tourist destinations.

Where the province has the nickname “Best Value” because NTT has sustainable tourist destinations.

NTT can be said to be the province with the best tourist destinations in the world.

According to the Lonely Planet.

This is supported by the existence of charming nature as an extraordinary sight for tourists both domestic and foreign.

NTT can be put on the list of your holiday plans if you want to make your vacation schedule.

check out this article which will discuss 10 tourist destinations in East Nusa Tenggara.

1. East Nusa Tenggara tourism-Komodo Island

East Nusa Tenggara Tourisms-Things to do


Who doesn’t know Komodo Island? an island that has beauty not only on the lands but also has the charm of the sea that we can enjoy the scenery.

We can explore the beauty of underwater which presents 70 types of sponges,

386 types of coral reefs, various seaweed, and thousands of species of fish live in the ecosystem on Komodo Island.

Komodo Island is famous as an island that can be used as a dive site in the world.

Because here we can enjoy the natural scenery under the sea with a variety of underwater ecosystems.

No wonder all the tourists are very fond of going to Komodo Island to dive.

of course, diving is one of the hobbies of tourists to explore the natural beauty and the wealth under the sea.

One of the best diving points on Komodo Island is Samsia Rock. You can interact with shark turtles, small fish, and various living creatures in Samsia Rock.

One of the Wonders of the World by UNESCO

It has been recognized by UNESCO that Komodo Island is one of the wonders of the world.

So no wonder many tourists are curious to visit this island.

Apart from being the best diving tourism object in the world.

And just like the name, you will encounter the giant ancient reptiles that are still alive today.

however, you don’t need to worry to see these animals because you will be guarded by a tour guide so the Komodo dragon can not attack you.

No wonder that Komodo Island is dubbed as a tourist spot with two charms, namely the land and the sea.

And you can say that the Komodo dragon is the only ancient animal that is still alive today and only in Indonesia.

An entrance ticket to Komodo Island for locals is 5000 rupiahs on weekdays.

But for foreign tourists, the entry ticket is different. it’s IDR 150.000 on weekdays and IDR 225.000 on weekends.

Several small islands that surround Komodo Island make Komodo Tourism Park a very interesting tourist destination to visit.

The Prohibition

There is a prohibition that women who are menstruating should not visit Komodo Island. Because Komodo has a sharp sense of blood smell.

So it will be very dangerous for women who are menstruating when approaching this ancient Komodo dragon

2. East Nusa Tenggara tourism- Wae Rebo

East Nusa Tenggara Tourisms-Things to do

It feels incomplete if you go to NTT without visiting Wae Rebo, which is an interesting tourist destination.

You could say that Wae Rebo is a cultural tourist spot that you can visit when you are traveling to NTT and you want to learn about the culture and customs there.

Wae Rebo is an old village in the Mangarai area, East Nusa Tenggara.

You will enjoy the charm of Mangarai houses.

you will enrich your experience when you hang out with local people in Wae Rebo because you will learn about their local wisdom

Wae Rebo houses have characteristics such as Mbrau Niang which has conical roofs with unique architecture.

The conical roof has a diameter of about 15 meters and a height of about 10 meters which almost covers the entire house.

The Mbaru Niang Traditional house is made of various types of grass covered with palm tree fiber, which these materials can withstand wind and rainwater.

Although it looks fragile these houses are not as weak as what we see. Because these traditional houses are still used by local people in Wae Rebo today.

you will feel comfortable when you try to spend the night in that house, where the familiarity of locals will make you more comfortable to live there.

I will write more detail about Wae Rebo in the next article so stay tuned guys :))

3. East Nusa Tenggara tourism- Labuan Bajo

East Nusa Tenggara Tourisms-Things to do

Labuan Bajo is a village in NTT where this village has high popularity in NTT. Because of the natural beauty that they have.

Labuan Bajo has several tourist attractions that can be used as a reference for tourists to vacation. not only for domestic tourists but also for foreign tourists because Labuan Bajo is so beautiful.

The calm and refreshing nature makes Labuan Bajo a natural village that is visited by many tourists both domestic and tourists from abroad.

It said that Labuan Bajo is like a small paradise in NTT.

So this village makes many tourists feel so reluctant to leave Labuan Bajo.

I will write more detail about Labuan Bajo in my next article so keep in touch guys:))

4. East Nusa Tenggara tourism-Pantai Pink ( Pink Beach )

East Nusa Tenggara Tourisms-Things to do

Pink Beach is one of the beaches that are unique. Because in plain view, this beach is Pink.

Especially when this beach is exposed to sunlight, the color will be striking and the pink color will be clear

The Location

This beach is located in Komodo National Park.Jalan Kasimo,Labuan Bajo district West Manggarai ,East Nusa Tenggara.

you can visit anytime because this beach is open 24 hours.

The entrance fee for locals is IDR 10.000 and for foreign tourists is IDR 50.000

If you want to rent a public boat the price is IDR 30.000-40.000 but if you want to rent a private boat the price is IDR 800.000-900.000

5. East Nusa Tenggara tourism-Taman National Kelimutu ( The Kelimutu National Park )

East Nusa Tenggara Tourisms-Things to do


Kelimutu National Park is popular as a tourist destination in East Nusa Tenggara.

The Popularity of Kelimutu National Park is not only among Indonesian citizens but also reaches around the world.

So that’s why many tourists both domestic and international, come and visit Kelimutu National Park.

The existence of three colored lakes in this park makes this tourist spot very popular because it’s so beautiful.

This three-colored lake object is better enjoyed at sunrise or when morning comes.

Where there is a composition of three colors on the lake, natural phenomena amaze our eyes with the rays of the rising sun.

Another tourist spots

Not only the beauty of the colors on Lake Kelimutu but you will also be spoiled by the beautiful and amazing natural charm around Mount Kelimutu.

Inside the lush and beautiful natural trees, you will also find various flora and fauna that you can make as a natural photo object

Kelimutu is famous for its wide area of up to 4,5 hectares in East Nusa Tenggara as a beautiful tourist attraction.

Three colored Lakes

Kelimutu Lake has to change color, namely from red to dark brown.

If you want to enjoy the natural charm of Lake Kelimutu, you need to climb Mount Kelimutu which has a height of about 1631 above sea level.

The uniqueness of Lake Kelimutu is according to its colors, that has three parts.

The Blue lake color is the place for the soul of the youth who died.

The Red lake color is the place of the young soul who has died and when they were still alive they always committed crimes.

The White Lake color is a gathering place for the souls of old people who have already passed away

Kelimutu National Park is located in  Detusoko sub-district,Ende district,East Nusa Tenggara.

And you can enter this place at 6.00-18.00.

The entrance fee for domestic tourists is IDR 5000 and for foreign tourists is IDR 150.000.

6. Padar island


Padar Island is an island that offers a view of the hill, providing a unique charm.

Because these hills are surrounded by a wide blue sea. So you can enjoy two charms namely hills and the blue sea.

Just go up to the top of Gilli Padar Hill then you can enjoy the amazing natural charm there.

Although there is no security as facilities such as handrails or a stair on that place this tourist spot is still crowded with domestic or foreign tourist who comes and visits.

7. Cunca Wulang Waterfall


If you like challenges, you can try one of these NTT tourist destinations, namely Cunca Wulang waterfall.

Where you need to go through several hidden and challenging travel routes.

Many said that this destination is the Grand Canyon of Indonesia.

But the difference is, here you can enjoy a fresh and clear waterfall.

You can also soak and swim under this waterfall, where there is large limestone that can be used as a jumping point then you can jump into the water.

8. Lasiana Beach


The next tourist destination in NTT is Lasiana Beach. this beach is no less enchanting comparing other tourist destinations in NTT.

Where there are various objects and photo spots that we can use to update social media status.

You could say that this beach is very easy to access. why? because this beach is just 12 km from the city center.

So you don’t have to be bothered to be able to visit Lasiana Beach.

On this beach, you can go diving to enjoy the charm of the sea.

Reportedly, Lasiana Beach is a beach with the second longest coastline in the world.

It’s no wonder that many foreign tourist visit because of their curiosity and because they want to prove

9. Monkey Island tour


As the name suggests, when you want to interact with cute monkeys, you can try visiting the Monkey Island tour.

This place is surrounded by forests as a habitat for small apes.

No wonder this island is called the Island of Monkeys.

10. Neam Beach


The last NTT tourist destination is Neam Beach.

When you visit Neam beach you should prepare your surfing board, because this beach is popular with the big waves and can be used as the most interesting surfing spot.

There are many tourist destinations that you can visit when you travel to NTT

I will write another spot in the next article

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