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Dieng Plateau tour and travel in one day

The Beautiful Dieng Plateau – A Tour And A Trip in One Day

Dieng Plateau Tour and Travel in One Day

Dieng Plateau Tour and Trip in One Day Is it possible??

Hello guys our destination this time is the Dieng plateau in the Wonosobo area

Have you ever heard of this name?

Dieng is very popular with the Indonesian people, especially those who live in the province of Central Java and its surroundings

why is this place so popular?

because this place is not only very beautiful but also saves the history and mystique of the land of Java

There are many beautiful places that you can visit on the Dieng Plateau tour and travel and just one day is enough

Where is the Dieng Plateau?

Dieng is actually the name of a small village in Wonosobo district, Central Java

The distance from the city of Yogyakarta to the Dieng plateau is about 120 km and can be reached in about 3 hours

Oh yes, why is it called the Dieng Plateau? because it is located very high, so it is called the land above the clouds

Dieng plateau history

The name Dieng itself according to the local community’s mythology comes from the words Die and Hyang which mean Beautiful and Rare

Die itself also has a meaning as a peak or a mountain or a high place and a beautiful

while Hyang is a word in Sanskrit that indicates something supernatural or mystical

Dieng is located at an altitude of about 2100-2200 meters above sea level and is surrounded by several mountains

Dieng is also famous as a producer of vegetables and fruits because of its fertile soil

When is the best time to visit Dieng

I think the best time to visit Dieng is during the dry season

because at that time the air temperature in the Dieng area decreases

So that it can reach 5 degrees, the air is very cold and even the grass can be white because it is covered by grains of ice.

And because it is covered with ice and becomes white, it makes tourist spots in Dieng even more beautiful

What are the tourist attractions in Dieng?

there are many tourist attractions in Dieng

But because we will only visit them in one day then I will only inform the popular destinations that are close to each other

The Sikunir Hill

Dieng plateau tour and travel in one day

The first is that we will see the sunrise from Sikunir Peak.

The peak of this Sikunir is a kind of very high hill, people at dawn flock to this hill to see the sunrise.

you will be very happy when you reach the top of Sikunir and see the sunrise

because the scenery is very beautiful even you can see and feel your position as if you are above the clouds

You can see the clouds clearly and as if their position is below you

Entrance fee: IDR 15.000

Telaga Warna lake

Dieng Plateau Tour and Travel in One Day

After coming down from Sikunir Hill, you will rest for a while

And then continue your journey to the next destination, namely Lake Talaga Warna

This lake is actually not too big but beautiful.

Talaga Warna is admired by many tourists because it can be a photo-taking spot.

Especially since there is a small bridge on the edge of the lake, it becomes a beautiful photo spot.

the entrance fee is around 12 thousand rupiah

Arjuna Temple

Dieng Plateau Tour and Travel in one day

After enjoying the beauty of Talaga Warna and taking beautiful photos, now we head to Arjuna Temple

This temple is an ancient Hindu temple area

Around this Arjuna Temple, there are several other temples

There is also a museum that explains the history and events that happened in the past

In the dry season when the air temperature decreases and the weather becomes very cold, the grass around this temple is covered with ice

so that it becomes more beautiful

you have to take a photo and capture this event because it is very rare

The entrance fee is around IDR15.000

Sikidang Crater

After being satisfied touring Arjuna Temple, we continue our program to Sikidang Crater.

This crater is located not far from Arjuna Temple and Telaga Warna

So we are not too tired and waste time reaching it

What will you see there?

Si Kidang’s crater is a former volcanic crater

You have to bring a mask because the sulfur smell is very strong

This crater is quite large and around it, many people sell food and souvenirs,

Especially sulfur which is said to be good for the skin

Batu Pandang Ratapan Angin

if you are not tired, then there is one more tourist spot that you can visit

and it is also not far from the previous spots called Batu Pandang Ratapan Angin

This area is also located in the highlands so you can see the beauty of the Dieng area from above

You will see a number of other lakes in the Dieng area beside Lake Talaga Warna

Best Time to go to Dieng

The best time to be able to visit Dieng in just one day is you have to set the departure time

You will depart from the city of Yogyakarta by driving a rental car or ( you can rent a motorbike )

it costs around 300-400 thousand rupiah per 12 hours excluding gasoline and the driver

You start departing from the city of Yogyakarta at 12 o’clock at night.

Because the distance is about 2-3 hours, so when you arrive at the foot of Sikunir Hill you can rest for a while

At 4 am you start climbing Sikunir hill

After enjoying the sunrise you go down

And then you can arrange your schedule according to your wishes

Then maybe around 3 pm, you can return to the city of Yogyakarta

and rest at the hotel where you are staying

As additional information, the Dieng plateau is a producer of good quality vegetables and fruits

It is very famous for agriculture producing potatoes and other vegetables and fruits

So maybe you can buy some local products as a souvenir or something else

Don’t visit Dieng at the weekend or National holiday

So, guys, that’s how to set the time and place so you can visit Dieng in just one day

But if it turns out you like being in the Dieng area you can stay for a while

There are many hotels available

And so that you can enjoy the natural beauty and atmosphere of Dieng, you should not visit on weekends or holidays

Because there are many tourists visiting Dieng

You won’t be able to really enjoy the beauty of Dieng if there are a lot of people there

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