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The Balinese, Origins and The Beautiful Culture

The Balinese , Origins and the Beautiful Culture

The Balinese, Origins and The Beautiful Culture

The Balinese and their origin give you more information about the diversity of Indonesia

Bali is the one of  most famous and beautiful islands in the world

Many tourists from around the world spend their time and holiday in Bali and even some of them stay in Bali for a long period

From the beautiful landscapes such as rice fields, waterfalls, and sacred mountains, stunning beaches and waves for the surfers

you can have it all in Bali.

The origins of the Balinese

The Balinese, Origins and The Beautiful Culture

Source : Kompas.com

As part of Indonesia of course there is a question, what is the origin of the Balinese people,

are they same with Javanese people?

We can trace the origins of the Balinese from historical records written by many historians in Indonesia

The history of the Balinese themselves is also very long because their existence dates back hundreds or perhaps thousands of years

Who are the Balinese and where do they come from?

Just like the Javanese, Sundanese, and Sumatran people, the Balinese are a group of Austronesian people who have inhabited the island of Bali for a very long time.

The majority of Balinese adhere to Hinduism, although some adhere to Islam, Christianity, or Buddhism, but the majority, around 95%, are Hindus.

The Aga Balinese

There is an opinion that says that the original tribe of Bali is the Aga people, which is one of the sub-tribes of the Balinese people who live in Trunyan Village.

The Aga people live in mountainous areas and they don’t want to mix with foreigners

The Majapahit Balinese

Apart from the Aga people in Bali, there is also the Balinese Majapahit group.

This group originates from Javanese immigrants who mostly live on the island of Bali, especially in the lowlands.

The Balinese people originate from Javanese society in the Majapahit kingdom who adhered to Hinduism.

The livelihood of this tribal community is farming. This tribe is also one of the influences of Balinese tribal history.

What AreThe Physical Characteristics of The Balinese?

The Balinese, Origins and The Beautiful Culture

Physical characteristics include mostly straight and smooth hair, skin color that is predominantly brown,

small stature with a height ranging between 156 cm-169 cm (depending on gender and body condition), and a face shape that tends to be oval.

What are the characteristics of Balinese?

Characteristics and Habits of the Balinese People are unique and here is the characteristic of the Balinese people

Friendly and Nice

Balinese people are friendly and nice,you will feel the friendliness of Balinese when you visit this beautiful island


Balinese people are relaxed because they have a moto everyday is a holiday

Living with Art, Culture and Traditions

Balinese people are very artistic,they have high skills in arts such,

Painting,dancing,craft,sculpture and music like Gamelan

They are also adhere to their traditions and culture

Every Culture has Meaning

They are very respect with their culture,so you see many rituals when you come to Bali and of course you must respect them

The ‘Silent’ Natural Beauty

There is a one day called Nyepi where they respect the silent and all the activities are off, all the resident are stay in their home

Presenting Something Different

They are very unique and creative,you will find something new and different from others

Balinese people can speak English

Most of Balinese people can speak English well because Bali is tourism industry in indonesia

Balinese Architecture

The Architecture of Balinese house is very stunning and artictic,they have different style compare to javanese people.

What is The Most Famous Traditions in Bali?

Bali is very rich in customs and traditions that have been rooted since ancient times

Balinese people are known to be very obedient to the teachings of their ancestors and highly respect their traditions

7 Balinese traditions are very famous and attract the attention of many foreign tourists

The following are these traditions

  1. Ngaben CeremonyThe Balinese, Origins and The Beautiful Culture

The Ngaben ceremony is a body-burning ceremony in Bali which is believed by the Balinese Hindu community to be a ritual to perfect the body back to the Creator.

Ngaben ceremonies are divided into three types, namely: Ngaben Sawa Wedana, Ngaben Asti Wedana, and Swasta.

The Ngaben Sawa Wedana ceremony is carried out after the body is preserved before the burning ritual takes place.

Meanwhile, the Asti Wedana Ngaben is carried out after the body is buried first.

Lastly, Swasta ceremonies are carried out for Balinese residents who died outside the area or whose bodies were not found.

  1. Melasti CeremonyThe Balinese, Origins and The Beautiful Culture

The Melasti ceremony is a purification ceremony for both oneself and sacred objects belonging to the temple.

In Hindu religious beliefs, water sources such as lakes, seas, or springs are the source of life or tirta amerta. In this event,

people flock to the sea or water sources dressed in white, carrying prayer equipment

and usually carrying pratima, sacred objects, or statues to be cleaned.

  1. Saraswati Day

Saraswati Day is a holiday to celebrate science.

On this holiday, Balinese Hindus usually perform special ceremonies to worship or glorify Goddess Saraswati who is believed to bring knowledge to the earth

and make everyone in the world smart and educated.

Everything related to science such as books and scriptures is prayed for in the Saraswati ceremony.

Not only that, there are usually dance performances and story readings that last all night.

  1. Galungan Day

Galungan comes from Old Javanese and means ‘Winning’. As the name suggests, this traditional ceremony in Bali aims to celebrate victory against evil.

Apart from that, the Galungan ceremony is also held to commemorate the creation of the universe and its contents.

The series of Galungan holidays takes place around 25 days before the Galungan holiday. Every 210 days of the Balinese calendar, Hindus in Bali celebrate Galungan Day.

  1. Mepandes Ceremony

Also known as Metatah or Mesuguh, the Mepandes traditional ceremony is carried out when a child begins to enter adolescence.

In this Mepandes Ceremony, the 6 upper canines of children who are growing up will be filled.

This tooth-cutting ceremony is held with the aim of eliminating bad desires such as greed, jealousy, anger, and so on.

  1. Ngerupuk Ceremony

The Ngerupuk ceremony is held just the day before Nyepi day arrives and people are obliged to make offerings to Bhuta Kala,

with the aim of expelling Bhuta Kala so that it does not disturb people’s lives while they are performing Brata Penyepian.

The ritual begins with torching the house, spraying the house and yard with gunpowder, and hitting objects to make a noise.

After this traditional ritual in Bali is finished, there will usually be an Ogoh-ogoh parade which is carried with torches around the area where the residents live.

  1. Tumpek Landep Ceremony

Tumpek Landep is a ceremony carried out by the Balinese people to purify the weapons and equipment they own, with offerings and prayers.

This ceremony will be led by traditional leaders and carried out in a temple that is considered sacred and has the right location.

All weapons and equipment belonging to the community that are purified are expected to provide blessings for the owners of these weapons and equipment.









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