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Sundanese people

Sundanese people – unique facts and their differences from the Javanese

Sundanese people – unique facts and their differences from the Javanese

Sundanese people - unique facts and their differences from the Javanese

The Sundanese are the name for the people that inhabit the western part of the island of Java often called West Java

Those people have a long and unique history and an interesting culture

This group also has a different language from the people of Central Java and East Java

that’s why they don’t want to be called Javanese even though they inhabit the island of Java

The origin of the Sundanese

Sundanese origin comes from Austronesian descent (the Mongolid race or race spread from Taiwan to Hawaii) and lives in Taiwan.

Then, they migrated through the Philippine archipelago until they arrived in Java around 1,500 to 1,000 BC

Sunda comes from Sanskrit, the prefix Sund or Sundsha means white, sparkling, and bright.

In Balinese and Old Javanese, Sundanese means holy, blameless, pure, spotless, or clean.

Sundanese unique facts

There are some unique facts about Sundanese that are interesting to know

1. can not pronounce the letter F

Sundanese find it difficult to pronounce sentences with the letter F they always replace it with the letter P

for example the word “Different” they will read it as “Dipperent”

2.  fresh vegetables.

In almost every daily foods menu, fresh vegetables with chili sauce are available

The Sundanese food menu is not as complete and as many Javanese, Sumatran, or Sulawesi people

The hallmark of Sundanese food is fried fish or fried chicken with fresh vegetables

3. Speak in a beautiful tone

Sundanese are pleasant to hear when they speak because they have a soft rhythm and tone

they are calm and patient people

they spoke softly and kindly

4. White  skinned

Sundanese people - unique facts and their differences from the Javanese

Sundanese generally have lighter and whiter skin than Javanese

they are also physically more attractive

that’s why Sundanese women are known as the most beautiful women in Indonesia

that’s why the city of Bandung is also often called the city of flowers not only because there are many beautiful flowers in the city but also because there are many beautiful women in the city

5. Angklung

Angklung is a musical instrument made of bamboo and the sound is very beautiful

Even though it looks traditional, this instrument can play all kinds of songs from various genres of music

Sundanese language

Just like the Javanese language which consists of various dialects such as Central Java, East Java, and coastal Java, Sundanese is also divided into several dialects, namely

1. Sundanese Banten: Sundanese language used by the people of Banten.

2. South Sundanese: Sundanese language used for communication among the Pringan people, such as Sumedang, Tasikmalaya, Cimahi, Garut, and Bandung.

3. North Sundanese: Sundanese language used by the Bogor people and the people in the north coast region.

  1. East Central Sunda: Sundanese language used by the Kuningan and Majalengka people.

5. Northeastern Sunda: Sundanese is commonly used to communicate with the people of Kuningan and Cirebon.

6. Southeastern Sundanese: Sundanese is commonly used by the people of Banjar, Ciamis, and even in several areas in Central Java.


Almost all Sundanese people are Muslim, although some still adhere to their ancestral religion, namely Sunda Wiwitan, but the numbers are not many

The Sundanese  who still adhere to the Sunda Wiwitan religion are the Baduy people

They live in the Banten area and are unique because it has a different way of life from the Sundanese

The myth of the prohibition of marrying Javanese

The myth of the prohibition of Javanese and Sundanese marriages originates from the history of the war between the Majapahit Kingdom from Java and the Padjadjaran Kingdom from Sunda.

According to various sources, why can’t the Sundanese marry the Javanese often bring remnants of hostility between the two groups.

but at this time the myth is no longer valid

Nowadays many Sundanese  are married to Javanese people

Sundanese dance

Sundanese people

Sundanese also like to dance

There are many dances from West Java but the most famous are the Jaipong dance and the Ronggeng dance

This dance is very beautiful because it displays sexy and erotic movements

okay, guys, that’s a little story about the Sundanese people who inhabit western Java

for the next article, I will write about the Baduy people


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