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Sulawesi island

The Sulawesi Island- Beautiful Paradise in Eastern Indonesia

What is the Sulawesi island-paradise in eastern Indonesia

Sulawesi island

Sulawesi Island is one of the largest islands in Indonesia

hello guys, after previously writing about the island of Kalimantan

Now we are heading eastward to Indonesia

as we know Indonesia is a big country

there are thousands of islands stretching from the west end to the east end

there are some of the biggest islands and one of them is the island of Sulawesi

Region on the island of Sulawesi

Like the island of Java, Kalimantan is divided into several areas, and the island of Sulawesi is also divided into several regions

Sulawesi, also called Celebes, has an area of ​​around 188,500 km2

This island is to the east of the island of Borneo and close to the Philippines

Provinces in Sulawesi

Sulawesi is divided into several provinces, namely:

1.North Sulawesi with its capital Manado

2.South Sulawesi with its capital Makassar

3. Central Sulawesi with its capital Palu

4. Southeast Sulawesi with its capital Kendari

5. There is also the province of Gorontalo with the capital city of Gorontalo

Sulawesi Island- Natural resources

Sulawesi island

Like the islands of Bali, Java, Kalimantan, and Sumatra, which are rich in natural beauty, the island of Sulawesi also has a lot of natural beauty

Besides that, Sulawesi also has a lot of uniqueness, such as plants and animals

If West Java has a Bogor Botanical Garden full of rare plant species

Sulawesi also has many beautiful and rare plants

Sulawesi also has many mountains and beaches whose beauty is also equivalent to the beaches in Bali

for example, North Sulawesi which has the famous Bunaken beach

Sulawesi island- Westerners who first visited Sulawesi

The first Western guests arrived at Sulawesi Island in around 1511,

They found Makassar a flourishing cosmopolitan passage port where Chinese, Bedouins ( Arab ), Malays

they came to exchange their fabricated metal products and fine materials for valuable pearls, gold, copper, camphor, and, obviously,

And the essential flavors – nutmeg, cloves, and mace which were brought from the inside and from the adjoining spice Islands, the current day Moluccas

Sulawesi island-People of Sulawesi

Sulawesi island

People of Sulawesi are famous for their commitment to their assorted workmanship capacities such as weaving, pottery, and dancing

Their stoneware was initially made explicitly to store rice and water,

However, when the Dutch showed up, it became valuable for businesses sending out deals and was noted for its broad detail

The Sulawesi people also excel at intricate weaving and repeat the same pattern at least once in every project they do.

Although the women are predominantly weavers, both genders dance.

The male dance is rigid, mechanical, and robotic, while the female dance is fluid and smooth. They combine these aspects with telling a story

The majority religion of the people of Sulawesi

Islam is the majority religion on the island of Sulawesi

in 1605 the Sultanate of Bone was the first kingdom to embrace Islam

Although Islam is the majority religion in Sulawesi, there are several areas in Sulawesi where the majority of the population is Christian, namely in North Sulawesi (Menado) and Toraja.

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