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Semarang city -The Beautiful Capital of Central Java

What to do in Semarang – The Capital of Central Java

Semarang city-the capital of central java

Speaking about Central Java there will be incomplete if we don’t talk about the city of Semarang

If previously I wrote about the region of Kalimantan, now I want to bring back for a moment to a fascinating city in Central Java

Semarang City- Little Holland

Semarang city-the capital of Central Java

The city of Semarang also has a nickname, namely Little Holland

why? In the city of Semarang, there are many relics from the Dutch colonial period in the form of gorgeous ancient buildings

If you visit the city of Semarang, it will be effortless to find these historical buildings

Semarang City- Cultural Acculturation

Semarang city-the capital of Central Java

In addition to buildings with European nuances in this city, there is also a cultural heritage of Chinese traditions

you will find gorgeous Buddhist temples

European culture and Chinese culture are also acculturated with Islamic Javanese culture

so you will be amazed by this combination

Traditional food

apart from the beautiful buildings that reflect the blend of cultures

Semarang also has a variety of delicious traditional foods

Even in terms of food, there is also cultural acculturation between European-Chinese-Javanese cultures

Several legendary restaurants in the city of Semarang provide typical European-Chinese and Javanese menus

These restaurants are tens to hundreds of years old and have been managed by the family of the owner for generations

Semarang City- Tourist destinations in Semarang

what will you see and enjoy if you visit this city?

1. Kota Lama ( Old City )

Semarang city-the capital of Central Java

As the name implies, the Kota Lama ( old city ) is a complex where many Dutch colonial buildings stand

in this area, you will find buildings of Dutch heritage that are so enchanting

You can also visit the very famous Belenduk church

This church is hundreds of years old but still well-maintained

So when you are there, you can take beautiful photos

You can also enjoy a cup of coffee at the cafe which is designed in a European style

One day if you visit Semarang you have to stop by this place

2. Lawang Sewu

Semarang city-the capital of Central Java

Lawang Sewu is a heritage building from the Dutch colonial era this building has a unique design, which is that it has lots of windows

Because of this many windows, Indonesian people call it Lawang Sewu or a thousand doors

This building used to be the headquarters of the Dutch government

Where the basement was used as a prison and a place of torture for Indonesian soldiers

This building is now one of the most visited tourist destinations by tourists

FYI, because this building is very haunted, it is often used as a shooting location for horror films or television shows

3. Sam Poo Kong Temple

this temple is a  historical building

because it is related to the spread of Islam by Admiral Cheng Ho,

A warlord from the Chinese kingdom who is a Muslim

But even though Chengho himself is a Muslim the funny thing is this Sam Poo Kong temple does not show the slightest nuance of Islam but instead shows a very strong Chinese culture

The shrine is open from morning till night

every day the temple is full of visitors

both tourists and temple members who want to pray

This place is also worthy of you making one of the tourist destinations that must be visited

Semarang City- The most famous cuisine from Semarang

there is one food that is typical of Semarang and is very famous throughout Indonesia, namely Lumpia ( spring roll)

This food is very famous because it has its characteristics, Which are made from bamboo shoots and tastes delicious

It has a different taste from spring rolls from other regions

Almost all tourists who visit this city are always looking for it

Lumpia itself, as the name implies, comes from China brought by Chinese immigrants who have lived in Indonesia for generations

So if you visit Semarang try to buy it

Semarang City- The cleanest tourist destination in Southeast Asia

Semarang is also crowned as the cleanest tourist destination in all of Southeast Asia

this award is given by The Asian Clean Tourist City Standard (ACTCS)

this is not surprising because the city arrangement and cleanliness are really well maintained

So guys, if you visit the island of Java, enter the city of Semarang into your visit list




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