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Rawon-East Java traditional cuisine-recipe and how to cook

Rawon, authentic and delicious East Java traditional cuisine

Rawon,East Java traditional cuisine-recipe and how to cook

Rawon-East Java traditional cuisine is a popular cuisine in Indonesia because the authentic and delicious

Halo guys, I have written about the tourist destination in east java

I had written about the volcano, craters, waterfall, and Nasional Park but I think it’s not complete if I don’t write about the cuisine

so today to complete my article and to give you detailed information about east java, I will write about Rawon east java’s traditional cuisine

and my first topic about east java’s traditional cuisine is Rawon

For any of you that don’t understand what Rawon is?

I will write details about this popular cuisine

Rawon isn’t just popular  amongst East Java people but also popular in all of Indonesia

What Rawon is

Rawon,East Java traditional cuisine-recipe and how to cook

Rawon is a kind of soup that is made from a mixture of  ingredients and herbs and filled with beef

and the color of the soup is black

Rawon is a typical dish of East Java and is said to be called authentic food because it does not mix with foreign cuisine

For information, Indonesia is very rich in culinary variety because there is a lot of cultural mixing that creates a variety of extraordinary dishes

even said that Rawon is the oldest cuisine in East Java that has existed since the 10th century

Rawon is always made of beef and the soup is black

This is because the main ingredient of Rawon is Kluwek fruit

Kluwek fruit is boiled together with a sauce containing beef broth which is also used to boil beef

So that it creates a unique taste that is not found in other dishes.

complementary menu

the menu is salted egg and boiled bean sprouts also added with prawn crackers

so this food becomes richer in taste

And because Indonesians like spicy food, of course, there must be sambal available

but if you don’t like spicy food don’t worry because the sambal is separated

Here is how to cook Rawon along with the recipe

By the way, I assume the ingredients are only for consumption by 2 people


250g beef

1/2 beef leg bone, halved

2 fresh kaffir lime leaves

1 lemongrass stalk, smash it

2 tsp tamarind water

1 leek, sliced ​​1 cm

0,5 Tbsp Royco Beef Broth (you can replace it with flavoring in your country)

1 tsp salt

1,5 liters of water

4 tbsp cooking oil


2,5 garlic

2 red onion

2 fruit Kluwek, smash and soak the contents in hot water

1-2 hazelnut grains, roasted

1 cm turmeric, burn

How to cook it?

  1. Boil the beef and leg bones until they are half soft. Cut the meat according to taste then set it aside.

2.  Add the seasoning and salt to the meat stew.

3.  Saute ground spices, galangal, lime leaves, and lemongrass until fragrant and cooked.

4.  Put the pieces of meat into the stir fry, and cook until the spices are absorbed.

5.  Enter the stir-fried meat into the broth. Cook on low heat until the meat is tender.

6.  Serve warm with accompaniments.

For additional menus such as salted eggs, bean sprouts, and prawn crackers,

They may not be available in your country, but if there is an Indonesian shop in your city, just try to find them there.

I think all the ingredients for Rawon will be available at the Indonesian shop

maybe even the seasoning for cooking Rawon in packaged form is also available

So you just boil it with the meat, it’s easier and simpler

Oke guys If you one day visit Indonesia and visit East Java, try to eat Rawon



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