> Raja Ampat Papua- A Beautiful Trip To The Last Paradise
Trip To Raja Ampat-the last Paradise

Raja Ampat Papua- A Beautiful Trip To The Last Paradise

A Trip to Raja Ampat Papua, the last paradise

Trip to Raja Ampat- The last paradise


Halo guys now I will take you Trip to Raja Ampat Papua the last paradise on earth.

The beautiful place that makes you comfortable and doesn’t wanna leave

New Eden from the land of Papua.

Trip to Raja Ampat- The Last paradise-Paradise for Divers

Trip to Raja Ampat- The last paradise

A trip to Raja Ampat is perfect for divers and snorkeling enthusiasts, Raja Ampat is the last paradise or heaven on earth.

The beauty of the underwater world is extraordinary.

Even the whole world recognizes it.

If many people want to see it and witness this reasonable beauty

Even though transportation access to Raja Ampat is still very limited. And the price is quite expensive.

Are you ready for the challenge?

However, if you are one of those travelers who are determined.

tighten your belts.

And ready to spend your savings to be able to enjoy the charm of Raja Ampat.

Then you should know that it is not just the underwater world that is special.

There are many interesting tours in Raja Ampat that you can visit.

10 interesting places that you must visit in Raja Ampat

check out the places that you must visit in one of these cities in West Papua, OK?

1. Trip to Raja Ampat- The last paradise-Star Lagoon

Trip to Raja Ampat- The last paradise


Beautiful lagoon in an extraordinary place

Yes, there is a star-shaped lagoon in Raja Ampat

Precisely on the island of Pianemo.

The view from the coral hill alone illustrates how beautiful this place is.

But to prove what the underwater panorama in Star Lagoon looks like

Why not dive right into it?

I guarantee that you will never disappointed.

2. Trip to Raja Ampat- The last paradise-Wayag

Trip to Raja Ampat- The last paradise


Raja Ampat Icon

Wayag is also one of the icons of Raja Ampat.

Rows of rocks wrapped in green in the middle of a blue ocean.

That presents an incredibly beautiful panorama that makes Raja Ampat so global.

It’s not hard to get beautiful memorable moments in Wayag.

Posing against the backdrop of a fantastic view has become a necessity in itself.

3. Trip to Raja Ampat- The last paradise-Misool

Trip to Raja Ampat- The last paradise


Exploring beauty

To Misool, it means you have touched Raja Ampat.

Yes, from here your journey and adventure in Eastern Indonesia can begin.

Dive into every recess of water in one of the four major islands in Raja Ampat.

And you will find views.

Which are not only extraordinary but also special.

It’s hard to describe one of the most popular tourist destinations in Raja Ampat.

So you should head straight to the location!

4. Arborek Village

Trip to Raja Ampat- The last paradise


Tourist village and fun diving spots

If you want to meet local residents

While enjoying a beautiful panorama

Then Arborek Island is the one you must visit.

Almost all of the residents have hospitality and big smiles.

They are ready to welcome anyone who comes to their village with open arms.

5. Pencil Rock

Trip to Raja Ampat- The last paradise

source: TripAdvisor.com


An Iconic natural monument.

The towering reef, alone in the middle of Kabui Bay.

So famous and amazing

Batu Pencil is always a place to take pictures.

So don’t miss it!!

6. Pasir Timbul


An island with only white sand

The extraordinary nature of Raja Ampat. The sand rises!!

Which is located close to Mansuar Island.

Like other sand islands,

this island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Raja Ampat.

And it will show the white sand when the sea water is receding.

So this is the right moment for you to take a selfie.

And set foot before the island is swept away by the sea at high tide.

7. Sauwandarek Tourism Village

Local wisdom and the real joy

Another Raja Ampat tourist village that you can visit.

Sauwandarek Village..

The genuine hospitality shown by the local people makes you too lazy to go home.

In addition.

Around the village of Sauwandarek.

There are also various fun spots to enjoy.

The typical coral reefs of Raja Ampat.

Even at the pier, the underwater scenery is very special.

8. Pianemo


Perfect spot to enjoy the panorama of Raja Ampat

If you want to enjoy the natural scenery of Raja Ampat from above

Pianemo is the right spot for that

Clusters of the coral and blue sea can be seen from a height.

some people also call Pianemo a mini Wayag.

9. Batanta Falls


Batanta Waterfall is another surprise in Raja Ampat.

This waterfall is also proof that the natural beauty in Raja Ampat is not only found on the seaside.

Not only does it offer a fantastic view of the waterfall.

The feel and freshness of the water are also special.

Batanta waterfall can also be cooler after you soak all day in salt water.

10. Sawinggrai Village


and the last is the Sawinggrai Village!!

A place where you can see and meet the Cendrawasih bird in person.

Well, for those of you who want to see the origin of Papuan animal

The Cenderawasih bird, in its natural habitat.

Just head to Sawinggrai village.

But you have to be willing to get up early.

And prepare long pants and shoes and not be noisy

To be able to get lucky watching this bird of paradise.

Even if you don’t manage to see this bird.

don’t be disappointed.

Because you can find a lot of fun things in Sawinggrai.

Not only the natural panorama.

But also the hospitality of the people.


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