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The Plaosan Temple – A Beautiful Love Stories Amid Of Differences

What is The Plaosan Temple?

Plaosan temple near Prambanan

Plaosan temple near Prambanan temple proves that the Javanese people were Hindu-Buddhist adherents in the past.

This Temple is located about 1.1 km from Prambanan Temple

This temple is included in the Buddhist temple group

The founder of this temple is Rakai Pikatan

The temple consists of two temples, namely the North Plaosan Temple and the South Plaosan Temple

then what is the difference between the northern and southern temples??

The difference between the north and south Plaosan temples

In the northern temple, there is the main temple, the left, and the right

on the left of the temple, reliefs depict women while on the right the reliefs depict men

in the southern temple there is no main temple there are only a few stupas

The romantic story behind the construction of the Plaosan temple

It is said that there is a romantic story behind the construction of the temple

as I wrote above this Plaosan temple was built by Rakai Pikatan, an ancient Mataram king

This temple was built around the 9th century.

According to folklore, the construction of the temple is a picture of King Rakai Pikatan’s love for a woman he loves

But the construction of this temple is because of the love that is so great from a king for the woman he loves

Some facts about the Plaosan temple

There are two main temples in the south and north whereas the other temples usually only have one main temple

There is room for study.

in this temple, there is a study room for students to learn about their gods

a temple that symbolizes sincere love even though there are differences

According to the story, the difference is Rakai Pikatan is from the Shalendra dynasty, while the woman is from the Sanjaya dynasty

Combination of Hinduism and Buddhism

According to its design and shape as well as its spatial layout, this temple describes 2 architectural buildings with a combination of Hindu and Buddhist patterns

Twin Temple

These temples are also often referred to as twin temples because there are two temples to the north and south

Plaosan temple address

It lies in Klaten district, precisely in Plaosan village which is about 1.1-1.4 km from Prambanan temple

you can use Google map to reach this temple

Ticket price and open hour

Plaosan temple opens at 8 am and the entrance ticket is very cheap, only 3000 rupiah

So friends, if you visit Indonesia and then stop in the city of Yogyakarta

and plan to visit the temples around the city of Yogyakarta,

then this Plaosan temple deserves to be included in the list.

You will not be disappointed because this temple,

although it is no longer intact, it still retains the beauty and memories

and romantic love stories amid differences

You can also take beautiful photos in this temple area

and as additional information when you are in the city of Yogyakarta

you can rent a motorbike to get around to tourist spots in this city


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