> Paper Batik - The Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Art of Painting
Paper Batik Traditional Indonesian Art

Paper Batik – The Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Art of Painting

Paper Batik Traditional Indonesian Art

Paper Batik Indoenesian tradional art

Paper Batik Traditional Indonesian art, of course, this name is very familiar to the ears of Indonesian people

But not only Indonesians, for many people from abroad, are also familiar with this batik art

So far, many people know that batik is the art of painting unique designs on cloth

But maybe Paper batik Indonesian traditional art is something new to you

Did you know that batik itself means The art of drawing?

which is made specifically by writing or applying it to cloth or paper, then processing it through a certain process.

Batik can also be written and made on a sheet of paper to form a very unique motif design.

So if previously people only knew that batik was a cloth with a certain motif, now you can also make Batik paintings on a piece of paper

Paper Batik Traditional Indonesian Art-Short History of Batik

The art of batik was first discovered in the 17th and 18th centuries in the era of the Majapahit kingdom

At first, the art of batik was only for the royal family.

But gradually it was introduced to the general public and eventually became a design motif for people’s daily clothes.

Paper Batik Traditional Indonesian Art-Types of batik art

Batik also exists in several types, namely:

Batik Tulis or Written batik

The manufacture is done manually by hand with the help of a tool called Canting.

Written batik has a fairly expensive selling price because very unique and may not be the same as one another.

The process begins by preparing the fabric, and then forming a pattern on it.

After completion, the batik process is carried out using melted wax.

It takes high concentration and patience for maximum results.

Batik Cap or Stamp Batik :

Paper Batik Indonesian traditional art

The manufacturing process uses a stamp or stamp with a batik motif so it is not done manually by hand.

the material for the stamp-making tool itself is usually made of copper which helps batik craftsmen to be able to finish making it faster.

Start by dipping the stamp with the dye, then attaching it to the fabric.

The motives are similar to one another. The price is not too expensive because it can be made in many of the same motifs

Combination of Written Batik and Stamped Batik

The purpose of making this batik is to cover up the shortcomings of stamped batik.

So that the resulting batik is more artistic and beautiful.

The manufacturing process is quite long and complicated.

But the price of batik is not much different from the price of stamped batik.

Machine-printed batik:

The manufacturing process uses a screen printing (offset) tool.

Compared to other batiks, batik printing has the shortest process. and the price is cheap because it uses technology

Paper Batik Traditional Indonesian Art-How to make Paper Batik

How to make paper Batik is very simple and easy.

The first step is to prepare a sheet of paper.

Use a pencil to make a design pattern or motif by the way you can make any free design or motif according to your imagination.

If you have any difficulty with the design or motif you can find many ideas from many sources.

Or maybe you can draw your imagination about something like nature, maybe rivers or even the ocean can be used as an idea for your design.

Don’t be confused or stuck in one pattern, just free your imagination and let it flow.

If you like flowers you can make a pattern or design about a flower

After you make a pattern and design of batik you can color with any color that you like.

By the way, any color that you put or use to color your pattern actually represents yourself.

If you are a happy person you will use any bright full color like yellow and red or any color that you like

The philosophy of Batik

Batik also has a philosophy and it can be seen in the motifs and colors.

When the ancestors used to have each motif, it had a symbolic meaning.

Because of that, various batik patterns and motifs were created that have symbolism.

That can support or describe an atmosphere such as the religious and magical atmosphere of a ceremony.

The Benefit of Paper Batik

Apart from being a beautiful work of art, Paper Batik Indonesian traditional art also has other benefits.

Some of the benefits include using unused paper to become a beautiful product.

Paper waste that has been unused and only pollutes the room can be used to be productive by turning it into a useful product

One type of paper that can be used to make batik art is cement paper.

This is because the cement paper has the right thickness to make batik writing on it.

besides that, the cement paper is not easily torn.

Then what products can be produced from this batik paper??

There are many products that you can make with the raw material of disuse paper that is converted into this batik paper

Some of these products are that you can make curtains, sandals, handbags, pillowcases, and other products.

So, guys, you can use the paper waste that is in your home to become useful products by turning it into batik paper.

If you want to know more about batik I will write about it in the next article

I will write in more detail about the types of traditional Indonesian batik.

About what fabrics are used, the motifs or designs, and the Philosophy.

So you will understand the details of batik and why you have to make a Batik.

Or maybe if you have free time and budget, you travel to Indonesia and learn to make batik from the expert.

It will make you more satisfied and also make you really understand batik.

So what are you waiting for?

Why do you not just pack your bags and fly?





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