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Paper batik lesson for beginners

Paper Batik Lesson for Beginners

Paper batik lesson for beginners

Paper Batik lesson for beginners

Paper Batik lessons for beginners are an easy and fun learning process

Here you will learn how to make Paper Batik patterns

If the pattern you are going to make is leaves, then you will learn to recognize the basic shape of something that describes leaves

You have to make the pattern repeatedly so that a leaf image is formed

Then you will start coloring either with paints or crayons in certain areas

you have to really understand and master the technique of batik on this paper well

after that, you start making other patterns that are interconnected or overlapping

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What equipment do you need?

the first is paper to practice

secondly, you have to use a pencil or pen

third, you use crayons or other dyes to color

you can use watercolor or ink

for coloring tools, you need to use the brush in some measure strong but soft

sheet for the base to flatten the paper

The first lesson- start making patterns

Paper Batik lesson for beginners

In the Paper Batik lesson plan for beginners, you guys start drawing some simple leaf patterns

maybe you can start by making an oval shape and then you start drawing lines to resemble the pattern of the leaves

use a pencil to draw this basic pattern

This initial template doesn’t need to be bold

The second lesson

make two leaf pattern images that are slightly larger than before

make a few more different models

then thicken the lines of the leaf image that you have made with a pen or marker so that the lines appear clear

In drawing this leaf pattern, you are free to share your ideas

whatever you want to draw just do it

The third lesson

Start filling the paper with lots of leaves of different sizes and shapes

make it until the paper is full of leaf pictures

You are free to link the leaves together or separate them a little

after the paper is full of leaf patterns that were drawn using a pencil earlier now you start using a pen or marker to thicken it up

These markers and pens can also be of various colors

depending on how you like a color

The fourth lesson

Paper Batik lesson for beginners

start coloring the inside of the leaf

you are free to use crayons or watercolors or ink to color the inside

For this coloring, you can use various color combinations to make it look colorful

okay, guys, that’s the basic lesson of making batik paper

very easy isn’t it??

if you are not a person who is good at drawing you can make simple patterns first to practice

the more you routinely make pictures, gradually your drawings will get better so that you can even make intricate patterns and have a high artistic taste

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