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What to do in Makassar – Beautiful South Sulawesi tourism

hello guys, previously I wrote about Bunaken Beach in North Sulawesi, then What to do in Makassar is our next topic

Makassar tourism-the capital of South Sulawesi province

What to do in Makassar- A brief overview of Makassar

Makassar is the capital of the province of South Sulawesi

formerly its name was the city of Ujung Pandang

It is the fifth largest city in Indonesia and the largest city in eastern Indonesia

Tourist attractions in Makassar city

Makassar tourism- has many interesting tourist destinations that you can visit

This city has a lot of beauty that will enrich your adventure

The following is a list of famous tourist attractions in the city

1. Losari Beach

Makassar tourism-the capital of South Sulawesi province

This beach is very well known to the people of Sulawesi and residents of the city

and has even become an icon of the city

The visitors really enjoy the beautiful scenery presented by this beach.

Most tourists will visit this beach in the afternoon before sunset. Because tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset around Losari Beach.

2. Fort Rotterdam fortress

Makassar tourism-the capital of South Sulawesi province

if you are a history lover then you can visit Fort Rotterdam which is located not far from Losari Beach.

Fort Rotterdam is a historical place for the local people

This is because the fort is a legacy of the Kingdom of Gowa-Tallo.

When you visit this fort, you will feel like you were in the colonial era

and You will feel the atmosphere like you are in Europe because of the architectural nuances

You also need to know that in the corner of the fort, there is a prison room which in ancient times was used by Prince Diponegoro.

3. Leang Pa’niki Falls

Makassar tourism-the capital of South Sulawesi province

the next tourist destination is the Leang Pa’niki waterfall

This waterfall is on the border of Buakang Village and Rannaloe Village.

you should visit in the dry season because road access will be easier

This waterfall has a height of about 10 m

4. Samalona Island

Makassar tourism-the capital of South Sulawesi province

This island is a marine tourism spot

If you go there, it is a small island whose beauty can hypnotize the tourists who come to visit.

This island is called Samalona Island which is located west of Wajo District, Makassar.

To reach this island from the center of the City is not far away, you only need to travel a distance of about 8 km.

5. Bantimurung National Park

Besides having beautiful beaches and marine tourism the island of Sulawesi also has a beautiful national park

This national park is the second national park after Taka Bonerate National Park in South Sulawesi Province.

It is the only national park in the form of a karst area in Indonesia.

Bantimurung National Park is also known as the paradise of butterflies (The Butterfly’s Kingdom).

This is because many species of butterflies live in this area, even the number reaches 250 species

6. Lae-lae Island

if you are a fan of underwater paradise, then this island must be on your visit list

This beautiful island is located not too far from the coast of Makassar.

It is only about 2 km and takes about 15 to 20 minutes by speed boat.

in this place, you can do various activities such as snorkeling or diving

7. Malino Highlands

Malino Highlands is a Makassar garden tour in the form of a tea plantation

The fresh air in this location will calm your mind and amuse everyone who visits.

The location of Malino Highlands is not far from downtown Makassar,

so you can easily visit it

Culinary in the city of Makassar

Makassar city is also famous for its delicious traditional food

one of them is coto Makassar

This food is made from beef that has been boiled for a long time and then seasoned with spices that have been blended so that it gives a delicious taste

This is a short story about the city of Makassar, the capital of the province of South Sulawesi

in the next article, I will write in more detail about the city of Makassar and its inhabitants

see you later!!

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