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Madura Island in East Java and the fascinating facts

Madura Island in East Java and the fascinating facts

Madura Island in East Java and the facts

Madura Island is an island in the northeast of East Java

hello guys, if previously we had an adventure in the Banyuwangi area, now we are heading to a unique island because it is separated from East Java but is still part of the East Java province.

This island is very exotic and unique so it has a story that you should know

About Madura

Madura Island in East Java and the facts

Madura Island is included in the East Java region but

separated because it is a separate island

between the island of Madura and the province of East Java is connected by a bridge called the Suromadu bridge

the location of this bridge is in the city of Surabaya.

The area of ​​the island is 5,505 km and is smaller than the island of Bali

This island has a population of about 4 million people and the majority of the people are Muslim

Madurese are known as hard workers and tenacious

people outside the island of Madura always identify Madura with chicken satay

but actually, the Madurese don’t only sell chicken satay, they also have success in doing scrap wood and iron business

Facts about Madura

The Island of Salt

Madura Island in East Java and the facts

This is because Madura is one of the largest salt producers in Indonesia

almost all districts in Madura have large salt ponds with massive capacity

Karapan Sapi

Madura Island in East Java and the facts

Karapan Sapi is also synonymous with Madura because this area regularly holds Karapan Sapi competitions

for information, Karapan Sapi is a bull race driven by a jockey

Even though most of the people of Madura work as fishermen, they raise a lot of cows so cows from Madura are also famous in Indonesia

Madura is also famous as a producer of cowhide

Wearing a red and white striped shirt

Madura Island in East Java and the facts

Madurese is also synonymous with wearing red and white striped shirts.

It is not known the origin of their habit of wearing red and white striped shirts but maybe because they were represented by a man named Pak Sakerah

The Legend of Pak Sakerah

Pak Sakerah is a hero from the land of Madura

He is famous for fighting against the Dutch colonialists on the island of Madura around the 19th century

Pak Sakerah is very strong but finally gives up on the Dutch after being betrayed by his own best friend

Sakerah is buried in the Bekacak area, Bangil City, Madura

Carok Tradition

Madura Island in East Java and the facts

The Carok is actually a bad tradition because it tells about revenge

This Carok is a one-on-one fight using a sharp Madurese weapon called Celurit.

Usually, fights are motivated by revenge because of pride or the killing of a family

but now with the entry of a lot of information and cultural changes, this Carok tradition is slowly starting to be abandoned

Celurit or sickle

Celurit is a sharp weapon typical of Madura in the shape of a curved crescent moon with a wooden handle as a cushion for grip

this weapon used to be a tool for farming before finally turning into a lethal weapon

so this sickle is also synonymous with the Carok tradition

Typical dialect or accent

The Madurese are famous for having a distinctive dialect

Indonesian people generally memorize this typical Madurese dialect

Madura language has differences from the East Java language

Those are some facts about the island of Madura

an island in the northeast of Java

In addition to this unique tradition, Madura Island also has many amazing tourist destinations which I will write about in the next article

so keep following my blog ok :))


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