Lombok tourism full of charm and beauty

Lombok Tourism Full of Charm and Beauty

Lombok tourism full of charm and beauty



Lombok tourism- Indonesia has a variety of tourist destinations with extraordinary charm .

And that attracts local and foreign tourists.

And one of them is Lombok tourism full of charm.

which is one of the places in Indonesia.

with various recommended tourist attractions for you to vacation on the weekend.

So no wonder that every holiday.

Lombok is the most crowded place in Indonesia

because of its enchanting tourist destinations.

Oke guys, now I will show you the most popular tourist destination in Lombok.

let’s continue to read this article.

which will discuss 10 recommended tourist destinations in Lombok.

And all information is for you to visit while on vacation.

1. Lombok tourism full of charm and beauty-Pantai Pink ( Pink Beach )

Lombok tourism full of charm and beauty


If you are a lover of the color pink. So maybe Pink Beach is a suitable Lombok tourist spot recommended for you.

The reason why this beach is named Pink Beach?

Because it has sand that is almost the same color as pink.

Especially when it’s in the sun. Wow, that’s really cool.

Not only the sand on the beach

But this pink beach also has clear water.

And the charm of the underwater scenery.

No wonder many tourists visit Pink Beach.

They have the main purpose of diving and snorkeling

Because they want to enjoy the underwater charm.

And they are even more curious about what this Pink Beach has.

Btw, if you want to dive but don’t have the equipment,

Don’t worry, guys, because at Pink Beach there is a place to rent diving equipment.

And The price is not too expensive either.

If you need tranquility and peace

After dealing with the hustle and bustle of the bustling city.

maybe this beach can be your resting place for refreshing your mind.

Even though there are many visitors

but it can still give you peace of mind

The breeze from the sea can make you feel peace of mind anyway.

Even if you have children or family.

And you want to take them to Pink Beach.

Well, this beach is suitable for their playground.

With the pink sand, they get a new atmosphere at the beach

If they used to play with white sand, now they are playing with pink sand.

Very suitable for children who want to make sandcastles as their play creations.

2. Lombok tourism full of charm and beauty-Pantai Senggigi ( Senggigi Beach )

Lombok tourism full of charm and beauty


Besides Pink Beach, now we move to the Senggigi area.

Why? because, apart from Pink Beach, Lombok also has a beach that is no less beautiful.

Its name is Senggigi Beach.

Here, you can also dive and enjoy the underwater charm and beauty

Not only an underwater charm,

But Senggigi Beach is also famous as one of the beaches in Lombok which has big waves.

So, it’s perfect for those of you who like to surf.

No need to worry about admission tickets.

Because this beach is already connected to the local government

So the entrance ticket is not too expensive.

Only  IDR .15.000 or $1

You can taste the atmosphere at Senggigi Beach.

All the ticket money will certainly be allocated to facilities and infrastructure at Senggigi Beach.

Considering that this beach is starting to be crowded with foreign and local tourists.

So the facilities and infrastructure must be kept clean and of good quality.

3. Lombok tourism full of charm-Pantai Tanjung Aan ( Tanjung Aan Beach )

Lombok tourism full of charm and beauty

If you want a beach that is still fairly quiet or you want tranquility.

you can try visiting Tanjung Aan Beach.

Where this beach is arguably still a virgin.

Because there is almost no construction of facilities in the beach area.

So, you could say that this beach is still untouched by commercial and business.

The lack of visitors does not mean this beach does not have a beautiful view.

On the contrary, there are still many who don’t know about this beach.

So it’s no wonder that tourists rarely visit Tanjung Aan Beach.

Besides you can enjoy the amazing charm of the sea.

You can also eliminate your curiosity about the cape.

Where this Cape is one of the most beautiful Capes in Lombok

Which is right in front of the Indian Ocean.

With a coastline of about 2 kilometers

Just go to the Sengkol area, Kuta, Central Lombok.

Then you will find Tanjong Aan Beach.

Here you will also find an extraordinary phenomenon,

Where this beach has two different types of sand.

Namely fine sand like flour, and coarse sand which can be used for foot therapy.

The waves at Tanjung Aan Beach are not too big.

So you can swim at this beach and no need to worry.

But, however, when taking children, You should keep watching them carefully.

Because however, the beach is still dangerous when there is a high tide or low tide.

Although relatively untouched by the business.

But when you visit this beach you have to pay IDR 5000 for the parking fee for motorbikes and IDR 10.000 for cars.

Because basically, the parking lot is in a residential area.

So that the money is allocated for the self-support of the surrounding community.

4. Lombok tourism full of charm-Bukit Merese ( Merese Hill )

Lombok tourism full of charm and beauty

It’s not complete if you just go to the beach and the Cape.

Because around it, there is a hill that is no less beautiful.

The name of the hill is Marese Hill.

You can try to go up this hill.

surely you will find the charm of the sea that stretches with clear water and it will amuse your eyes.

Especially if you visit right in the afternoon.

After going up the hill and you feeling tired

Your fatigue will pay off with the beauty of the sea at dusk.

You can enjoy the charm of the sunset there.

Moreover, if you bring your partner there.

I’m sure your partner will think that you are a very sweet and romantic person.

Because you take them to a beautiful place like a little paradise on earth he he…

With its very beautiful charm, of course, Merese hill is very suitable for a place to take pictures.

Both with a partner and with friends.

Because this hill has a very instagramable photo spot.

So, you can show it off to your friends, that you have a fun vacation spot.

Most couples who want to get married are often going to Marese hill.

As a suitable place for pre-wedding photos.

You see, here you will combine your love with the intertwined twilight. So lovely…

No need to spend money on tickets to go up to Merese Hill.

Let’s just say, God’s land, where we can enjoy it for free.

But of course, we also need to take care of it by not littering there.

5. Lombok tourism full of charm and beauty- Batu Payung ( Umbrella Rock )

Lombok tourism full of charm and beauty


It is called the Umbrella Stone because here you can stand under a rock that stands tall.

So, it’s so shady when you’re standing here.

This stone stands by natural processes

So how great is nature isn’t right?

Want to be seen from anywhere, this stone will look beautiful when you look at it.

So, if you take pictures, you want to stand on either side, it’s still looking good.

Even if you feel that your position is not a good spot to take pictures, you still can take a good picture.

But you must understand that there are many visitors who also want to take pictures.

So you have to wait your turn and no need to scramble.

The location is not far from Tanjung Aan Beach.

Just sail to the east, and you will find a big rock towering, standing strong.

You will be amazed by its splendor because this stone looks stunning and beautiful.

If you want to go to Batu Payung from Tanjung Aan.

You can rent a boat which costs IDR 250.000 or $ 18.

Ya, it’s rather expensive but you can share the cost with 10 people.so you just need to pay IDR 25.000/per person.

Don’t go there by swimming across the sea because it’s dangerous

6. Pantai Malimbu ( Malimbu Beach )

Lombok tourism full of charm and beauty


Sometimes a beach that is not widely known by many people has its superior value.

The reason is, the beach which is not widely known by many people is still rarely visited by many people.

So that the cleanliness of the beach still maintained its beauty.

Considering human behavior that sometimes is not dicipline.

One of the clean and beautiful beaches is Malimbu Beach.

Where you will be spoiled by the cleanliness of the beach from garbage and the charm of the sea that stretches blue.

Just go to Pemenang, North Lombok, then you will find Malimbu Beach.

One of the interesting things to see from Malimbu Beach is the large and beautiful rock.

This coral is named, Karang Bolong Malimbu.

It is called Karang Bolong because it is a rock with a hole in the middle.

By the soft sand of Malimbu Beach, you can enjoy nature.

And you can enjoy the charm of the sea by boat.

But you don’t have to dive to enjoy the beauty of under the sea.

Because you will be given a glass box to see the underwater scenery. It’s unique isn’t right?

7. Bukit Malimbu ( Malimbu Hill )

Lombok tourism full of charm and beauty


If Tanjung Aan Beach has Marese Hill, then Malimbu Beach has Malimbu Hill.

Like Marese Hill, you can enjoy the charm of the sunset from the top of the enchanting Malimbu Hill.

Not only the charm of the sea

But from the hilltop, you can also enjoy the beauty of Mount Agung Bali which is truly magnificent.

No need to worry when suddenly you feel hungry.

Because, on a hill, There are various stalls selling snacks

So you can eat with your friends while enjoying the beauty of nature.

You don’t have to pay a penny to climb this hill

To enter Malimbu Beach is 100 percent free and open 24 hours non-stop.

8. Pantai Kuta Mandalika ( Kuta Mandalika Beach )


If you are a beach lover, then Kuta Mandalika Beach is perfect for you to visit when in Lombok.

The reason is, this beach like other beaches in Lombok also has various facilities.

So you can enjoy your time when you visit this beach

9. Pantai Ampenan ( Ampenan Beach )


We continue to the city of Mataram, Lombok.

Where the city is famous for its tourist destination called Ampenan Beach.

It’s very suitable if you invite friends or family to vacation here.

You just have to pay for parking, for local community self-support fees.

Then you can enjoy the view of Ampenan Beach.

10. Gili Nanggu


You can enjoy the underwater charm with beautiful coral reefs.

And the variety of colorful small fish as your entertainment.

Yes, Gili Nanggu is one of the tourist attractions in Lombok.

The stunning sea makes you want to do snorkeling and diving.

This tourist location is located in West Sekotang, Sekotang sub-district, the western part of Lombok.

You can also take a boat for IDR 300.000 to surround the island.

So guys those are 10 places you should visit when you traveling to Lombok



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