Lombok island and world superbike

Lombok Island

Lombok island and world Superbike,10 reasons why you must visit Lombok as a part of your trip’s plan.

As we know that Lombok Island is one of the favorite destinations for travelers who want to spend vacation time.

and nowadays and today Lombok island is becoming more and more famous.

Because of the world superbike championship on the Mandalika circuit.

But actually, There are many reasons why you should go to Lombok.

and here is 10 reasons why you must visit Lombok

1.Lombok island and world superbike,10 reasons why you must visit-  Affordable Cost

Lombok island is close to Bali, but the cost of a vacation to Lombok is relatively affordable.

So you can do exciting backpacking with friends. It’s quite cost-saving.

Even with less than two million rupiahs or $145, you can stay in Lombok for a few days.

So quite cheaps isn’t right?

2. Interesting Tourist Destinations

Lombok island and world superbike

Lombok has many beautiful tourist destinations and The fun thing is, the tourist attraction is still natural.

If you like a challenge, you can climb Mount Rinjani while enjoying the beauty of the sunrise.

while you who like the beach atmosphere, just come to Tangsi beach which is better known as Pink Beach.

This beach is very unique because the sand is not brownish, but pink.

And don’t miss the charm of Gili Trawangan that will make you chuckle.

The panorama is amazingly beautiful, so is the underwater world.

Gili Trawangan is a paradise on earth that you must visit.

But if you are a sunset hunter, you can go to Malimbu Hill to pursue the beauty of Sunset in Lombok.

3. Good and complete Transportation

You don’t need to hesitate to visit Lombok because the mode of transportation is quite complete.

If the budget is not enough to buy an airplane ticket, you can take a relay trip by train, bus, and ship.

and when you arrive in Lombok, you can look for public transportation for transportation purposes during the holidays. or you can rent a car.

4. Cheap Lodging

Lombok island and world superbike

In Lombok, there are many inns that offer a variety of interesting facilities.

In fact, there are special backpacker accommodations that rental prices are very affordable.

Or if you are traveling with Indonesians, in Lombok there is a shelter for backpackers from Indonesia namely Rumah Singgah and it’s free. You can use this as an alternative option.

So, you don’t have to worry about running out of money while on vacation in Lombok

5.Lombok island and world superbike,10 reasons why you must visit-  Friendly Residents

Lombok island and world superbike

One of the things that tourists like the most during their visit to Lombok is the friendliness of its residents to tourists.

They don’t hesitate to serve you the best dishes. This is done as a form of appreciation for guests.

6. Delicious foods and many varians of culinary

Lombok island and world superbike

You can try to taste the Bulayak satay. This satay is made from beef with a special sauce of the Sasak tribe.

Sate bulayak is served in spiral-shaped rice cake wrapped in palm leaves.

There is also Taliwang chicken, young free-range chicken with spicy spices whose delicacy sinks to the bone.

And if you are a vegetarian, Pelecing Kangkung is a must-try food.

Lombok’s special food in the form of processed water plants is so popular in every restaurant in Lombok.

There are many more Lombok specialties that you can taste including chicken Rarang, Puyung racing rice, Ares, Rembiga satay, Tanjung satay, Babalung and others.

7. The culture is beautiful and Unique

Lombok island and world superbike

source : ExoVillage

The Sasak Sade tribe who inhabits the island of Lombok is known as a tribe that still upholds their traditions and customs.

You can see directly with your own eyes what their daily life is like by visiting Sade Hamlet in Rembitan Village.

In Sade Hamlet, women must be able to weave.

They also still maintain a thatched roof woven house and use buffalo dung as a floor cleaner. The goal is to make the house feel warmer.

Another unique tradition is kidnapping the bride before marriage or better known as kidnapping marriage.

8. safe and comfort

The security of an area is one of the things that tourists consider and the crime rate in Lombok is low, especially in northern Lombok.

But even though it’s relatively safe, you have to stay alert!

9. Lombok island and world superbike,10 reasons why you must visit- Mandalika circuit

Lombok island and world superbike

Now the island of lombok is getting more and more famous because of the Mandalika circuit.

Especially now there is a world series motorbike championship. Many world-class motorcycle racers compete on the Mandalika circuit.

This championship attracts many tourists both local and foreign.

Besides attracting many tourists, this championship also opens up many new job opportunities.

So you can imagine how interesting the island of Lombok is nowadays.

Who knows while traveling you can get a side job, moreover if you have good English.

So why don’t you try your luck while traveling in Indonesia so you can also earn money?

I think you guys will be interested to think about it :))

10. Souvenirs

One thing that cannot be separated from holidays is souvenirs. you can buy a lot of souvenirs during your visit to Lombok.

You can buy Sumbawa honey, there is also Sumbawa wild horse milk, and Sasak Songket cloth which is often used as a gift for your beloved family.

Or maybe you can buy some souvenirs from the world superbike series champhionship in Mandalika circuit.

it will definitely be a beautiful and unforgettable memory if you can attend to this world-class motorcycle racing championship.

You can take pictures with world-class racers and then post them on your social media:))

So come on guys pack your backpack and fly to Lombok and make your memorable memories.

Trust me!! you will never regret it..see you in Lombok,cheers!!






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