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Kota Tua Jakarta- Popular Cultural and historical tourism in Jakarta

Kota Tua Jakarta ( the Old Town Jakarta )

Kota Tua Jakarta

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Kota Tua Jakarta is one of the capital’s most famous landmarks

This place, like the Kota Lama in Semarang, is a tourist spot that is visited by many tourists, both local and foreign

What is the Kota Tua

Kota Tua Jakarta

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Kota Tua  ( Jakarta Old Town ) is a historical area located in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia.

It is located in the northern part of the city, near the mouth of the Ciliwung River and Jakarta Bay.

Jakarta Old Town is the original downtown area and is famous for its Dutch colonial historical buildings and sites.

The buildings are still original and well-maintained

The History of the Old City of Jakarta

The history of the old town begins During the Dutch colonial period,

At that time in 1526, Fatahilah was sent to attack the port of Sunda Kelapa (Jayakarta) in the Hindu kingdom of Pajajaran.

This city is only 15 hectares in area and has a traditional Javanese port city layout.

In 1619, the VOC destroyed Jayakarta under the command of Jan Pieterszoon Coen.

One year later, the VOC built a new city called Batavia in honor of Batavieren, the ancestor of the Dutch.

Batavia was an important trading port in Southeast Asia.

In 1942, during the Japanese occupation, Batavia was renamed Jakarta and still serves as the capital city of Indonesia today.

Many of the buildings in Kota Tua Jakarta date from the 17th century

and reflect the architectural style of the Dutch East India Company.

Some of the notable landmarks in the area include the Jakarta History Museum (formerly known as Batavia City Hall),

Fatahillah Square (also known as Old Town Square), and the Wayang Museum.

Kota Tua today

Kota tua jakarta

Jakarta’s Old Town has undergone restoration efforts in recent years to preserve historic buildings and promote tourism.

The area is now a popular tourist destination, attracting local and international visitors.

Visitors can explore museums, visit art galleries, enjoy street performances, and experience the area’s vibrant atmosphere.

The square in Jakarta’s Old Town is often bustling with activity, and there are also many cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops in the vicinity.

Interesting spots around the old city of Jakarta

There are many interesting spots that you can visit while in the old city

The following is a list of these places

1. Jakarta Kota Train Station

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The Jakarta Kota Railway Station is the oldest station built since 1870.

Until today this station is still actively used for the Jabodetabek ( Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi ) commuter line.

This station has another name, namely Beos Station, which is located directly opposite Fatahillah Park

and even has a distinctive building style from the Dutch era.

2. Fatahilah Museum

The most important and well-known tour of the Old City of Jakarta is the Fatahillah Museum.

The museum is the main icon of Jakarta Old Town tourism, this has made the museum popular as a photo spot in its courtyard.

The interesting fact is that this museum is a silent witness to the struggle of the Indonesian people to achieve independence.

The Fatahillah Museum used to be a city hall building which also served as a courtroom.

There’s even a dungeon.

This means there are still many relics from the Dutch era contained in the Fatahillah Museum.

Formerly the Fatahillah Museum was better known as the Batavia Museum during the VOC colonial era.

3.Taman Fatahillah ( Fatahilah Park )

Fatahillah Park will certainly not be separated from the tour of the Old City of Jakarta, which must be visited.

Right in front of the Fatahillah Museum, you can do various activities in this park, one of which is cycling.

You can tour the Old City of Jakarta with this bicycle, which will certainly make your vacation even more exciting.

Don’t forget, you can also take pictures and enjoy the atmosphere of the Old City in Taman Fatahillah

4. Sunda Kelapa Port

This place is a historical place

In the era of colonialism, Sunda Kelapa Harbor was one of the busiest ports because it had an important role as a place for large trading ships to dock.

Apart from still operating as a port, Sunda Kelapa is also often visited by people who want to travel or just take pictures

5. Jembatan Kota Intan ( Diamond city bridge )

Kota Intan Bridge or Engelse Brug is the oldest bridge in Indonesia because it was built during the VOC reign.

Until now this suspension bridge is still standing strong and is often used as a backdrop for selfies because it is an interesting spot.

6. Old Town Art Street

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Not far from the city station entrance, exactly opposite the front you have entered the Old City Art Street. This area is the center of street artists’ gatherings.

Along the way, you will see street artists busking, cosplaying, and pantomiming in various costumes a la colonial era.

Culinary in the Old Town

kota tua jakarta - cafe batavia

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Apart from historical places, Kota Tua Jakarta is also famous for its street food.

Visitors can try a variety of local dishes and snacks, such as Kerak Telur (seasoned scrambled eggs), Soto Betawi (Jakarta-style beef soup), and kue ape (traditional Indonesian pancakes).

or are you a coffee fan?

In the old city, there is a cafe called Cafe Batavia located across from the museum and Fatahilah Park

You can order coffee or enjoy local food with varying prices starting from IDR 25 thousand

The final word

Overall, Jakarta’s Old Town offers a glimpse into Jakarta’s colonial past and is a great place to explore for history buffs and tourists interested in the city’s cultural heritage.








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