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Kalimantan island-Indonesia

The Wonderful Kalimantan island- Indonesia

Kalimantan Island- Indonesia

Kalimantan island-Indonesia

Kalimantan Island is the second-largest island in Indonesia

Hello guys, yesterday I wrote an article about the island of Java

today I will write about Kalimantan with all its beauty

Why is the island of Borneo also one of the islands you should visit if you have time?

because this island has a lot of beauty, a unique culture, and extraordinary adventures

many mysteries that you will learn and discover on this island.

Kalimantan Island is also called Borneo in the English language

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The Island of a Thousand Rivers

Kalimantan is the third largest island in the world, which is located to the north of Java Island and to the west of Sulawesi Island.

The island of Borneo is also known as the “Island of a Thousand Rivers” because there are so many rivers on this island.

The total area of ​​the island of Borneo is 743,340 km².

The island of Borneo is surrounded by the South China Sea to the west and north,

the Sulu Sea to the north, the Sulawesi Sea and Makassar Strait to the east,

And the Java Sea and the Karimata Strait to the south.

5 provinces in Kalimantan ( Borneo ) island

The territory of the island of Kalimantan is divided into 5 provinces, namely:

1. West Kalimantan with its capital in Pontianak

Kalimantan island-indonesia

This city is very famous for its legendary story about a female ghost which for Indonesians is called Kuntilanak

Pontianak is very beautiful and this area is inhabited by many Dayak and Chinese ethnic groups

2. East Kalimantan The capital city of Samarinda,

Kalimantan island-Indonesia

East Kalimantan is the eastern tip of Kalimantan bordering Malaysia.

3. Central Kalimantan is the capital city of Palangkaraya

Kalimantan island-Indonesia

4. South Kalimantan has its capital in Banjarbaru, replacing the old capital, namely Banjarmasin

5. North Kalimantan

North Kalimantan is the youngest province in Indonesia

The province is also directly adjacent to neighboring Malaysia, namely the states of Sabah and Sarawak.

The current administrative center of North Kalimantan is in Tanjung Selor,

What will you find in Kalimantan?

there are many things that you can enjoy on the island of Borneo

There are so many unique flora and fauna that live on this island

you can visit the beautiful Derawan beach

the tropical forest that holds many mysteries

The Dayak tribe that lives there is one of the tribes that is famous for its unique culture and supernatural powers

You will also meet Chinese people who are different from the Chinese who live on the island of Java

you can enjoy unique and delicious traditional food

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and of course, you can visit the center for the breeding and protection of rare animals

such as orangutans that live on the island of Kalimantan other than on the island of Sumatra

Or do you want to walk through the forest that is full of big trees and take a boat down the rivers then meet a big snake in the forest??

Enjoy the beauty of the island of Kalimantan in the next series of articles that you can use as information if one day you visit Kalimantan

I will write many things about this island of a thousand rivers

so stay tuned for my next article

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