Jawatan Benculuk forest in Banyuwangi

Jawatan Benculuk Forest in Banyuwangi

Jawatan Benculuk Forest in Banyuwangi

Jawatan Benculuk Forest in Banyuwangi

The Jawatan Benculuk forest in Banyuwangi is a very exotic, mysterious, and beautiful forest

hello guys, if previously I had written about mountains, waterfalls, and craters, now I will tell you about a forest

why is this forest the topic of my writing today?

because this forest is not just an ordinary forest but a forest that holds so much beauty

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Banyuwangi and tourist destinations

This exotic forest is called Jawatan Benculuk

This forest is located in the Banyuwangi district

This district is now viral and is the talk of many tourists because this area has a lot of beauty.

In Banyuwangi you can enjoy various natural charms from waterfalls, craters, historical relics, and even forests

The exotic Jawatan Benculuk Forest

Jawatan Benculuk forest is now a tourist destination that is often visited by domestic tourists

because it offers something new and different from others

if you feel tired and want to get a new experience in exploring new tourist areas then this forest is your favorite

This forest is located in the Purwosari area, Banyuwangi district

what’s interesting about this forest are the hundreds of years old Trembesi trees

besides being hundreds of years old, this Trembesi tree also looks strange and looks like it has a mystical aura in it so you will feel a different atmosphere when crossing this forest area.

many tourists equate this forest with the forest in the film Lord of the ring where in the film the trees in the forest look big, sturdy and lush so it is quite scary

The beginning of the Jawatan Benculuk forest

At first the Jawatan Benculuk was an old station that was no longer in use

so that the government transferred it to function

This area covers an area of ​​3.9 hectares and is planted with trees and other plants that are shaped in such a way that it looks neat and orderly

if you look from above, the trees of this forest area seem to form like a green umbrella

In this forest, you will not only see Trembesi trees, but also Teak trees that are also decades old

there are also Kepong mushrooms and wild salak trees

but the salak fruit in the forest is not good for consumption

In addition to trees and other plants in this forest, high quality grass is also planted so that you are comfortable when sitting or lying on it

So if you are looking for serenity and inspiration or looking for ideas and photo spots then this forest is perfect for you to visit

But there is one thing you have to pay attention to, that is in this forest there are many bats considering this Jawatan Benculuk was once a train station area

that had been abandoned for a long time and was no longer used so that it became a bat’s nest

Complete facilities and amenities

The Jawatan Benculuk forest is really well managed by the local government

in this place there are lots of rides to play like rafting even though the river is not heavy

sports facilities as well as a canteen that sells a variety of food

even this area is also provided with wifi so you can stay online

so you don’t have to worry about going hungry or feeling uncomfortable because all the facilities are well available

How to get to Benculuk Bureau

The Jawatan Benculuk forest is located not far from the city center

the distance from the city center is only about 30 minutes and the route is easy

you can reach it by driving a car or public transportation from the hostel where you stay

or to make it easier for you to just order online transportation

Best time to visit

the best time to visit is around 9 am or around 3 pm so you can see and feel the sun that will sink from between the Trembesi trees

the ticket price is also not expensive only IDR 5000

the food in the cafeteria around is also not expensive

So how are you friends? Are you interested?

schedule your vacation to travel to Indonesia and include Banyuwangi as one of your tourist destinations


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