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Javanese Kris, The remarkable Weapon with Magical Powers

Javanese Kris, a Traditional Weapon with Magical Powers

Javanese Keris, a Traditional Weapon with Magical Powers

Javanese kris with magical power is an Indonesian cultural heritage

The Javanese Kris with magical power is not nonsense but something real

Keris or kris is a typical Javanese weapon that is made through several processes

For those of you who don’t know what a keris is, I’ll explain briefly

What is Keris or Kris?

Javanese Keris, a Traditional Weapon with Magical Powers

Kris is a typical Javanese sharp weapon that has a different shape from other sharp weapons

This weapon belongs to the dagger class but has a winding blade

So that from its shape people can already distinguish between a keris and a dagger or bayonet commonly used by soldiers.

What are the keris used for?

in ancient times the keris was used for duels or close one-on-one combat because this weapon is a stabbing weapon so it cannot be used for long-range combat

In addition, Keris is also used as a complement to ritual offerings in Javanese culture

but nowadays keris is used as a collection

a unique work of art that represents Javanese culture

And also as a complement to Javanese fashion accessories

The history of the origin of the Keris

Javanese Keris, a Traditional Weapon with Magical Powers


The record of when the keris was first made is not known for certain

But it is estimated that the keris began to be used in the era of the Majapahit kingdom

There is also an opinion that says that the Keris came from India because at that time the Javanese were Hindu and Buddhist

and the description of a keris is in the temple reliefs in Java, but it is not proven

because it turns out that the keris have nothing to do with the two religions.

Magical power on a Kris

For Javanese people, the keris is used as an heirloom

This is because the Javanese believe that the keris has magical powers in it

they believe that the keris can give good luck and strength

These people also believe that the magical power of a keris will increase self-confidence and courage

Keris is also thought to be able to protect its owner from demonic interference

Why is Kris considered to have magical powers?

According to Javanese legend in the past, the making of the keris went through a long process

The materials for making a keris also come from objects that are believed to have superpowers

Such as coming from meteors, ivory, or solid steel, some are even made of gold.

The manufacturing process also goes through a series of rituals such as fasting and other rituals

And this is in accordance with the culture and customs of the Javanese at that time

Javanese people are also known to believe in supernatural and mystical powers

So this also affects the making of a keris

Kris and its mythology

There are several krises that are rumored to have supernatural powers and also have a mythological story behind them

and those Keris are

1. Kris Empu Gandring

As the name implies, It was made by a person who has extraordinary powers and his name is Mpu Gandring

At first, Mpu Gandring made this weapon  to give to Ken Arok, the founder of the Singosari kingdom as a means of protection,

But by Ken Arok it was actually used to kill Mpu Gandring himself And even used to kill a king in order to marry the king’s consort,

It turned into a cursed dagger that created havoc including killing Ken Arok himself

2. Kris Nogo Sosro Sabuk Inten

It was also created by a keris maker called Mpu, named Mpu Anom in the era of the Majapahit kingdom

It is also believed to have supernatural powers that can protect its owner and increase its charisma in front of humans or demons

3. Baru Klinting Kris

This keris is also believed to have magical powers

In ancient times this keris was used by a knight named Ki Nayadarma to quell rebellions

According to mythology, It was created by Panembahan Merbabu from the tongue of a dragon

4. Satan Kober Kris

This magic keris was made by Mpu Supo Mandragi

This keris is also believed to have supernatural powers and has been used to kill many people

5. Kanjeng Kyai Ageng Kopek Kris

It is a spiritual symbol and spiritual leader of the Yogyakarta palace and it’s only held by the Sultan of Yogyakarta

A legacy from Sunan Kalijaga, the propagator of Islam in Java

By Sunan Kalijaga it was given to Pakubuwono III from Surakarta in 1755

but at the time of the Giyanti agreement

This keris was given to Sultan Hamengkubuwono I, the sultan of Yogyakarta

That’s a short story about the keris, a weapon that is believed to have magical powers

But now the keris is a part of Javanese culture

The Javanese still preserve it to this day

Every year there is an exhibition about keris in Yogyakarta

So if you are interested please come to visit Yogyakarta or Surakarta

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