> The Beautiful Indonesia Tourism- Explore Indonesia in 30 days

The Beautiful Indonesia Tourism- Explore Indonesia in 30 days

The Beautiful Indonesia Tourism- Explore Indonesia in 30 days

Indonesia tourism

Is it possible to Explore Indonesia in 30 Days?

If you only have 30 days to travel in Indonesia, what will you do? Have you already made a good itinerary? Do you know where to go? What are the popular places that must be visited in Indonesia?

Greetings from Indonesia- Indonesia Tourism

Indonesia is a stunning country that offers visitors a wealth of travel experiences.

From the beautiful beaches of Bali to the lush National Parks and vibrant cultural diversity, Indonesian tourism has something for everyone.

If you’re considering traveling to Indonesia, here are some of the top tourist attractions and interesting facts about this wonderful Indonesian destination.

One of the most popular places to visit in Indonesia is Bali.

This Indonesian tourist hub is known for its picturesque beaches, terraced rice fields like the scenic Tegalalang Terraces, and cultural sites in areas like Ubud.

Bali’s Suluban Beach is a particularly beautiful spot, surrounded by cliffs and beloved by surfers. Bali has even been named the “World’s Happiest Holiday Destination.”

For those interested in wildlife and nature, Indonesia offers many incredible national parks and coral reefs teeming with marine life.

Indonesia Tourism – Unique Tropical Paradise


Komodo National Park is home to the famous Komodo dragons, while Wakatobi is known as a diving paradise.

Raja Ampat is another archipelago with stunning natural beauty both above and below the water.

Bunaken Marine Park and the Derawan Islands also provide opportunities to explore Indonesia’s rich underwater world.

Other top tourist spots in Indonesia for nature lovers include Nihiwatu Island, the Misool Islands of Raja Ampat, and Banyuwangi, a renowned surfing destination.

Tanjung Setia Beach in Lampung is considered one of the best surfing spots in the world.

In addition to its natural wonders, Indonesia boasts a rich cultural heritage.

The country is an archipelago of over 17,000 islands inhabited by 300 ethnic groups.

This cultural diversity is showcased through art, cuisine, architecture and festivals across the different regions and islands of Indonesia.

As tourism in Indonesia continues to grow, the country has implemented cleanliness protocols and the Indonesia CARE program to ensure the health and safety of visitors.

Many of Indonesia’s tourist destinations have received the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award, reflecting their popularity and quality.

Planning a holiday trip to visit Indonesia is a marvelous idea. The country is unique in many ways. It is an archipelago that offers a widely diverse culture for everyone to experience.

It’s easy to find completely different places within different regions of Indonesia. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that visiting Indonesia is like experiencing more than one country at once.

There are too many places to enjoy on a short trip to this tropical country. It’s best to have a long holiday to get an authentic feel of this warm and welcoming destination.

Fun Facts About Indonesia

Some interesting facts about Indonesia include that it is the world’s largest archipelagic country,

has the second-highest level of biodiversity in the world, and is home to over 100 endangered species.

Indonesia’s fun facts like these showcase what a unique and fascinating country it is.

With its combination of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and friendly hospitality, it’s no wonder Indonesia is becoming an increasingly popular healing destination for travelers.

An Indonesian travel guide can provide even more information on the best places to visit and experience in this captivating country.

From Bali to Raja Ampat and beyond, tourism in Indonesia offers endless opportunities for adventure and unforgettable memories.

Consider adding Indonesian tourism to your travel wish list and discover the wonders of this beautiful archipelago for yourself.

Indonesia Tourism – Travel Guide Bali

Indonesia tourism

It is quite a shame that some foreign tourists are not aware that Bali is part of Indonesia.

Most of them only visit Bali instead of planning to explore Indonesia entirely. But this is understandable because Bali has been a popular destination for a long time.

The island is among the best spots to travel in the Far East.

It has many beaches to explore alongside the rich cultural traditions of the locals. Bali is definitely more than just a holiday destination.

The Humble Yogyakarta

Another great part of the country to visit in Indonesia is Yogyakarta. This region offers rich traditional forms of many things.

More importantly, the city is considered a low-budget destination for tourists, making it very appealing.

It is easy to find videos on YouTube that show how delightful and enjoyable a trip to Yogyakarta is for foreign tourists.

Don’t miss Yogyakarta from your list to do in Indonesia

Bromo Mountain- The Beautiful Sunrise

When you have done enjoying the beauty of Central Java, it is time for you to visit East Java that offers a marvellous sceneries and ethnical hospitality. 

Another crowned jewel of East Java is Mount Bromo, an actively volcanic mountain that is a traveler’s delight.

Why Visit East Java?

Indonesia tourism

Besides Central Java, East Java has the marvelous Mount Bromo that anyone would love to visit. 

One cannot forget the scenic beauty of the mountain which is ten folds better at dawn when the sky is painted in different hues of colors

and the slight mist hovering in the mountains give it a kind of a fairyland look. 

The superbly natural scenery of Mount Bromo makes the destination is one that every tourist would regard having been lucky to visit.

The Journey to Mount Bromo

To get to Mount Bromo, one could take a direct trip from Central of Java

The walk is worth it, as it leads to the amazing scenary views of the surrounding country side and enables one to feel and touch the eastern Java culture.

Indonesia tourism – The Beautiful East Java 

Indeed, East Java is a very interesting place that you should not miss because there are so many things that you will happen to love it.

In this day you will visit beautiful waterfalls like the Madakaripura Waterfall and the Tumpak Sewu Waterfall.

So, if you an ecotourism lover then you should not miss this National Park in Banyuwangi then you continue to see the Ijen Blue Fire.

Komodo Island – Tour to The land of The Dragon

Physically it can be recommended to proceed east after the island excursions to Java and Bali. What do you get to experience at the location?

You will equally be taken to one of the most popular islands in Indonesia – The Komodo Islands.

It remains to be mentioned though that the Komodo dragon remains an ancient creature that is still present today and is endemic to Indonesia, 

particularly in Komodo Island of East Nusa Tenggara.

If you happen to travel to Indonesia, it is crucial that you spare your time and effort to tour this island since its feeling cannot be described by any other place in the world.

Therefore I can say it is about time to grab your bags and plan your vacation towards Komodo Island.

Lombok tourism-Gili Trawangan

The island of Nusa Tenggara is divided into two regions: West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara. Both are close to the island of Bali.

Previously, I wrote a little about Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara. However, West Nusa Tenggara also has its own beauty that you must visit.

After visiting the islands of Bali and Komodo, you must visit West Nusa Tenggara. Why? What’s there?

You will visit Gili Trawangan, a beautiful hidden paradise.

There, you will enjoy extraordinary natural scenery and experience a very friendly local culture.

So don’t miss this opportunity! As the saying goes in Indonesia, “One swats two dead flies.”

Since they are close together, why not visit them at the same time?

Understanding Indonesia – Indonesia Tourism

This article informs you all about Indonesia. With 17,000 islands scattered from the Asian mainland to Australia, Indonesia is well known.

Indonesia is rich in ethnic and cultural diversity. Additionally, you can experience its beautiful natural landscapes. The guidance below can be helpful for you before you visit Indonesia.

Although 30 days is not enough to fully explore Indonesia, some of the tourist destinations mentioned can give you a good representation of the country as a whole.

These places are very popular among world travelers.

Besides that, in this blog, I also write about other beautiful tourist attractions, Indonesian culture, and history

When you return to Indonesia for a longer visit, you can explore these in more detail.

30 days – What  Do You Get in Indonesia?

Reading the above explanation enriches you with information about some destinations across the country. 

You should spend more time exploring the islands, from the biggest to the smallest.

However, you can narrow it down to some key places. 

You may browse the best destinations to visit in Indonesia. The diversity will make you wonder which island you should explore.

On the next page, I will provide detailed information about tourist destinations you should visit.

I will show you tourist spots from the west side of Java island to the east side.

Then we will continue to Bali, where you can find the most popular tourist destinations on the island.

But of course, I will only show you some of the tourist destinations because you only have 30 days.

So, please follow my blog for detailed information that you might need when you plan your trip to Indonesia.

If you need informations about accomodations and transportation or anything related to your trip just check it out here



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