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Indonesian people and their culture

How to Understand Indonesian people and their culture

How to understand Indonesian people and their culture

Indonesian people and their culture

How to understand Indonesians people are easy, they are friendly and welcoming people.

They are always keen to help out anyone in need and will go out of their way to be polite.

Indonesian people are also known for their passion for dancing and music.

They are also very creative and can also be very articulate.

Most of them love to talk about politics, religion, and culture and are very passionate about their country’s history and culture.

Indonesians are known to be unique and distinct from other Asian cultures due to the wide variety of cultures and languages spoken in Indonesia.

Activities and fun

Indonesian people and their culture

Indonesia is a country full of activities and fun for everyone.

Indonesians love to party and have fun at the weekend.

They enjoy socializing and sharing their culture and are often known as proud, fun-loving people.

Indonesia people also enjoy spending time outdoors as well and frequently go hiking, snorkeling, or scuba diving

And mostly Indonesians love music and dancing and are always up for a game or hanging out with friends.

They love to host family get-togethers and have huge parties with lots of food and entertainment.

They are people who are always up for a party and love to laugh and have fun with their friend

How to Understand Indonesian People – Ethnic Groups in Indonesia

Indonesian people and their culture

There are many different ethnicities in Indonesia but most of them live on the island of Java.

Each group has its own language and customs, but they all have much in common.

These groups include Javanese, Bali and Sundanese, Aceh, and Madura.

Each of these people has its own unique culture and way of life, and they all share many similar customs and traditions.

they have a unique way of dressing that varies from one tribe to another and it is different from tribe to tribe.

Some groups also have unique ways of doing certain rituals such as weddings and funerals.

Each group has its own way of dressing and the clothes that they wear have a different meaning for each tribe and symbolize the role of that tribe in the community.

The Vast Majority of Indonesian people

The vast majority of Indonesian people practice Islam as their religion, but a few Hindus and Christians live in Indonesia.

Some people in Indonesia are followers of other religions and still practice their religion according to their beliefs.

The origin of  Indonesian people

In Indonesian society, it’s common for people to talk about two groups of Indonesians called Pribumi and non-Pribumi

People frequently distinguish between “pribumi,” or natives, and “non-pribumi,” or immigrants.

While “non-pribumi” refers to immigrants such as Chinese, Arab, or European.

“Pribumi” refers to the original settlers such as Javanese, Sundanese, Batak, Balinese, etc.

Racism and hostility between social groupings are frequently caused by this duality.

But is it true that Pribumi is really native to Indonesian people?

according to scientists, actually, there are no native Indonesian people

Why? Because Indonesian people are “genetically mixed”

Some historians and scientists said that the ancestors of Indonesians came from Africa

Others said that the ancestors of Indonesia came from Yunan, south China.

So what is the conclusion for the origin of Indonesian people? well there is no fixed and correct answer because Indonesian people actually mix race from many races not only from Africa and China but maybe also from many other races

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