> Indonesia Tourism - Explore The Beauty in 30 Days
Indonesia Tourism - Explore The Beauty in 30 Days

Indonesia Tourism – Explore The Beauty in 30 Days

Indonesia Tourism

Explore Indonesia in 30 days 

If you only have 30 days to travel to Indonesia what are you gonna do? Have you already made a good itinerary? Do you know where to go? The popular places that must be visited in Indonesia tourism?

1. Indonesia Tourism – Explore The Beauty in 30 Days-Greetings from Indonesia

Indonesian tourism-Halo travelers, when the first time you heard about Indonesian tourism, what things came to your mind? A country with a thousand islands? A tropical country? Or the biggest Muslim population in the world?

Yes, all those things are true but Indonesian tourism has much more than that. Indonesia is an amazing country that will make you fall in love because when you visit Indonesia you will find the true meaning of adventures.

You can hike the mountains, you can go to Crater,  visit temples, and beaches, surf, you can learn traditional dance, and many more but what about if you only have 30 days in Indonesia?

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2. Indonesia Tourism – Explore The Beauty in 30 Days -Unique Tropical Paradise

Indonesia Tourism - Explore The Beauty in 30 Days


Planning a holiday trip to visit Indonesia is a marvelous thing to do. The country is like no other country in many ways. It is an archipelago that houses a widely diverse culture for everyone to experience.

It is easy to find a completely different place in an Indonesian region from another area in it. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that visiting Indonesia is like experiencing more than one country at once.

There are too many places to enjoy in a short trip to this tropical country. It is best to have a long holiday journey to get an authentic vibe in this warm and welcoming country.

3. Indonesia Tourism – Explore The Beauty in 30 Days -Travel Guide Bali

Indonesia Tourism - Explore The Beauty in 30 Days


It is quite a shame that some foreign tourists are not aware that Bali is a part of Indonesia.

Most of them only visit Bali instead of planning to visit Indonesia entirely. But It is reasonable because Bali has been a popular destination for a long time already.

The island is among the best spots to travel in the Far East region of the world.

. It has a lot of beaches to explore alongside the rich cultural traditions of the locals. Bali is more than just a holiday destination for sure.

4. Indonesia tourism, explore the beauty in 30 days- The Humble of Yogyakarta

Indonesia Tourism - Explore The Beauty in 30 Days


Another nice part of the country to visit in Indonesia tourism is Yogyakarta. This region is a place to seek rich traditional forms of many things.

More importantly, the city is considered a low-budget destination to visit by tourists. So it’s very interesting.

It is easy to find videos on YouTube that show how delightful and enjoyable a trip to Yogyakarta is for foreign tourists.

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5. Bromo Mountain-the beautiful sunrise

Indonesia Tourism - Explore The Beauty in 30 Days

After visiting Central Java you can go directly to East Java

Why should you visit East Java?

Because we are going to visit the famous Bromo Mountain

Mount Bromo is very famous for its beauty, especially when the sun rises so we will see the natural beauty and sunrise on Mount Bromo

6. East Java tourism

Indonesia Tourism - Explore The Beauty in 30 Days

When you are in East Java and then visit Mount Bromo, you have to stay for the next few days, why?

because East Java has many beautiful tourist attractions

East Java is not only Mount Bromo but there are many beautiful places

You can visit Banyuwangi which is famous for having many beautiful tourist destinations

you guys also visit the Ijen crater and waterfall

7. Trip To Komodo Island

After you are done with the islands of Java and Bali, now is the time for you to head towards the east, what will you see there??

you will visit the famous Komodo island

Komodo is an ancient animal that still exists today and only exists in Indonesia, precisely on the Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara

so when you visit Indonesia you must take the time to visit this island because the charm of this island does not exist anywhere else in the world

So friends, pack your bags and get ready to visit Komodo Island

8. Lombok tourism-Gili Trawangan

The island of Nusa Tenggara is divided into two, namely West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara and both are close to the island of Bali

Previously I had written a little about Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara but West Nusa Tenggara also has its own beauty that you must visit.

so after visiting the island of Bali and the island of Komodo, you must visit west Nusa Tenggara, why and what’s there??

You will visit Gili Trawangan, a very beautiful hidden paradise

there you will enjoy extraordinary natural scenery as well as a very friendly local culture

So don’t miss this opportunity, as the saying goes in Indonesia one swats two dead flies.

So while they are close together why not visit them at the same time?

9. Indonesia tourism, explore the beauty in 30 days- Understanding  Indonesia in Brief.

This article informs you all about Indonesia. Having 17,000 islands scattered from the Asia mainland to Australia makes Indonesia well known.

Indonesia is rich in ethnic and cultural diversity. Additionally, you may experience its beautiful natural difference. The below guidance can be helpful for you before you go and visit Indonesia.

Although actually, it is not enough to visit Indonesia in 30 days at least some of the tourist destinations that I mentioned above can represent Indonesia as a whole.

Because these places are very popular in the eyes of world travelers

Besides that, on this blog, I also write about other tourist attractions that are no less beautiful, Indonesian culture and history, which maybe one day when you return to Indonesia for a long time, you can explore in more detail.

10. 30 days: Things to see and do

Reading the above explanation enriches you with some destinations across the country. You have to spend more time exploring the islands, from the biggest to the smallest islands.

However, you can narrow it down to some places. You may browse the best destinations to visit in Indonesia. The diversity will make you wonder which island you have to explore.

On the next page, I will show you detailed information about tourist destinations that you should visit.

I will show you any tourist spots from the west side of Java island to the east of Java island.

Then we will continue to Bali tourism where you can find the most popular tourist destinations on Bali island.

But of course, I just show you some parts of all the tourist destinations because you only have 30 days.

So guys, please follow my blog because I will give you detailed information that might be needed one day when you have a trip to Indonesia.


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