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Ijen Volcano Blue Fire

Ijen Volcano – The Remarkable Blue Fire in East Java

Ijen volcano – The blue fire in East Java

Ijen Volcano Blue Fire

Ijen volcano blue fire is a natural phenomenon that is also a tourist attraction in Banyuwangi

If previously I wrote about the beautiful Ijen crater

now I will write briefly about the phenomenon of blue fire which is also in the Ijen volcano

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what is blue fire

 Ijen Volcano Blue Fire

many people think that the blue fire is a fire that appears from the ground and the color is blue

but that’s not really what it means

The blue fire is a natural phenomenon that arises because of gas coming out of a rock gap with a temperature of around 600 degrees Celsius

This hot gas then meets the surrounding air temperature, causing this blue fire phenomenon

Is blue fire dangerous?

Yes, blue fire is very dangerous  because of its high acid content

This very high acidity value even close to zero can dissolve the human body quickly

Seeing the blue fire in Ijen

Then how to see the blue fire in Ijen?

There is one good news, namely the climb to the Ijen crater has been reopened to the public

and the only way to see the blue fire phenomenon in Ijen is by climbing at night

Best time to see Blue Fire

Ijen volcano blue fire

This blue fire phenomenon attracts many tourists to come

it’s just that this blue fire doesn’t always exist all the time

and unfortunately, this blue fire phenomenon only has two in the world

namely Indonesia and Iceland

blue fire can be seen clearly in the dry season

the best time to see it is to do the hike at night around 1 am

climbing from the foot of the mountain to the blue fire crater is about 2 hours

and this blue fire is getting smaller at 4.30 am

so you guys don’t wake up late so you miss this rare moment

Preparation required

To climb Ijen Crater, you have to prepare a few things

the first one must be physically strong because the climb is approximately 2.5 hours

even though it’s only 2.5 hours but still tiring

then you must have a prime physique

Don’t forget the jacket too because the weather is cold

enough drinks and food so you still have the energy to reach the top of the crater

good camera so when you meet blue fire you can capture it in beautiful pictures

Additional information

Don’t visit Ijen during holidays or weekends because it will be very full of local tourists who also want to see the Blue Fire

come on weekdays so not many tourists or visitors come

How to visit Ijen Crater?

the most comfortable and easy way to climb Ijen Crater is to use an operator

When you arrive in the city of Banyuwangi you must be looking for a hostel or hotel, right?

look for a hostel or hotel that is quite good

usually, the hostel or hotel cooperates with a tour operator to the Ijen crater

You just pay the agreed price and then later you will be picked up by the operator team to be escorted and accompanied by climbing the top of Ijen Crater

the cost is also not too expensive depending on the services provided

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How to get to Banyuwangi

The way to visit the city of Banyuwangi is very easy because there are many public transportation that you can use

you can go by train or bus

But if you depart from the city of Yogyakarta it is more comfortable to ride the train

why? Besides being quite cheap it is also comfortable, you only need to pay a ticket 94 thousand rupiah

and when you arrive at the Banyuwangi train station, you just have to walk out

and around the station, there are lots of hotels or hostels and motorbike rentals

By the way, if you stay long enough in Banyuwangi, you should rent a motorbike

so you can explore other tourist attractions around Banyuwangi.

motorbike rental rates are only around 70-80 thousand rupiah per day

so what do you think?

Are you interested in visiting the city of Banyuwangi and seeing the phenomenal blue fire??



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