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How to go to the Beautiful Labuan Bajo

How to go to Labuan Badjo

Labuan Bajo is an excellent little harbor on the westernmost tip of Flores Island.

And is the entry to the Komodo National Park (TNK).

The region offers tremendous perspectives as the little islands

And the harbor outline makes a beautiful impact.

Most of the locals in this space get by as ranchers with the super farming items being espresso, candlenuts, cocoa, and coconut.

In addition, Labuan Bajo also offers a variety of natural and cultural attractions that are worth a visit.

To expand the number of sightseers visiting, different utilities keep on being further developed.

like five-star hotels, travel agents, dive operators, motorboats, living onboard to Komodo National Park, or go diving in pristine waters.

History of Labuan Bajo

The historical backdrop of Labuanbajo starts with the appearance of the Bugis/Badjo people in the central area of Flores.

Exactly on the shore of the Gorontalo region.

later, they chose to settle on the coast and shape a sea culture.

As per locals of Labuan Bajo, there were disagreements regarding the neighborhood.

and in the long run, the people started to move and settle in the present Labuan Bajo.

So that’s why the name Bajo is taken from the word Badjo. which means is a notable sea wanderer tribe.

So how to go to Labuan Badjo?

There are many ways to go there.

you can go by taking a plane, taking a ship, or even by land from the direction of the island of Java.

How to go to Labuan Bajo from Bali?

1. By Plane

source : infopenerbangan.com

There are a few flights that work to Labuan Bajo.

one of which is TransNusa, in a joint effort with Aviastar, which flies two times per day from Denpasar (Bali) to Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo with a one-hour venture.

Furthermore, TransNusa likewise has three times-a-week departures from Bali to Maumere utilizing Jet Ba3-146 with a limit of 82 seats.

In the meantime, Merpati also carriers serves departures from Kupang to Maumere meanwhile Garuda Indonesia just serves Jakarta-Kupang.

2. by boat

Many boats have courses to this spot.

Some of them are very modest, and some are luxurious. Everything relies upon your decision, on which one to utilize. Simply change it to a suitable financial plan.

Speed boats associate Sape with Labuan Bajo as well as the other way around three times each week.

at an expense of IDR 150,000 or $10 for every individual, to be specific Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from Sape to Labuan Bajo and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from Labuan Bajo to Sape.

Also, there is a Pelni transport from Makassar or Lombok to Labuan Bajo at regular intervals.

Ships from Sape (Rp 60,000) run two times every day and as a rule, show up around 16:00 and late evening.

The ship from Labuan Bajo to Sape leaves at 9 am.

Various organizations orchestrate boat trips for 4 days/3 evenings from Lombok to Flores or the other way around for around IDR 1,800,000. ( depend on )

Pelni boat

You can rest on the deck on slender bedding (under 1 inch thick, yet you become accustomed to that).

Regardless of where you book your excursion from, you will be returned toward the east bank of Lombok by bus/ship move prior to boarding the boat.

Pelni ships typically have a route from Makassar or Lombok.

Pelni has two boats with a course to this spot at regular intervals.

The Tilongkabila boat departs for Bima, Lembar (Lombok, 24 hours), and Benoa (Bali)

each and every other Thursday and returns the next Sunday to go to Makassar and a different route in Sulawesi.

The Willis transport leaves for Bima – Benoa – Surabaya each and every other Saturday and returns Saturday several weeks after the fact to go east to Marapokot and Maumere.

There is a vehicle transport that withdraws week after week between Labuanbajo and Bira in South Sulawesi.

leaving Labuanbajo on Tuesdays and leaving Bira on Sundays.

The excursion requires two nights and sooner or later, will travel in the excursion to get travelers on different islands.

How to go to Labuan Bajo from Jakarta?

1. Train

To save the financial plan, the best choice to Labuan Bajo from Jakarta is by train.

Initially, from Jakarta, you go to Bayuwangi and afterward cross to Bali by boat.

And as information, there is no direct train from Jakarta to Banyuwangi.

So, travelers can take the train from Pasar Senen Station and stop at Purwosari Solo Station first, then proceed with the trip to Banyuwangi.

Train tickets from Jakarta to Solo are estimated at Rp. 74 thousand utilizing the Bengawan train.

Then you go on from Solo to Banyuwangi via train and the cost is around 98 thousand.

Or you can go to Labuan Badjo from Jakarta to Surabaya and then straight to Labuan Badjo.

From Surabaya to Labuan Badjo

To go straightforwardly to Labuan Bajo, you can take the Pelni transport straightforwardly from the Tanjung Perak port of Surabaya to the Labuan Bajo port.

Obviously, the timetable is very restricted and there are a couple of times each month, for example, loading up the Pelni Km Leuser transport.

The cost of the Pelni boat ticket from Surabaya to Labuan Bajo is IDR 425,000 or $27 for adults and IDR 150,000 or $10 for little children

Venture out time from Surabaya to Labuan Bajo is around 3 days and 2 evenings on the grounds that the Pelni boat will stop at Benoa Harbor and Bima Harbor first.

Roro Ferry and Niki Sejahtera ship

Actually, besides the Pelni ship, there is a Roro Ferry-type ship that directly serves shipping without stopping in Bali or Bima. Namely the Km Niki Sejahtera ship.

The schedule for the Niki Sejahtera ship is also much more, namely once a week.

The ticket price of around 370,000 one way and from Surabaya the ship goes straight to Labuan Bajo.

Either the Pelni Ship or the Km Niki Sejahtera ship from Surabaya, So we can immediately get off at the Labuan Bajo port.

So those of you who depart from Jakarta or Makassar don’t need to be confused or bothered about moving vehicles anymore.

By plane from Jakarta,

you can go by plane starting from Jakarta straight to Labuan Bajo.

if you use a plane from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo, you will spend a budget of IDR 1.6 million or $110 for Citilink Airlines and IDR 2.2 million or $145 for Garuda Indonesia Airlines.

So guys you don’t need confused or worried anymore regarding how to go to Labuan Badjo.

It all depends on your budget and schedule.

just pack your backpack then visit Labuan Bajo






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