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The best Hotels near Prambanan- comfort and cheap

Hotels near Prambanan – comfort and cheap

Hotels near Prambanan

Hotels near Prambanan -comfort and cheap is our topic today

Hello guys, if you are currently in Indonesia and you want to visit the Prambanan temple,

Of course, you need a comfortable place to stay, right?

And of course, in addition to convenience, the location of the hotel or inn is not far from the Prambanan temple

Why is the choice of location and also the quality of the hotel where you are so important?

I believe that you want to feel satisfied, comfortable, And not too tired or waste time going to the location

Prambanan Temple is in a very unique position

Because it is located in the middle between Sleman district which is included in the special area of Yogyakarta

And the city of Klaten which is included in the province of Central Java.

So I think you need hotels near Prambanan

The distance from Yogyakarta city to Prambanan temple is only about 30 minutes

and you can use public transport or take a bus from Yogyakarta city to Prambanan

While the distance from Prambanan to Klaten City is only about 15 minutes

So this time I will recommend some popular lodging places

but the location is also strategic and the prices of some of the inns are also low

This is a list of those inns.

1. Poeri Devata resort

the first is Poeri Devata Hotel, this hotel is very strategic because it is only about 500 m from Prambanan Temple

So you can walk to Prambanan temple from this hotel

The time you need at least about 12 minutes on foot (maybe less than 12 minutes)

This hotel is in the form of a resort where you will stay in a house with a traditional design

equipped with various facilities including a swimming pool

this hotel is very comfortable to stay

the rental price offered is around $40 and if you get a discount it will be even cheaper

2. Hotel Bueno Colombo

Hotels near Prambanan

The location from this hotel to Prambanan temple is about 3km

Like a hotel, this hotel is also equipped with various facilities so that visitors feel comfortable

There is a swimming pool and each room is equipped with various facilities such as air conditioning, internet, and other facilities

The price offered per night is around $30

From this hotel to Prambanan temple, you can use online taxi services (Grab or Go Car)

3. Algira homestay Prambanan

Hotels near Prambanan

The distance from this inn to Prambanan Temple is about 1 km

can be reached by using an online taxi for about 3 minutes or walking for about 15 minutes

This inn is in the form of a homestay so it’s not a hotel

Of course, the facilities offered are different from hotel facilities

but even so, the comfort of this place is not inferior to the hotel especially since the price offered for an overnight stay is only around $15-$18

In addition to hotels, there are also cheap hostels

the following is a list of these hostels

4. Red Doors near Prambanan

Hotels near Prambanan

The distance from this hostel is about 1.4 km or about 20 minutes on foot or about 5 minutes by taxi online

this hostel is also close to the Affandi museum museum

Affandi is a famous painter from the city of Yogyakarta

the price offered is very cheap only around $9

5. Red Doors near Ratu Boko Temple

Hotels near Prambanan

This hostel is located about 2 km from Prambanan temple and Ratu Boko temple

Ratu Boko Temple is a small temple close to Prambanan

So you can all visit because the location is not too far from this inn

This hostel is equipped with standard facilities such as internet and air conditioning

The price per night is around $9

6. Demandiri Prambanan homestay

Hotels near Prambanan

This inn is located on Kalasan Street

the distance from this inn to Prambanan Temple is about 3.8 km

the place is comfortable and the price is also affordable

the price per night is about $11

7. Sharia Koolkost

If you are Muslim and want to stay at an inn that has a Sharia model or Islamic hotel

you can stay at Koolkost Syariah on Cangkringan Street, Kaliurang

the distance is about 8.5 km from Prambanan temple

8. University Hotel

This hotel is about 10 km from Prambanan Temple but can be reached in 15 minutes if you use an online taxi

The hotel facilities are quite complete and the price is not too high

the rate per night is around $15


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