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Hotels in Surakarta, Indonesia- Affordable and Recommended hotel

Affordable Hotels in Surakarta, Indonesia- Best and Recommended Hotel

Hotels in surakarta

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Affordable Hotels in Surakarta, Indonesia, is information about hotels that you can make as a choice for staying when you visit the city of Solo or Surakarta

Surakarta is a suburb to the east of the city of Yogyakarta

these two cities were part of the Mataram kingdom in the past

So both Yogyakarta and Surakarta are still one family

Is incomplete if you visit the city of Yogyakarta but don’t stop by to visit the city of Solo or Surakarta as well

why? Because the distance is very close, only about 60 km, and can be reached by public transportation

About Surakarta

Hotels in Surakarta

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Even though this city is not as busy and as well-known as the city of Yogyakarta in terms of tourism, this city also has other attractions that you can explore.

especially now with the leadership of the new mayor who is also the son of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, the city of Solo has turned into a new tourist destination that you can visit

such as Batik villages, antique markets, or culinary tours that serve a lot of delicious traditional food typical of the city of Solo

You can even visit TawangMangu, a plateau on the slopes of Mount Lawu, which is about 45 km east of Solo.

Or if you have heard that there is a mountain that has sex rituals, namely Mount Kemukus?

the place is also not far from Surakarta

although the place has changed now, there are still some ritual activities there as part of Javanese culture

but of course, there is no more erotic and sexual activity because it has been banned by the government

Affordable Hotels in Surakarta, Indonesia

When you visit a tourist destination, of course, you need a place to stay, right?

in Surakarta, there are lots of affordable hotels that you can make choice depending on how much your budget is

You can choose a hotel or hostel based on location and price

Hotels in Surakarta, Indonesia

You can choose a hotel or hostel based on location and price

In the following, I will classify hotels from the most luxurious and most recommended

by the way for your information, even though it looks expensive, you should know that Solo has been named the 3rd cheapest tourist destination in the world

So you don’t need to worry about excessive budgets

Luxury hotel with high rates

There are several hotels in Surakarta, Indonesia, also known as Solo.

Here are some options:

1. The Royal Surakarta Heritage Solo

Hotels in Surakarta

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This hotel offers luxurious accommodations with a touch of Javanese culture.

Located in the city center, close to shopping areas and cultural attractions.

Rate: $50-$60/night

2. Alila Solo

Hotels in Surakarta

Source :1001malam.com

Located in the heart of Solo, this contemporary hotel provides modern facilities and stunning views of the city.

The hotel features a rooftop pool, spa, and fitness center.

Rate: $100-$110 /night

3. The Sunan Hotel Solo

Located near the city’s main attractions, this hotel offers comfortable rooms and a variety of facilities including a swimming pool, fitness center, and spa.

Rate: $50/night

4. Novotel Solo

Hotels in Surakarta

source : all.accor.com

Located near the main business district, Novotel Solo provides comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, and various dining options.

The location is also strategically near a popular shopping center.

Rate: $50/night

5. The Royal Surakarta Heritage Solo MGallery Collection

This hotel combines Javanese heritage and contemporary design.

The hotel offers fully furnished rooms, a spa, and a swimming pool.

Rate: $50/night

Please note that hotel availability and features are subject to change from time to time,

so it is advisable to contact the hotel directly or through a trusted booking website for the latest information and to make a reservation.

Hotels with affordable rates

1. Brothers Solo Baru Hotel

source : Booking.com

For those of you who want to stay on a limited budget but still, with complete facilities, you can stay at the Brothers Hotel

The location is on Jl. Ir. Soekarno AC Block No. 25, Solo Baru, Solo, Central Java.

The types of rooms this hotel offers are Deluxe Twin, Standard King, Deluxe King, Standard Twin, and Suite Room.

Each room type certainly has different prices and services.

The Brothers Hotel is quite strategically close to public facilities such as Pandawa Water World (850m), Solo Balapan station (6 km), and the Kimia Farma Solo Baru pharmacy (700 m).

From the hotel, you can easily access public transportation

so you can travel to your destination

Rate: $20/night

2. Trio Hotel


this hotel is a hotel with a vintage nuance because it is indeed old maybe about 60 years old

but even though it looks old but very well-maintained

the location is also very strategic because it is right in the middle of the city

the distance of this hotel to the legendary market in the city of Solo, namely Gede Market, is very close, only about a hundred meters

and about 150 meters from the mayor’s office

across the road, there is a supermarket that provides a variety of needs

the price is quite cheap

rates: $20/night

3. Laksana Solo Hotel

Source : Agoda.com

The hotel is a 3-star hotel located on Jl. Lotus 2 No. 11, Mangkubumen, Banjarsari, Solo, Central Java.

This hotel offers complete hotel and public facilities and is also of course comfortable to use.

Several types of rooms are available, namely Superior and Deluxe.

You can choose the type of room that best suits your needs.

In addition, this hotel is strategically located close to stations, shopping centers, supermarkets, and even tourist destinations.

Hotel Laksana has also received a 7.9 rating on Traveloka in the Comfortable category.

In fact, a number of visitors who have stayed have given positive testimonials to this hotel.

Rate: $25-$30

So, guys. that is a little information about hotels in Solo, I hope it can be a good recommendation for you when you travel to Solo or Surakarta







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