Fun facts Solo batik carnival 2022

Fun Facts About Solo Batik Carnival 2022

Fun Facts About Solo Batik Carnival 2022

Fun Facts about Solo batik carnival 2022 is an interesting topic because this event will be held in October

Fun Facts Solo Batik Carnival 2022

What is Solo batik carnival?

Fun Facts Solo Batik Carnival 2022

Solo batik carnival is an annual festival event held in the city of Solo

Why is it held in the city of Solo? because Solo is one of the largest batik producers in Indonesia

Every year the city of Solo always holds this festival event

But it was stopped for about 2 years due to the covid pandemic

This event is very interesting because you will see a fashion show made of batik but with a unique design

You will see batik with various beautiful motifs demonstrated by many beautiful models

Metaverse Digital Transformation Concept

Fun Facts Solo Batik Carnival 2022

source : Highlight.ID

this metaverse digital transformation concept is the concept that will be used for this 2022 batik carnival solo performance

This event will be held on October 2, 2022 to coincide with the National Batik Day

The concept of digital metaverse transformation is used because this event will be able to be watched offline and online so that this event can be watched by people from all over the world.

the design or batik motif is also made in a futuristic style

and the title to use is “Previous Legacy”

As a spirit that shows that creativity is limitless and can be done anywhere

Surakarta Royal Batik

Fun Facts Solo Batik Carnival 2022

In addition to displaying futuristic-style batik designs,

The Solo Batik Carnival 2022 will also specifically display beautiful batik collections from the Surakarta Royal Batik

So that people can see the cultural heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation.

What will you find in the city of Solo besides the batik carnival?

Fun Facts Solo Batik Carnival 2022

Solo city has many attractions that you can enjoy

There are many tourist destinations that you can visit such as the Solo Palace and museums.

You can also visit the batik sales center at the Klewer market

Or you can also go to the Solo Batik trade center, in this place you will find various batik motifs sold at low prices.

If you like unique ancient objects, you can visit the unique items market at Triwindu market

At Triwindu market you will find thousands of unique and ancient objects at low prices.

Besides batik, Solo is also famous for its delicious but cheap food.

You can try tasting various famous Solo specialties such as Nasi Liwet, goat satay, Galantine, and many more.

The solo city also has a natural tourist destination which is located only about an hour from the city of Solo, namely Tawang Mangu

The highlands east of the city of Solo at the foot of Mount Lawu.

This area is very cool with beautiful natural scenery

If you like to climb mountains, you can also climb Mount Lawu

In Tawang Mangu there is also a very famous and legendary waterfall called Grojogan Sewu which represents that the waterfalls very heavily from a high place.

By the way, near the Tawang Mangu area, there are also 2 historic temples called Cetho Temple and Sukuh Temple

if you are a history and temple fan maybe you can all visit there

How to go to Solo?

There are many ways to reach Solo because the location of Solo city is right in the center of Java island

You can go by bus, train or plane

If you start from Yogyakarta, you can go by train namely Prambanan Express,you only pay for 8 thousand rupiah

Hostel and hotel in Solo

There are many hostels or hotels in Solo city.

You can choose what is affordable for you.

By the way, The Solo Batik carnival will be held along Slamet Riyadi street

So you can search hostels or hotel nearby

oke guys pack your back and be ready for Solo Batik Carnival 2022

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