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Frequently Asked Questions About Indonesia

What do you need to  know about Indonesia – Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Indonesia

Frequently Asked Questions about Indonesia is a question that always foreign tourist asked  before they visit Indonesia

Indonesia is a large country made up of a chain of islands.

This country is also known as an archipelago.

There are many different cultures in Indonesia, which makes people curious and want to know more about Indonesia.

There are frequently asked questions about Indonesia that foreign tourists often ask before visiting Indonesia.

These questions are

Frequently Asked Questions about Indonesia-  What is the capital of Indonesia?

The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta. Jakarta is the largest city in Indonesia and serves as the country’s political, economic, and cultural center.

There are many tourist spots to visit, such as the old city ( Kota Tua ) of Jakarta with its famous Fatahillah Museum or the Thousand Islands.

How many islands are there in Indonesia?

Frequently Asked Questions about Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelagic country with more than 17,000 islands. The exact number of islands can vary depending on the tides.

However, some of the largest and most famous islands are Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi Sumatra, and Papua.

How many people does Indonesia have?

According to the latest estimates, Indonesia has a population of more than 270 million people, making it the fourth most populous country in the world.

What are the official languages of Indonesia?

The official language of Indonesia is Indonesian, which is based on a form of Malay.

Indonesian is spoken by the majority of the population and is used in government, education, and the media.

There are also several regional languages that you will often hear when visiting Indonesia, including Javanese, as the Javanese population is the largest in Indonesia.

Sundanese is also spoken in West Java.

Frequently Asked Questions about Indonesia-  What is Indonesia’s currency?

Frequently Asked Questions about Indonesia

The official currency of Indonesia is the Rupiah, abbreviated as IDR. It is issued and controlled by Bank Indonesia.

What is the climate like in Indonesia?

Indonesia has a tropical climate with two main seasons: the rainy season and the dry season.

The rainy season usually lasts from November to March, while the dry season lasts from April to October.

What are the famous landmarks in Indonesia?

Frequently Asked Questions about Indonesia

Indonesia is home to several famous landmarks, including Borobudur Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Komodo National Park, famous for Komodo dragons; and Bali,

known for its beaches and cultural attractions.

What are popular dishes in Indonesian cuisine?

Indonesian cuisine is very diverse and varied in taste, with dishes such as fried rice, beef Rendang, and satay as well as Rawon and Soto being very popular both at home and abroad.

What are some important cultural practices in Indonesia?

Indonesia is known for its rich cultural heritage, which includes traditional dance, music, and art forms.

Batik, a traditional Indonesian cloth, is also an important cultural symbol.

What are the popular tourist destinations in Indonesia?

Frequently Asked Questions about Indonesia

Indonesia is a popular tourist destination with attractions such as Bali, known for its beaches and nightlife;

Yogyakarta, known for its cultural heritage;

and Raja Ampat, known for its stunning coral reefs.

Indonesia is a fascinating country with a rich history, diverse culture, and stunning natural beauty.

Whether you’re interested in exploring its vibrant cities, relaxing on its beautiful beaches, or trekking in its lush jungles, Indonesia has something for everyone.

Do I need a visa to enter Indonesia?

A visa is not required if you are from a European or American country or some other country, and if the duration of your trip is less than 30 days, you do not need a visa.

What is the best time to visit Indonesia?

The best time to visit Indonesia is between May and September when the weather is dry and sunny.

Is there any public transport in Indonesia?

The main transport in Indonesia are minibusses, which are used for local transport in large and small cities.

However, there are now many good public transport options or online transport that you can order 24 hours a day.

Is Indonesia a family-friendly destination?

Indonesia offers activities that the whole family can enjoy, These include swimming and snorkeling on the beach,

the Monkey Wildlife Reserve in Ubud and the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre in Denpasar.

You can also learn to scuba dive at Bali’s scuba diving training centers.

What’s good about Indonesia?

Indonesia has a lot of beauty for you to enjoy.

There are many volcanoes that you can climb and National parks with a lot of rich flora and fauna.

Beautiful waterfalls, Ancient caves, and lakes that can change color, as well as historical heritage temples scattered throughout different regions.

Is Indonesia safe for women travelers?

In general, Indonesia is very safe for female travelers, many tourist destinations are not only safe but also fun for women.

What to do in Indonesia

With more than 17,000 islands, the Indonesian archipelago has something for everyone.

Indonesia is famous for its diverse and multicultural islands,

from the religious province of Aceh in the north, the seat of government in Java, to the tropical paradise of Bali and the province of Papua.

As you can imagine, there are so many ways to explore this vast and diverse country.

Is Indonesia a Muslim country?


However, the majority of Indonesia’s population is indeed Muslim.

Constitutionally, however, Indonesia is not a Muslim country.

There are six official religions in Indonesia: Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Protestant Christianity, Catholic Christianity and Confucianism.

Sharia (Islamic) law is applied in only one of the 34 provinces, Aceh in North Sumatra.

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