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Derawan beach in Kalimantan

Derawan Beach- A Beautiful Hidden Paradise in Kalimantan

What to do in Derawan Beach in Kalimantan

Derawan beach in Kalimantan

What to do in Derawan Beach is information about any fun activity that you can enjoy during your trip to Indonesia

Derawan Beach is a very beautiful beach located in the province of East Kalimantan

This beach is now very famous after many tourists who are fascinated by its beauty

Then they tell how beautiful this beach is by posting their photos on social media.

Even Unesco once included Derawan Beach as a candidate for a World Heritage site because of its beauty

The beauty of Derawan Beach is parallel to Raja Ampat in Papua

Derawan Beach-Pristine Island

Derawan beach in Kalimantan

Derawan Beach is a beach that maintains its authenticity

Actually, Derawan itself is the name of an island

In the past, Derawan Island was a village later during the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy the status of this village changed.

From an administrative village to a tourist village as one of the supporting facilities for marine tourism

The history of the origin of the name Derawan Island

The name Derawan Island is taken from a love story that ends tragically

According to local stories.

In the past, there were two lovers who were about to get married.

They then boarded a ship heading to this island

Apparently, in the middle of the sea, the ship sank, so they all died

The bride who is still a virgin also died, and since then the name of the island has been Derawan from the word Perawan (Virgin).

Besides Derawan Island, there are also several other islands whose names are also related to the family members who died

How to get to Derawan Beach

Transportation to Derawan Island

There are several transportation options to Derawan Island Kalimantan

Derawan Beach- Land route

If you are already on the island of Borneo, just take a bus with the route Palangkaraya-Banjarmasin-Balikpapan-Samarinda-Tanjung Redeb-Tanjung Batu.

From Tanjung Batu then cross by speedboat to Derawan Island.

For more details, first, take a bus from Banjarmasin to Samarinda with a price range of Rp. 130,000 -160,000.

This trip takes about 15 hours

After arriving in Samarinda, you will continue to take a trip to Tanjung Redeb and Tanjung Batu with a travel time of about 8-10 hours.

Then you cross to Derawan Island.

Derawan Beach-By plane

Travel by air is actually more concise than by land.

From Jakarta, you just need to find the cheapest flight ticket to Balikpapan.

From this city, you can directly take a local airline to Berau or Tarakan.

After arriving at Tarakan you rent a speedboat and then cross to Derawan island

Derawan Beach- Estimated cost to Derawanan beach

  1. Estimated flight ticket from Jakarta to Berau: IDR 1 – IDR 2 million
  2. Bus from Balikpapan-Tanjung Redeb: IDR 350,000 – IDR 400,000 / person

3.Tanjung Redeb – Tanjung Batu : IDR 85,000 / person

  1. Speedboard: IDR 125,000 – IDR 150,000 / person

or you can rent a boat in a group at a cost of around IDR 500,000 per speedboat per one-way

can be filled by 4 people costs

  1. Hotel in Derawan: IDR 150,000 – IDR 600,000 per night and homestays around IDR 150,000 per night
  2. Cost to rent snorkeling equipment: IDR 60,000 per day
  3. Cost of meals: IDR 25,000 – IDR 50,000.

or you can buy food at people‘s homes (live in homestays), the cost for the meal is around IDR 35,000-45,000 per portion

  1. Bicycle rental: IDR 10,000

What activities can you do on Derawan Island?

You can rent a bicycle around the island

Or playing on the white sand beach

You can also enjoy the sunset while taking pictures on the long pier jutting into the sea

And if you are interested you can visit Gusung Pasir Sanggalau (about 25 minutes by speedboat)

You can also snorkel and then see turtles laying eggs at night

That’s a variety of activities and beauty that you can enjoy if you visit Derawan beach






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