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Famous Cafe in Bali – Best and Popular Among Tourists

Cafe In Bali – Best and Most Popular among Tourists 

Cafe in Bali Cozy and Popular among tourists

Cafe in Bali – The best and most popular among tourists, this is a piece of information for tourists who might need a cool place to hang out or to make content and fancy photos to post on Instagram or social media to get lots of likes.

It is the habit of most young people today, with interesting views and spots to become background objects.

They will seek cool spots and make good photos to post on their social media

So, it’s not surprising that today young people are looking for a place to hang out.

Not just looking at the menu but also seeing interesting views as well as photo adornment.

This also applies to travelers who are visiting Bali.

When on vacation in Bali, you don’t just enjoy the view of the charm of the beach and nature

but also want to feel like hanging out there

So they are looking for a cool Cafe in Bali to hang out with their friends, take a picture, and take a good photo.

Come on guys, let’s see the cafes in Bali that are suitable for you to hang out.

Cafes that are suitable for taking photos and hanging out

By offering a variety of delicious food and drink menus, you can also enjoy relaxing there by taking interesting pictures to upload to social media.

1. Cafe in Bali- Da Maria Bali

Cafe in Bali Cozy and Popular among tourists

One of the cafes that is suitable for you to hang out in Bali is Da Maria Cafe.

This cafe will offer an Italian atmosphere. So you don’t have to fly to Italy.

Just go to Bali and hang out there then you will feel the Italian atmosphere

Of course, this cafe will serve some typical Italian food and drink menus.

In addition, you will also see some beautiful interior designs to be the best photo spots.

With bright Mediterranean colors, you will feel like you are in Italy.

No need to worry about the food served at Da Maria Bali cafe. Because the taste is so delicious.

Here you can taste one of the typical Italian foods, namely Crispy Pizza.

Unlike other pizzas, in this café, they bake pizza with a traditional stove.

This is where the uniqueness and delicious taste of the foods

2. Cafe in Bali- La Plancha

Cafe in Bali Cozy and Popular among tourists

You will feel the atmosphere on the beach when you hang out at one of the cafes in Bali that are often visited by foreign tourists, namely La Plancha.

Eating a variety of delicious food at this café will make your holiday in Bali even more complete.

Usually, this cafe starts to be visited at 3 PM because they want to enjoy the sunset while hanging out on the beach.

Make sure you come early so you can get a strategic location.

So you can get a good spot to enjoy the charm of the sunset.

The location of La Plancha café is located on Jalan Pantai Mesari, Double Six, Seminyak.

3. Cafe in Bali-Kuta De Bali

Cafe in Bali Cozy and Popular among tourists

Kuta De Bali is one of the popular beach clubs and hits in foreign countries.

You could say that this place is a high-class restaurant with a modern theme while spiced up with beachside charm.

You will hear calm music from morning to dusk at this cafe.

But at night, you will hear louder music such as pop, hip hop, blues, and classical, to house music inspiration moments.

Considering that this cafe is the best clubbing and bar place in Bali.

If you are a traveler with a low budget considering that this hangout place is high-class.

so try to bring more money than you usually hang out.

Because this cafe is classified as a cafe with a menu of expensive drinks and food.

The price of the food and drink menu offered starts from IDR 80.000 or $8

Some of the menus offered are quite a lot.

starting from pizza, sushi, spaghetti, juice, cocktails, mocktails, wine, champagne, Balinese wine, and other interesting menus.

This luxury cafe is claimed to be the most fun cafe as a hangout place for young people.

Especially if you are on the beachfront or directly forward to the beach.

Because this place is a favorite place for Ku De Ta Bali visitors.

4. Cafe in Bali-Unicorn Cafe Bali by Brie

Cafe in Bali Cozy and Popular among tourists

If you are a fantasy world lover, get ready to enter the dream world at Unicorn Cafe Bali by Brie.

Especially if you are a Unicorn lover. it is highly recommended for you.

You don’t have to fly to Bangkok if you want to experience a unicorn cafe.

Just go to Bali and keep looking for Unicorn Café Bali by Brie.

You will feel your childhood Back in your soul while hanging out here.

The comfortable and soft chairs make you feel at home in this cafe.

You will see the walls of the café with a picture of a unicorn where in every corner of the café there are colorful festive decorations.

and it is very interesting as a place for photos to upload to social media.

Not only in the form of paintings but here you will also find many unicorn dolls and sweet menus.

If you bring your children or nieces and nephews, then this place is perfect for them.

Because the food and drinks here are all in unicorn nuances.

One of them is the delicious milkshake and the jumbo cotton candy makes you go back to being a child.

You don’t have to worry about the price because at this cafe the prices for the food and drink menus start from IDR 15.000

So, the price offered is relatively cheap, right?

5. Cafe in Bali-Single Fin

Cafe in Bali Cozy and Popular among tourists

Here in Single Fin. you can enjoy the charm of Blue Point Beach while enjoying a delicious menu.

Single Fin is located on Jalan Labuan Sait, Suluban Beach, Uluwatu.

You can also watch the surfers conquering the waves of Sulubuan Beach from the top of the cliff.

Because the Single Fin is located on the cliffs of Suluban Beach.

You should hang out in the afternoon.

so you can also enjoy the sunset at dusk.

Because this time is the most beautiful moment on Suluban Beach.

Single Fin is one of the cafes in Bali which is relatively small but provides great beauty.

6. Cafe in Bali-Potato Head Bali

Potato Head in Bali is the only cafe in Bali that is divided into three sections.

The first is Lilin which is the ground floor with Asian specialties.

The Second is Tapping shoes which are located on the second floor with European specialties.

This cafe is located on the beach.

making it a favorite place to hang out while enjoying the sea breeze.

With a vintage concept, this cafe looks attractive coupled with a modern interior design that gives this café an impression of luxury.

Almost all young people and foreign tourists hang out at this café when on vacation in Bali.

Most of them come in the afternoon for hunting sunset.

However, most of those in this café are foreign tourists.

because the food menu served is not cheap.

Generally, you will spend a minimum of  IDR.500.000 or $35  for 2 people.

where the menu there starts from IDR.60.000 or $5  per drink or food item.

Plus, there is a minimum order system of IDR.500.000 or $35

7. Cafe in Bali cozy and popular -Parachute

This cafe is called Parachute.

Where this name is due to the appearance design that uses a parachute as a hangout place.

The unique, shady, relaxed, and breezy setting makes you feel more at home in this café.

Not only for adults, but this cafe is also flexible and fun for children.

So, when you want to sip your coffee enjoy the breeze and relax.

You can let the children play in the area and let them play as freely as possible.

Not only open during the day, but this cafe is also open until the evening.

At night, Café Parachute will turn on decorative lights as a dramatic nuance that dazzles at night.

Even the tantalizing food menu at this cafe makes you more comfortable sitting there.

The location of this cafe is on Jl. Subak Sari 13, Berawa

The food and drink menus start from IDR 10.000 to IDR 180.000 or $ 12.

So it can be said that this cafe is classified as a cheap cafe but not cheap.

8. Cafe in Bali cozy and popular – Nook

If you are bored with beach views in Bali, you can also try a new atmosphere.

Namely the atmosphere of rice fields in Bali.

Yes, you can hang out at Cafe Nook.

Where this cafe offers the charm of green rice fields and fresh natural air while hanging out.

If you want to visit this café, just go to Jalan Umalas 1, Gang Nook 1.

You can enjoy the beautiful traditional and comfortable countryside.

But beware, it’s hard to move on when you’re comfortable :))

Nook is highly recommended to visit in the morning and afternoon.

Even though it’s daytime, the air in this café is not too hot.

because of the beautiful green rice fields and the natural breeze.

Even this cafe, also gives a rural nuance.

Because the place is made of bamboo, wood, and woven rattan it shows a traditional impression.

The food menus offered include Strawberry and feta Salad, a Smoothie Bowl, and Balinese Mixed Rice.

9. Montana Del Cafe

Montana Del Café also one of the cafés that are frequented by foreign tourists.

This cafe has an all-white design made of glass and the design is very unique.

Not only that but because this café is made of glass, you can see the stunning view from inside the café.

While hanging out, enjoying coffee, you enjoy the natural scenery.

From Inside this café, you can enjoy a very stunning view of Mount Batur.

Or if you have a plan to climb Mount Batur, you can try to stop by at the Montana cafe in Bali.

10. Penny Lane

The next cafe is Penny Lane.

You won’t be disappointed with the comfort that Penny Lane provides.

This café is the only café with the most rustic design in Bali.

So, it is very suitable for those of you who want to take pictures at this café with a good view and spot to upload to Instagram.

So, guys, that’s some popular cafes in Bali, of course, there are many more but at least you have some pieces of information if you want to hang out and seek a cozy place when you traveling to Bali.

Thank you.


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