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Angklung Bamboo instrument

What Is The Angklung Bamboo, An Attractive Traditional Instrument?

Angklung Bamboo instrument of West Java

Angklung Bamboo instrument

Angklung is a traditional musical instrument made of bamboo originating from West Java

Indonesian people are very familiar with this traditional musical instrument

not only people from West Java who can play this instrument but also Indonesians from other islands

Angklung the Indonesian heritage

Angklung Bamboo instrument

Indonesia is a country known for its diverse culture, rich traditions, and esteemed heritage.

One of Indonesia’s most captivating and iconic cultural artifacts is the angklung, a traditional musical instrument from West Java.

The angklung is not only a symbol of Indonesian heritage but also a source of creative inspiration and musical education.

Incorporating the angklung into educational settings can help foster creativity, stimulate student engagement and support cultural appreciation.

Playing angklung can promote the values of teamwork, mutual respect, and social harmony

since traditionally it is played by several people as an ensemble.

different from other musical instruments this instrument is made with multiple-tone results

so that it can be played both individually and in groups by shaking it.

History of Angklung

Angklung Bamboo instrument

Angklung has a long history and has existed since ancient times until now.

originally it was one of the sounding instruments used for rice-related ceremonies.

Angklung is not used as pure art, but as art that functions in religious activities.

Angklung has been around since Hindu times.

It was used in religious ritual ceremonies as a substitute for a bell used by a Hindu priest in religious ceremonies.

During the Kingdom of Pajajaran, the angklung was used as a musical instrument for the royal army corps, and during the Bubat War.

Angklung was sounded by the royal soldiers as a generator of fighting spirit or combat

Types of Angklung

there are two types of angklung in Indonesia, especially in West Java namely

  1. Angklung pentatonic or traditional angklung
  2. Diatonic or modern Angklung

World Angklung Day

Angklung is widely known by the world community so the commemoration day is made which falls on November 16th

It is so unique and interesting that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

has officially claimed the Angklung as a masterpiece of musical instruments and also a world heritage.

Where is the place to learn angklung?

There are many places to learn angklung in Indonesia, but the most popular place is Saung Udjo in Bandung

you can learn to play Angklung while you traveling to Bandung

What will you get?

  1. Learn West Javanese Cultural Values

Besides learning angklung, you can also get to know and learn more about Sundanese and West Javanese culture

  1. Learn and Buy Angklung

you can learn and buy angklung there and bring it back to your country

  1. Watching Art Performances

Apart from learning Sundanese culture and learning to play angklung, you can also see art performances

 The address of Saung Udjo

The full address is at Jl. Padasuka, No. 118, Bandung, West Java Province.

Saung Angklung Udjo is open every day, with operating hours from 08.00 to 22.00 WIB.

ticket price for foreign tourists is IDR 120,000



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